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Any problems with email please contact me on
01384 270762 - or mobile 07977 155642
NOTE - except for emergencies, please call between 11am - 3pm only

WEF 1st July 2018 l only add dogs to kennel pages bred by you but owned by another exhibitor/breeder
if they already have their own kennel page on Collielife.

I will also now only send one reminder for renewal subs, I don't like chasing money at the best of times,
if you don't have the funds to pay, please let me know, otherwise I will remove the link to your kennel
page and the cached copy from the web after 7 days.

Sorry to take this stance, but I have to pay hosting and domain fees a week before they are due
in order for the site to remain on the web. I also have monthly softwear subscriptions needed for the
smooth running of the site, and these have to be paid on time.

Thank you



WEF 1st January 2019 to the increase in monthly soft wear subscriptions, computer maintenance hosting fees etc,
all 'new' Kennel page subscriptions will be £40 per annum, which includes initial set up fee.

This will include unlimited puppy adverts, stud dog adverts, website links, and unlimited updates.
I am happy to take photos for kennel pages at a show, please let me know which
show you will be at so I can ensure I take my camera.


You can send me a cheque or pay via direct bank transfer please email for bank details if required.

Please email good quality images for your kennel page to
or if you need to post me 'prints' of old photos I can scan these for you as long as they are good quality images

Please do not use the kennel page subscription offer to get unlimited free puppy adverts without submitting details for a kennel page
as a kennel page will help potential buyers find out a little more about you and your dogs.




for all kennel pages taken out prior to 31st December 2018

You do not have to worry about remembering when your annual subscription is due as I will send out a reminder, usually via email
at the end of the month before they fall due, giving you a week to arrange payment. If necessary, another reminder will be sent
7 days later.

Unlimited updates, puppy and stud dog adverts and addition of photos, critiques and show results are free.

If there is no contact, the link to kennel pages from the breeder listing will be removed - sorry to take this stance, but I have to pay my domain and hosting fees for Collielife 7 days before they are due, along with softwear subscriptions and computer maintenance fees without which I would be unable to run the site.

Please note I am always happy to take new photos for your kennel pages and show results, but if you require the photos for your own use, ie: on facebook or website, there will be a £10 charge for an electronic version sent via email. If you require a copyright free image, please enquire

Please note I reserve the right to refuse, remove and/or not renew any kennels pages without cause or reason.

Payment Obligations - Terms:
If subscription renewals are not paid within 30 days, ie: by the end of the month in which they fall due,
I will remove the kennel pages from my files, and these will incur a £10 charge if you wish them to be re instated at a later date.

Thank you.

You can also send me a cheque (made payable to Mrs J Growcott)
or pay via direct bank transfer please email for bank details if required.


You do not need a paypal account - visa debit cards are accepted through the paypal system

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(for non subscribers)

£20 per litter/stud dog advert/website link

Please note ALL adverts for non subscribers must include the parents names and date of birth of the litter

Choose Option

(please email advert and photos to
Photos must be good quality clear images - sent as a jpeg attachment and puppies
born in the UK must be KC registered - please read my code of ethics
NB: I reserve the right to refuse an advert without explanation

Due to non payers for non subscribers and with absolutely no exceptions.
All adverts must be paid for in full before being published

Thank you

Or........have a kennel page with an annual fee of £40, and advertise as many litters as you like

(cheque, paypal, cash, postal order or direct bank transfer are all acceptable)

Repeat adverts for puppies sold needing to be readvertised,
will incur an additional cost as once advert is removed I have to redo the work


Due to time constraints, both at shows and when I get home, editing images etc ,
I may only be able take individual photos for exhibitors who have kennel pages on Collielife.
Please enquire which shows I will be at to arrange a photograph session after judging.


Select number of photos

Photo will be emailed on receipt of payment

©Collielife/Julie Growcott must not be removed from photo proofs


Telephone: 01384 270762 / Mobile: 07977 155642

(Note I have a 'Call Guardian' system on my landline and you may need to announce yourself
if I do not already have your number programmed into my system)

Please call between 11am - 4pm only

Julie Growcott