I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to officiate at this prestigious breed club show and for looking after us all so well throughout the day. It was my honour to judge the dogs here today. Although it is sad to see how much the entry numbers have declined over recent years, I did have some quality dogs present and was very pleased with those who took the top awards. Thank you to the exhibitors for their entries and for accepting all my decisions so graciously. Last but not least, my thanks to my very efficient ring stewards, Penny & Julie, who kept things running so smoothly for me.


For the Best of Breed challenge my co judge, Mrs Valerie Geddes, put forward her CC winner, the lovely almost 6 year old sable and white bitch CH. GILLYFLOWER DELLA BUCA DELLE FATE (ITA) who was awarded Best of Breed on the decision of our referee, Mrs Eleanor Kitchen, and she also went on to take Best in Show over the smooth collie. Myself and my co judge were in complete agreement with all the other “in breed” awards with Best Puppy in Breed going to the bitch ERJON EVOLVING BEAUTY, who at just 6 months is a raw baby but shows so much potential. I will certainly watch her progress with interest. 




1st. Cooney’s CH. JOPIUM STOLE MY HEART AT LINGWELL. Lovely sable & white of 9 years. His head is still clean with nicely moulded foreface and a good stop, sweet dark eyes and nice ear set. Nice overall body shape and well off for bone. He stood and showed well. A little slow on the move but I forgave this as he still placed his feet well and his quality won through. BVD and with complete agreement with my co judge BVIB. By the time he challenged the Smooth for BVIS he had had enough and really didn’t want to move anymore. 


2nd. Steven’s CARIADHAF CRAZY DREAM. Sable and white of 8 years, finer all over than 1. He has a nice head with good stop and well set and used ears. He is a pleasing shape when standing and he moved well. 




1st. Tipper’s TIGANLEA TOP-NOTCH. This sable & white of 8 months headed a nice class of promising youngsters. Lovely head with great stop, sweet dark eyes and very appealing expression. Good reach of neck and nice shape. Plenty of bone and coat for his age. A bit too much body which meant his movement was a little wide in front but hopefully this will improve as he matures, his rear movement was good. 


2nd. Lockyer’s VERY SPECIAL ANGEL SYLVESTRE AT GATAJ (IMP BEL) NAF TAF. Another very promising sable & white of 7 months. Head of good length with enough stop. Nice dark eye. Ears a little heavy but set well. He is a pleasing shape and he moved very well. I just slightly preferred the eye and expression of 1. 


3rd. Blackburn & Jones’ ERJON ESTABLISHED IN GOLD. 


PUPPY DOG (2,0) Two nice young dogs who could easily swap places on another day. 


1st. Llewellyn’s AVONFAIR SPELLBOUND WITH SALSINA NAF. Very appealing sable & white just short of his 1st birthday. He has a lovely clean head and dark almond shaped eyes, great ear set and soft expression. Good reach of neck. To be hypercritical I would like slightly more length of back however his shape is still pleasing. Moved well and stood and showed himself off confidently on a loose lead. Should go far. BPD


2nd. Cronk’s CHELBORN’S GAMBLERS LIST. Very nice masculine tricolour of 10 months. His head is a good length, clean and well filled throughout. Nice dark eye and attractive expression. Good neck and longer in body than 1. Coat of good colour, lovely presentation. Moved well. I just slightly preferred the expression of 1 today. 




1st. Welsh’s THISTLEWING SMOKY QUARTS. Upstanding sable & white. Head of correct length, although I would prefer a slightly more defined stop. Nonetheless he has a nice dark eye, his ears are set well and he used them to his advantage. Lacking his top coat today but his reach of neck, length of back and good angulation were there for all to see. He won this class for his strong and confident movement. 


2nd. Blaikie’s KOURIKA YOU’LL DO FOR ME. Tricolour of almost 17 months. Nicely moulded fore face and clean stop. Good ears which he used well. Pleasing overall shape. Plenty of bone. A bit distracted on the move and tended to weave. In good coat, presented well. 






1st. Howard, Newton & Patterson’s LADNAR DREAMCHASER. This Blue Merle appealed for his make and shape. His head is masculine and clean throughout. Really good under jaw, which was lacking in many today. Nice eye and ear carriage. He is well off for bone. Handler just needs to watch his tail on the move, however he moved well from all angles. 


