I was looking forward to this appointment so much Thanks to the society and to my super-efficient ring steward who kept things running (on her own) very smoothly. 

I'm deeply involved in this breed as an exhibitor, breeder and judge myself so maybe more critical than most. Having watched this breed for a number ofyears head in the wrong direction I hope the exhibitors take my critique in the spirit it is intended.

Firstly, it must be said …. our breed things are changing, and not for the good. They are working dogs they can't do this with short legs, over coated, cow Hocks or tiny eyes, temperaments are now also starting to be a problem. Don’t bury your heads and think this isn't so, it can be fixed with breeders who keep an open mind. Having said that today I was so happy that there are still some good dogs and today rewarded  


What a lovely baby to start with. A great character who is a natural born show man. Free standing with every foot in the right place, a super neck which he used to watch his handlers every move. Very sound on the move in all directions. My concern at this moment is his size but he still has plenty of knuckle bone, so I hope he grows on. He was in lovely condition and beautifully presented


A good size male loved his outline, well off for neck. Balanced head, strong underjaw, ears well placed but I would prefer a sweeter eye to enhance the expression. Could be a little tidier on the move but this will come with age and experience. Excellent presentation



P.D (3/3) 1. LLEWELLYN , AVONFAIR SPELLBOUND WITH SALSINA . This young lad just draws the eye for his size, substance and overall balance. Very well handled and beautifully presented. He scores on breed type and has the balanced outline I was looking for. He was a little unsure at times on this surface on the move but what I saw was good. Well-deserved Best Puppy Dog / Best Puppy in Breed

2. TIPPER, AMALUNAQUE ARCTURIS WIND AT TIGANLEA. It was a very exciting puppy who I would also have been happy to award a red card. Upstanding male, no denying his gender, loved his outline really fills the eye, strong neck and a very together pup for his age. The coat is jet black and beautifully presented. Moved steady and true with a good tail set. For me the tri colour expression is the most difficult and every box must be ticket to achieve that, on this occasion I would have liked his ear carriage to be tighter to complete the picture.



JUNIOR (4/4) 1. BRODIE, SHANABURN COUNTRY ROAD. The owner has their hands full with this young lad but on a positive note his energy showed in his attitude and movement which won him this class. An overall sound boy who has lots to like, beautifully presented


2. BLAIKIE , KOURIKA YOU’LL DO FOR ME. Very much a typical junior, size is good, lovely reach of neck and well-balanced body, coat jet black and beautifully presented. The handler needs to do more with his handling skills to get more from this young male. Doesn’t do himself any Favours as he stands very untidily, and this cost him the class




1. LOCKYER , GATAJ OUT OF THE WOODS JW, stood alone but a well-deserved first place, he is very glamorous dog, coat is well presented, and he is in lovely body and condition. Moved very steady and true in all directions with correct tail set. To be critical I would like more neck and his ears are a little swamped by coat on his head which can easily be corrected.



LIMIT (2/1) 1. TURNER, PAULARA NO WHERE MAN. I have seen pictures of this male, so I was excited to finally get my hands on him. Loved his outline strong neck, correct length of back, good sizemale no denying his gender. The head is clean with good strong underjaw, correct bite, ears well placed and used well. Movement strong and true in all directions but spoiled by his tail carriage. His colour is correct, tan is rich, but his coat is not in the best condition and would benefit from a strip out. The handler needs to watch to see that he is standing correctly.


OPEN (8/8) A lovely class of males all with different qualities to offer. For me the standaway winner was CH GATAJ STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. He has an instant bond with his handler, they work well together, and you can see they both adore each other so the dog was relaxed and pulled out all the stops today to win DCC and BOB. He really filled my eyes, well balanced outline there is nothing stuffy or exaggerated about him. His head is clean with correct planes, ears well placed and used. Super front assembly, ample chest, well off for bone without being too heavy set. A wellarched neck which was enhanced by his correct fitted coat which was groomed to the skin and flowed as he moved.

