Email Julie :

If you are looking for a puppy or older dog, please check the website
and the links on the front home page.

Please note, that to the best of my knowledge, all breeders who advertise on Collielife, maintain the best possible standards of health, hygiene and wellbeing for all their dogs, young and old. But I am unable to provide individual references on breeders.

I am not always available to update the website on a weekend, and
if your enquiry needs to be dealt with urgently you can telephone me on
01384 270762 between 11am - 3pm weekdays only

If you have a query over your puppy/adult dog that needs to be rehomed, for whatever reason, please speak to the breeder in the first instance.

All kennel page updates and puppy adverts will be actioned within 5 days of receipt. Please note, I prefer puppy adverts and kennel page updates via email and not to my personal social media account as these can get missed.

If you would like to take out a new exhibitor/kennel page please see HERE.

Kennel page update or puppy adverts

When sending updates to kennel pages, puppy adverts, or anything on Collielife, please ensure any photos have not been taken from Facebook, if you are unsure, check the name of the file, if it starts with FB_IMG_15234567890, my photoshop softwear will not open the image in order for me to upload to the web.

If you would like to place a puppy advert and don't have a kennel page with us, please see more information HERE

Please note the format for puppy adverts is as below
For Rough Collie puppies/adults I can link the my online database HERE, for Smooth Collies, I can link to the smooth collie pedigree database or any other website.


If you would like photos of your dogs added to show results and don't want a kennel page, please read more HERE.

Thank you