Scottish Collie Club – Open Show 09th October, 2022

Thank you to the Scottish Collie Club committee for giving me this opportunity to Judge the breed I had first in my life. It was held in a good atmosphere considering the weather outside and thank you to all exhibitors for the entry and accepting my decisions and for my stewrds for keeping me going throughout the day.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

  1. Shorten’s Thistlewings Andromeda Just short of 8mths old Sable / White Dog, blunt clean wedge head, smooth outline, Almond Dark Eyes, Ears a tad heavy for me, Good body proportions one not to happy with the floor but moved enough to win the class. BPD
  2. Crawford’s Stregato Foolish Guy 8 mths Sable/White Dog, nice rich sable coat, not quite as mature as No. 1. Dark almond eyes, lighter ears but over enough when needed. Full dentition Scissor bite, good reach of neck, tail held well on the move.

Puppy Dog (2)

  1. Shorten’s Thistlewings Andromeda See MPD
  2. Crawford’s Stregato Foolish Guy See MPD

Junior Dog (3)

  1. Brodie’s Shanaburn Country Road 15 mth old dog, nice upstanding sable/white dog, good Character & Temperament, nice wedge head with good placed stop not over exaggerated. Dark Almond Eyes, Ears nicely tipped, used well. Nice reach of neck, scissor bite, good body proportions with correct fore & Hind Quarters, Tail held well but sometimes to happy. Nice gait both coming / going and side gait, although unfortunately played up on the move in the challenge.
  2. Taylor’s Thistlewing Fire Dancer at Bryany, Sable/white dog 15mths old. General Appearance looked good overall, tight wedge head shape, eyes dark almond, ears were a heavily tipped for me. Correct scissor bite, good reach of neck, correct forequarters and body proportions. Good Size tail held well on the move. Very happy on the move, coat good thick texture.
  3. Welsh’s Thistlewing Smoky Quarts

Yearling Dog (1,1)
Maiden Dog (1)

  1. Shorten’s Thistlewings Andromeda see MPD

Novice Dog (2)

  1. Brodie’s Shanaburn Country Road See JD
  2. Shorten’s Thistlewings Andromeda see MPD

Graduate Dog (0)
Post Graduate Dog (1,1)
Limit Dog (4,1)

  1. Findlay’s Camanna Clearwater 5yr old Blue Merle dog.

Good when looked in profile showing typical collie shape & body proportions with good B/M colouration in coat, scissor bite, correct ear set when attentive, merle coloured eye, Good Reach of Neck, good length of tail, slight rise on the move but not over back. Needed time to settle on move but good coming and Going and side Gait. Lots to like about this dog. BD RBIS BOS

  1. Turner’s Chantique Magical Mystery Sable/White Dog 2 yrs old. Preferred wedge shape of this dog to 1. Dark Almond Eyes, Ears a tad Heavy for me. Moderate reach of neck. Not quite the rise over loin. Tail a bit to happy on the move. Nice rich textured coat, good feet.
  2. Proctor’s Wilmarranna out of the Blue for Cathbri.

Open Dog (4,2)

  1. Turner’s Paulara No Where Man, 2.5 yr old Tricoulr dog. Nice Size dog, good body proportions good head and eye shape, nice reach of neck, Ears had to work to see them correctly, good Forequarters, slightly short tail, side gait and coming & going was ok once settled, own preference would have preferred a fuller white neck rough. RBD
  2. Carmichael’s Kilchrenan Keltic Brier JW TAF nearly 8 yrs old Tricolour dog. Good Character and temperament. Slightly longer in muzzle than 1. Mouth Scissor bite and teeth ok for age. Good reach of neck, heavy in coat, unfortunately didn’t really want to move correctly.