The perfect amount of body weight kept him light and easy on his feet, moved well in all directions with the correct tail set. He looked so well in the big ring. A well-deserved win in very good company

2 CRONK, CHELBORN STORY TELLER. An upstanding male heavier set without being coarse, super bone. He excelled in head my hands just flowed over it. His tan was rich, lovely dark eyes and well placed and used ears. To be critical I would like him to carry a little less body weight, but this did not affect his sound movement and firm topline. Shame he was a little happy with his tail but having said that it did not disappoint the overall picture. His coat was jet black and beautifully presented. A top-quality male that I was delighted to award RCC 





VETERAN DOG (1/1) CH /FR CH JUGBAND BLUES DU CLOS DE SEA-WIND VIA AARONWELL (IMP FRA). This is the third time I have judged this male, first time in his homeland of France and he did well BIS and again when he arrived in the UK. My impressions on this male have not changed he so deserves all his wins and I have watched a lovely partnership between him, and his new owner grow. A upstanding male every inch the Ch he is, and he made me smile when I saw him again in his veteran years. A good size male, still moving with reach and drive and certainly enjoying his day out but age is not being kind to him at 8 years his pigment on his lip line starting to deteriorate and although his  colour is good his coat is dull and past its best. Delighted to see him again and happy to award his Best Veteran 




MINOR PUPPY BITCH (3/2) 1. WALDER, TAMIRA’S MIRACLES CORNFLAKE GIRL FOR HANVALE (IMP HUN) A delightful baby and very together for her age. Loved her outline and she excelled on side gait. She is very well schooled and shows off her many virtues, strong well arched neck, correct shoulder placement, the right amount of bone for her age. Flowed in movement with correct tail set at all angles. Just needs to gain in self-confidence and she will trouble the best  

2. TURNER, DELFLUVIA BLUE RAINE FOR PAULARA . A B/M is a very nice colour and well broken up, but presentation and condition could be better, a puppy needs substance for the important growth spurts.  Loved her expression and she was very attentive to her handler. My concern at this age is her size and lack of bone.


PUPPY BITCH (3/2) 1. TURNER, SANTIN DREAM DU CLOS DU SEAWIND. A well-schooled baby showing off her ample neck, firm topline and correct length of back.   She is a very glamorous girl with   everything in the right place for this age, but I would like better body condition. Her head is clean and lovely length with good Moulding   Moved ok just spoiled by her tail set 

2. BURROWS, AVONFAIR A MILLION LOVE SONG AT REVDVICKI. A delightful baby of lovely breed type, correct eye, well placed ears which she used nonstop. Moved steady and true but her topline spoiled just now as she is a little bum high but I'm sure with maturity this will settle.

JUNIOR BITCH (4/4). LLEWELLYN, AVONFAIR SECRET LOVE LETTER TO SALSINA. She instantly appealed for her outline, very well balanced, strong neck good front and shoulder placement. A real show girl and happy to show off her many virtues. Groomed to perfection, in wonderful condition. She stood free standing with every foot in the correct place every time I looked over. As her construction suggested free and easy on the move.

2. BLAIKIE, KOURIKA DRESSED TO THRILL . A super quality girl that I really liked. In wonderful coat and condition beautifully presented. Her colour was jet black, tan rich, lovely dark eyes giving her that exquisite expression I look for.  She excelled in neck and outline. Her movement is sound but erratic. Her handler lets her down by having her standing and moving so untidy which cost her this class.




Yearling Bitch (2/2). 1. LOCKYER, GATAJ GOOD TIME GIRL.  This young lady really caught my eye, in fact I gave her a good look a few times in the final line up. Not in her best attire but it only enhanced her well balanced outline. So many qualities to list and onethat I could steal her away. 

Overall, a top-quality honest sound bitch and super show girl. To be nit picking I would like feet hair to be trimmed correctly but again easily corrected 

2. TURNER , PAULARA KEEP THE FAITH ,. lovely breed type, good size and bone. I really liked her outline, great show girl standing using ears nonstop. She let herself down on the move which was erratic and spoiled by her tail set. I would like more time spent on presentation.

