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Please note the database is only for Rough Collies as Smooth Collies have their own database which can be found HERE

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NEW - December 2022

I have added health results as published by the KC or breeders/owners have sent in to me for Hips, DM, CEA and MDR1
If you have results that are not listed please email to me at, with a copy of the results.

For DM tested dogs the results will be reflected as a colour marker under their KC registered name and on tested ancestors. The examples below show an affected bitch in the second generation pedigree mated to a clear dog which resulted in a carrier, who was then mated again to a clear dog and produced two clear puppies and three carriers. Both pedigrees below are from the same litter, Lemon Breeze being a carrier, and Lemon and Lime being clear.


Or you can do a general search with an affix which will bring up all dogs and show those tested

If you would like your dog and parentage listed on the database,
please email me the following information

KC Name, Sex, DOB, Sire, Dam, CH or JW if applicable
Colour, Owner, Breeder together with any health tests and test certificates

If you are able to send your dogs full dogs pedigree via a word document, it would be very much appreciated.

If you would like a word template to complete to send the information, let me know

Parentage has been gleaned from various sources, and despite taking reasonable care, errors will be made, these can easily be corrected, please email me if you notice any

It would also be helpful if you can send me details of new litters once registered with the KC, and I can add the whole litter to the database.

Many thanks


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