Veteran Dog (2)

  1. Steven’s Cariadhaf Crazy Dream 8yr old sable/white dog. Nice General appearance, character & temperament. Head & Skull finer that I would prefer, Eyes Almond. Ears bit on the light side, mouth/teeth good for age. Acceptable Neck and Forequarters, Body in Proportion slightly Longer than 2. Hindquarters good, good feet, tail unfortunately held on the move. Movement coming/going & side gait ok. BVD
  2. Caplan’s Chantique Lover Boy of Whitecraigs 7 yr old Sable Dog. Good General Appearance, Character Ok, slightly nervous, nice wedge shape to head, dark almond eyes, good ears, very good Mouth & Teeth for his age. Nice reach of neck. Forequarters were good, good Length to body, nice tight feet, Slight raising of the tail on the move, unfortunately movement was a bit sporadic.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

  1. Turner’s Delfuvia Blue Raine for Paulara 7mth old Blue Merle Bitch. Lots to like about this young bitch, lovely general appearance unfortunately a bit nervous of the floor so could not assess her movement as well as I would have liked to, nice wedge head with well placed stop. Good Shaped eyes, ears when used were good, nice scissor bite, nice reach of neck, forequarters still maturing, but good rise of loin, strength in hindquarters, neat feet, tail good length & carried well on the move. Coat of good colour & texture. I will be watching this ones progress as she matures.

Puppy Bitch (2)

  1. Johnston’s Sea Dreamer’s Gracy Love (Imp Nld) TAF 11mth sable/white bitch. Good Appearance, character & temperament, nice head & skull, Dark Almond Eyes, nicely tipped Ears just a tad wind for me. Scissor bite, good proportions for body, strength in hindquarters, good feet, well carried/length tail, harsh coat good under coat. Nice S/W bitch just lost out in challenge to older/mature bitch. RBB, BPB, BPIS.
  2. Tait’s Chantique Sweet Rose 9 mths Sable/White Bitch. Good Character & General Appearance, just a little bit on the nervous side. Nice wedge head & Skull, Eyes ok, Ears ok, Scissor bite, slightly shorter neck, good forequarters, nice rise over loin, Strength in Hindquarters, good feet and tail. Unfortunately another youngster not happy with the floor, good Coat.

Junior Bitch (3,2)

  1. Hobkirk’s Chantique Sugar Moon 13.5mth Sable/White Bitch. Good Appearance, Character & Temperament, Good Head Shape and Size, nice dark eyes, well tipped Ears, Good Scissor Bite, nice reach of neck, good forequarters, body proportions good, enough hind quarter strength, feet ok, tail length & Carriage ok, moved well coming and going & Side Gaits.
  2. Tait’s Chantique Sweet Rose See PB

Yearling Bitch (3,1)

  1. Turner’s Paulara Keep the Faith Sable/White Bitch. Overall Appearance, character & temperament were good. Nice Wedge Head, slightly longer in the muzzle, almond eyes, ears slightly heavy but nicely placed, good scissor bite, good reach of neck, body shape, fore & hind quarters all ok, nice feet, tail good length & held mostly ok on the move.
  2. Taylor’s Elshajo as if by Magic of Bryany Sable/White Bitch. Unfortunately one of those not happy in the hall, nice length of muzzle, good eyes & Ears, Scissor bite, Fore/Hind quarters ok, body proportions ok, feet ok, tail set & Carriage good.Not happy on the move but what I could see her movement was ok. Good textured Coat.

Maiden Bitch (0)
Novice Bitch (2)

  1. Tait’s Chantique Sweet Rose See PB
  2. Taylor’s Elshajo as if by Magic of Bryany See YB

Graduate Bitch (1)

  1. Clark Kerr’s Uffsprings Uniquely Mayd for Whitecraigs 2 yr old Tricolour Bitch, Temperament, Character & General Appearance were all good, nice wedge head & skull, good dark eyes, ears ok, Scissor bite, good reach of neck, good body proportions, strength in hindquarters, tight feet but slightly down on pasterns, good length tail & carried well on the move. Both coming & going and side gait moved without effort as a true collie should. Coat of good texture just lacking in Undercoat.