2nd. Lockyer’s GATAJ OUT OF THE WOODS JW. Golden Sable & white, smaller all over than 1 and shorter in head, however he does have nice dark eyes and sweet expression. Pleasing shape, although I would like a little more reach of neck. Good bend of stifle and short hocks. Moved well. Presented in lovely clean condition.


NOVICE DOG (no entries) 




1st. Parnham’s CARIBBEAN BLUE SKY ACTIS TO SAMANTE (IMP POL). Blue Merle of 16 months. His head is balanced and his eyes are pleasing, ears set well which enhances his expression. Nice neck and length of back. Moved well with his long tail carried low. In good coat presented in lovely condition. 


2nd. Boyle’s MONSOLANA ASPIRE TO INSPIRE OVER BARRENCLOUGH (IMP RUS). Tricolour of 2 years. Head a little shorter than 1 and ears a bit wider set, but he still has a nice expression. Good reach of neck and overall shape. Moved well. 




1st, Tipper’s TIGANLEA TRUE HERO. Lots to like about this young sable & white. His head is pleasing to handle with good well placed stop, sweet dark eyes and he used his ears to advantage. Nice reach of neck and length of back giving a good overall shape in profile. He moved freely and was presented very well in good coat. I feel he perhaps needs a bit more time before he will challenge for the top awards, but his time will come. 


2nd. May’s CAMANNA CAREERCHANGEING FOR MAQUEEBA. Another appealing sable & white. Bigger all over than 1. His head is clean and nicely moulded throughout, his dark eyes are sweet yet masculine. He stood and showed well for his handler, showing off his good overall shape. He moved well and was presented in good clean condition. I just preferred the slightly softer expression 1. 






1st. Hawkins & Foy’s BELDONES TOUCHER DU BOIS. This 2 year old quality golden sable & white from this well known kennel particularly appealed to me for his superb head and lovely dark obliquely set eyes. His ear set is good but, for me, they could be a little less tipped which would enhance his soft expression even more. Standing in profile he has a balanced shape with good height to length ratio. He moved very well with good reach and really showed me his rear pads as he went away. In good coat, presented in lovely clean condition. 


2nd. Jones’ BROOKLYNSON BLACK DIAMOND WITH DANCOL. Tricolour of good size with a clean head of good length. Nicely set and used ears, just not quite as soft in expression as 1. Good length of back, moved well and presented in good coat. 




1st. Watt’s CULBRAE RED AGAIN. This flashy, masculine rich golden sable and white put everything in today. His head is of good length with correct stop. I loved his great reach of neck, which was accentuated by his huge white collar and with his good length of back and angulation he stood out in this class for his overall shape. He moved around the ring with ease, was very attentive to his handler when standing and was shown on a loose lead. Presented in full coat in lovely clean condition with sparkling whites. Pushed hard in both the challenges, I just slightly preferred the ear carriage and therefore the expressions of the eventual winners.


2nd. Turner’s CHANTIQUE MAGICAL MYSTERY. An appealing shaded sable & white who’s head excels in stop and is nicely moulded throughout. He has dark expressive eyes and he used his ears constantly. Looked good standing from across the ring and moved well. In super coat presented in good condition. Just not quite the reach of neck of 1. 




OPEN DOG (6,0) 


1st. Grainger’s CH. SAMHAVEN BALLAHANNA BANJO. This stunning 4 year old sable & white really grabbed my attention. His head is clean without any exaggeration and his expression from his lovely dark obliquely set eyes and perfectly set ears was, in my opinion, the best here today. He has a superb outline in profile, everything completely balanced and on the move he covered the ground well from all angles. In good coat which was, as always from this kennel, presented to perfection. For me he epitomises “standing with impassive dignity, with no part out of proportion to whole”. I couldn’t deny him the CC today, his 9th I believe, and with the agreement of my co judge RBOB.


2nd. Blaikie’s KOURIKA KING PIN. This quality Blue Merle who is approaching his 4th birthday has many virtues. His head handles very well with lovely clean stop, well filled muzzle and good under jaw, correct dark almond shaped eyes and neat well set ears, used constantly, all combine to give him a soft yet masculine expression. He has an elegant overall shape from his super reach of neck, good body length and excellent angulation front and rear. He moved around the ring with ease as his conformation suggests. In super coat of good clear colour which was presented in great condition. I was very happy to award him the RCC. I’m sure his title will come. 




JUDGE: Mrs Samantha Wrisdale (Sachenda)