GRADUATE BITCH (2/2) 1. TIPPER , TIGANLEA TRUE HEARTS DESIRE. This girl has lots to like, very honest elegant girl and everything in the right place. A very eye-catching outline, steady on the move in all directions, correct tail set.  Well-handled and beautifully presented just lacked a little x factor.

2. CLARK, UFFSPRING UNIQUELY MAYD FOR WHITECRAIGS. A bitch that’s top end for size and it doesn’t help her that she is carrying too much weight. Her owner obviously adores her and had her beautifully presented. She has a steady temperament and is enjoying her day out but needs to move with more animation, this could change if the weight comes off.


1. MITCHELL & JORDAN , SALSINA SECRET LOVE AT AVONFAIR. A bitch who without even putting my hands on I could see she just oozed with quality, and she didn’t disappoint when I got my hands on her.  Not a showing fool and she makes her owner work very hard.  Her fitted coat was groomed to the skin and it enhanced her well balanced outline. Her condition is a credit to her owner and that rich colour   was just the icing on the cake. She just flowed around the ring in all directions. She doesn’t stand like a robot but so what Loved her! A super sound and a very honest bitch 
2. CONGDON , RIVERSIDE SONG INSTANT KARMA FROM AARONWELL ( IMP ROM). A very pretty young B/M who has lovely breed type, correct size, well off for bone. Moved well even if not in a straight line with good tail set. I would like to see her in better coat condition to complete the overall picture.

LIMIT BITCH (6/6) WALKER & RITCHIE .STARLENGA ALL ABOUT ME .  I have in my notes wow! It's no secret I have a soft spot for a tri-colour . This young lady makes her handler work hard and at times she can be a little giddy, but she pulled out her A game today just at the right time. Her head is so clean,well filled foreface without being extreme. Good underjaw, correct bite with clean teeth, her ears well placed which she used. My hands flowed all over her, every inch pleased me. Strong well arched neck, wellplaced shoulders and plenty of Fore chest.  She moved soundly with such energy in all directions with correct tail set. Her coat condition was on another level, jet black and groomed to the skin. In the challenge she started to fidget but for a split second she stood, neck up and she turned around and looked straight at me … this sealed the deal. She asked for that CC and got it so well deserved.

2. MRS V. CRONK, CHELBORN WISH LIST, A top quality girl with so many qualities. She was in great form, standing showing off her many virtues. In a wonderful fresh coat although not in full coat what she had was groomed to the skin. Moved so soundly in all directions. To complete the picture, I would like more length as she looked a little square.



OPEN BITCH (9/0) Have to say this had to be one of the strongest classes I have judged in this breed and it made me smile so much. The base to any good kennel is the bitch line. I was spoiled for choice, and I had to make a cut. All 5 in this cut worthy of a red card

1. MR S and Mrs H WALDER .  CH BELDONES LA VITA BELLA FOR HANVALE JW. Both dog and handler brought their A game today, the more I looked over both gave nothing away. Foot perfect at every moment I glanced over, standing on a loose lead and never took her eyes off the clever handler. So well balanced, full of breed type and so sound in every department. When she moved it was effortless and this sealed the deal in a wonderful class. A credit to her owner that she has represented the breed on so many occasions. Turned out in immaculate condition pushed the winner right down to the wire. Delighted to award her RCC
2. WALKER \ RITCHIE , NELINKA DE REMEMBER OUR LOVE FOR STARLENGA.  Top quality female in lovely condition, lots to love about her but she lost her place on the final run around as she didn’t make the best of herself on the surface but will trouble the best 


1.SIBBALD , LYNMEAD AMALIE LOVE IS BLUE AT TELFORTH.  what a sweet girl she really did make me smile, still full of quality and that twinkle in her eye. So happy to please her owner moving around the ring and showing like a youngster. Credit to her owner for having her still in lovely condition and it made my day to see her again