Post Graduate Bitch (4,1)

  1. Kerr’s Nithview Castle Black at Lynlou Tricolour Bitch. Slightly Finer wedge head & skull, good general appearance, character & temperament. Nice Dark Almond Eyes, ears held well and good use. Scissor Bite, good reach of Neck, body proportions, fore/hind quarters were ok, tight feet, tail ok very happy on the move, good coat.
  2. Hutching’s Riverside Song Flord’luna at Scottrye (Imp Rom) Blue Merle Bitch. Good Appearance, Character & Temperament. Lovely Wedge head Shape, nice dark almond eyes, ears good but slightly wider than 1. Scissor bite, good reach of neck, well proportioned body, good feet, tail ampole size, unfortunately not happy on the move held her head down which threw her shape out.
  3. Quince’s Thistlewing Celtic Soul for Karafaye.

Limit Bitch (4,2)

  1. McGill’s Stregato Ruzzola Tricolour Bitch. Lovely Appearance overall and good Character & Temperament. Head & Skull slightly finer tha my preference but good proportions. Dark Almond Eyes, Well Placed Ears lightly tipped, good scissor bite, good reach of neck, strength both in Fore/hind Quarters, good body proportions with rise over the loin, nice tight catlike feet, tail of good length & carried well on the move. Good movement coming & going and side Gait. Coat of good texture with full under coat to fill out appearance. BB, BIS
  2. Steven’s Cambrogan Blowin a hoolie shaded sable bitch. Good overall appearance, character & Temperament. More Fuller in the face than 1. Good dimensions, Dark Almond Eyes, Ears slightly wide & light, good scissor bite, reach of neck ok, body proportions ok, strength in fore/hind quarters. Unfortunately not happy on the move.

Open Bitch (4,2)

  1. Welsh’s Thistlewing Spell on you Sable Bitch. Good General Appearnace, character & Temperament, Very Strong head & skull, good almond eyes, ears nicely placed but slightly heavy for me, scissor bite, lovely reach of neck, fore/Hind & body proportions all ok, tight feet, good length of tail, movement coming /going and side gait ok but not overly happy on the move. Coat Texture ok.
  2. Steven’s Cariadhaf Cookies and Cream for Cambrogan Tri colour Bitch 7yrs old. Overall appearance ok, lovely wedge head, Dark Almond Eyes, ears slightly wider than i Would prefer but tipped over lovely, scissor bite teeth good for age, Coat hides actual reach of neck but ok once I got my hands on. Very happy with her tail on the move, very profuse coat with full under coat and textured top coat.

Veteran Bitch (3,2)

  1. Topham’s Seanchross Extraordinary Blue Girl 7 yr old Dark Blue Merle Bitch, Stood alone but this did not deter from her good aspects, Good overall shape and Appearance, nice wedge good proportioned head/skull, nice dark almond eyes, ears nicely placed and tipped, scissor bite with teeth good for age. Reach of neck ok, strength & Drive in hind quarters, tail of good length, movement from all directions nice light & free, one of the best movers on the day. BVB, BVIS

Helen Mclaren Memorial Open (3,2)

  1. Taylor’s Thistlewing Fire Dancer at Bryany See JD
  2. Clark Kerr’s Uffsprings Uniquely Mayd for Whitecraigs See GB

Tricolour Dog/Bitch Open (3,2)

  1. Clark Kerr’s Uffsprings Uniquely Mayd for Whitecraigs See GB

Blue Merle Dog/Bitch Open

  1. Proctor’s Wilmaranna Out of the Blue for Cathri. Nive wedge head/skull. Dark Almond Eyes, Ears used well but slightly wide for me. Neck of good size & Reach. Nicely proportioned male, good body size and proportions, nice movement.

Judge : Carol Best-Rawlings (Trixwood)