Collie Association
November 2022
Rough Collie Bitches

It was a great pleasure to be invited as stand in judge for Bitches at this show when, owing to ill health, the scheduled judge could not attend. I'll take this opportunity to wish him well and hope he is on the road to recovery. I would also like to Thank the Officers and Committee for their welcome and hospitality and also the exhibitors for their kind and sporting acceptance of my decisions. It is only their attendance which makes the show.

Veteran 1/Dodsworth/Carr LIBANEL MARTINIQUE 9 y.o. s/w with a well balanced body and build with fitted coat, not a lot of frills but very sweet expression and pleasing head, dark, almond eyes and good ears, Moved free and true. 2/ Steven CARIADHAF COOKIES AND CREAM FOR CAMBROGAN tric, heavier built tric in super coat, eyes a bit too full and ears wide. Excellent body condition and well angulated, moved soundly but tail too curled.

MPB 1/ ERJON EVOLVING BEAUTY just over 6mths baby showing and moving out so confidently. Very promising all through, lean, clean head with enough fill around muzzle and skull, well placed, dark eyes and excellent ears presented a very appealing expression. Well bodied with good substance and very neat feet. Slightly bum high at present but hopefully this will level out in time. Went around like a real pro. She was giving a lot on age and maturity but for me, scored in fill of muzzle/skull and clean, wedge shaped head, without flare. 2/ Tipper GATAJ ISLA BLUE AT TIGANLEA very nicely marked and coloured BM. Pleasing head, dark eyes with sweet expression, ears just a shade wide and heavy, good neck and topline, moved well but is quite overweight causing her to be rather wide in front. 3/ Howard SERENLAS ANGEL OF CASATENTOLA.

PB1/ Llewellyn AVONFAIR SECRET LOVE LETTER TO SALSINA (naf) s/w quality outline, head quite well filled about muzzle and skull but is lacking correct underjaw, dark, well placed eyes with a sweet expression and well placed ears. Good neck and topline with strong, fitted coat and nicely angulated. Best mover in class. 2/Cronk CHELBORN GAMBLERS WISH another nice s/w and close up to 1, just slightly cobbier in outline and with good substance. Balanced head, well placed eyes with good expression, neat ears showing well, good neck and firm topline, tends to stand a little tucked. Moved out soundly but not quite so positive in front. 3/ McEntee LYNWAY SUN BLOSSOM THROUGH GERIAN.

JB 1/ Ross 1/ MOST MAJESTIC TIMELESS TOUCH AT SAMSHERNIK (IMP.HUN) Lovely quality s/w youngster, very pleasing and well balanced head and expression from nicely placed eyes and ears, excellent neck and topline, well angulated with good substance and in good, correct, body fitting coat. Could see this having a very bright future. 2/ Turner SATIN DREAM DU CLOS DU SEAWIND(IMP.FRA) another substantial s/w, well filled about head with excellent muzzle and underjaw, filled skull and well placed ears, lovely outline and body, well angulated, full coat, moving free but loose and wide in front. 3/ Collins TRIBURLE SEREN DLOS

Yearling 1/ Hawkins/Foy BELDONES MAGICAL BLISS slightly paler but shaded s/w, has good size and substance with some length of body and close fitting coat well feathered, nicely angulated and let down with good feet. Balanced head, well placed, dark eyes with a sweet expression, ears a little wide, lovely outline and overall balance, moved free and with confidence.RCC 2/ Growcott LILLYWAY LEMON BREEZE tric pleasing side profile, slightly pinched muzzle, good skull, dark eyes with good expression, excellent ears, very good outline with fitted coat of deep black, well angulated. 3/Lockyer GATAJ GOOD TIME GIRL.

Nov 1/ MOST MAJESTIC TIMELESS TOUCH AT SHAMSHERNIK 2/ Burrows AVONFAIR A MILLION LOVESONG AT REVDVICKI s/w flashy and showing well, found her quite compact although sweet. Balanced head, well placed, dark eyes and ears, attentive to handler. Excellent coat type, fitting and harsh, moved free but elbows loose. 3/ May MAQUEEBA MAGICAL BLESSING.

GB 1/ Patman RIVERSIDE SONG ICE CREAM GIRL (IMP. ROM) tric, very pretty with sweet expression, ears wide and lightly tipped, well filled skull, weak foreface, dark, well placed eyes, good neck and topline, well angled with good substance, moved well. 2/ Boyle BARRENCLOGH TOUCH OF SILK s/w reluctant to perform, pleasing head profile but lacks fill, eyes dark with good expression, neat ears, between coats and underweight, moved freely.

PG 1/ Scott CHANTIQUE OOH LA LA s/w well balanced head filled foreface and flat, filled skull, wel placed eyes with good expression, ears light and slightly wide. Excellent neck and topline, good substance, well presented coat of harsh texture, moved freely. 2/Philpin TUDORLYN A KIND OF MAGIC tric of older style and slightly narrow but all Collie. reluctant to 'show' herself to best. very typical all through with smooth and clean, well balanced head, well placed eyes and excellent ears, if she would use them !. Lovely outline and moved freely. 3/ Rose UFFSPRING ULTRAVOX.

ML 1/ Blackburn/Jones ERJON EBONY JEWELS lovely tric, full of quality, just coming into a fresh new black coat, pleasing, balanced head with correct parallel lines of muzzle and skull, well placed, almond shaped eyes and neatly tipped ears all make for an appealing expression. Lovely body lines with good angulation and substance with correctly carried tail. Moved free and true on a loose lead and took the class with ease. 2/ Welsh THISTLEWING SPELL ON YOU golden s/w stronger, bigger female than winner but still with a feminine outlook and so much to like. Quality head with fill all through and flat skull, well set ears and showing non stop, excellent outline and firm body covered with well fitted coat, nicely angulated and moved with ease. 3/Tudorlyn A Kind of Magic

LIMIT B 1/ Hawkins/Foy BELDONES TOUCH OF CLASS golden sable/white, and so nicely built all through with good substance and overall balance. Lovely quality head, well balanced and filled in foreface and skull with clean cheeks, nicely placed, dark, almond shaped eyes and neat well placed and used ears give her a very desirable, soft expression. A good neck and topline with some length of back and depth of body, nicely angulated with good forechest and firm hocks altogether presented a very typical picture. Moved easily and was steady and true. 2/ Congdon RIVERSIDE SONG DESIDERATA FOR ARRONWELL (IMP ROM) another sweet 2yo dark eyes, head just a tad dished, ears wide but tipped which she makes best use of. Sizable girl with a good outline and in new coat, well angulated, moved around but not at ease with surface. 3/ Patman/Grainger SAMHAVEN SOUND EFFECTS .

OB 1/ Shipp GILLYFLOWER DELLA BUCA DELLE FATE (IMP ITA) Richly coloured shaded s/w in full coat and beautifully presented. Keen showgirl with a pleasing, well balanced head with fill of ff and skull, well placed, dark, almond shaped eyes and neat ears all together presents an appealing expression, excellent outline, good body, well angulated and with good substance on neat feet. Once she sorted the floor and forgot about food, she moved with ease and a true stride, lovely balance overall in body. Could not be denied the CC, finally BOB and BIS, with Res CC going to BELDONES MAGICAL BLISS. 2/ Cronk CHELBORN WISH LIST another well coated s/w of quality and substance, slightly shorter all through, head better filled in muzzle and skull with nicely placed dark eyes giving a sweet expression. Body a little more compact, well angulated on good legs and feet, moved free, just toeing a little. 3/Steven CAMBROGAN BLOWIN A HOOLIE


Val Geddes