The addition of photos to show results is free for breeders and exhibitors who have kennel pages with the site, and free if I have taken the photo myself.
(Please note if you are looking for a photo I don't always have my camera with me, especially at the General Championship Shows).

A sample of images can be seen on my Dogography website HERE

When submitting photos for kennel page updates, please tell me if you want a specific photo to be used for show results as well. The photos on results pages are a different size and are kept in a different location in my files. I don't automatically save new photos sent in for kennel page updates for results as I don't know when the dog is going to be shown again and you may want to use a more up to date photo.

Please remember with the number of entries at shows, particularly ch shows, I may occasionally forget I have an up to date photo of a particular dog to add, if you send me an email I will rectify.

WEF May 2023, due to a number of requests from exhibitors who don't have a kennel page who would like photos added to results, I will be happy to do this going forward. However to cover my time downloading, cropping and editing the photo and adding to show results, there will be a small fee of £15 per year per dog (which is a lot less than some of your ch show entries nowadays).


Please email a good quality jpeg image to, I can edit the photo and remove the lead, and also crop if necessary.


Please note with puppy photos, they will need to be updated every 3 months as a six month old puppy looks very different to a 9 month old.


Please send money via paypal to email address
(please ensure you send via friends and family option with paypal)

Note - I do not work backwards and add photos to shows that happened weeks previously to receiving photos.

Thank you.

If you would like a kennel/exhibitor page to showcase your dogs, please see more HERE