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DOB 29/5/2005 - 25/3/2020
MDR -/-
Bluchip Spirit in the Skye x Tiganlea Funtime at Bluchip

Photos above taken March 2015 when Tilly was almost 10 years of age - Tilly has now retired from the show ring, preferring to stay at home on the sofa or more often than not, my bed.
She goes crazy when we go to the fields, and keeps the youngsters in order ............see Tilly on our Past and Retired page.


Ch Lynmead Simply in My Soul x Chantique Loopyloo
DOB 17/4/2007 - 18/10/2019
MDR +/-

Ted joined us from the Chantique kennel in 2007 - thank you to Chan and Andre for our big 'bear'. Ted has had a successful show career and qualified for Crufts at his first show at the tender age of 6 months and one week.

Thank you to all the judges who have thought so highly of Ted.

See more of Ted on our Past and Retired page

Ch Erjon Ebony Joker x Jopium Dreams in the Mist JW
DOB 17/3/2012 - CEA clear at 8 weeks - MDR +/-

This brings me on to Tula, (shown left at 8 months and right at 12 months), who my father nicknamed
'wild child' or 'NG' (naughty girl).

Tula has a huge personality and certainly keeps us on our toes, I am sure she is part human as she is constantly trying to tell me something!!

Thank you to Jo Hodges for this precocious little girl, she is truly my heart dog.

Tula June 2015 - back in beautful full bloom after having her puppies

Delighted that Tula had a lovely 1st in Limit Bitch at Leeds Championshiup Show - July 2015 - gaining her stud book number, thank you to judge Miss T Wilkinson

I was absolutely thrilled to bits that Tula won not only another lovely Limit Bitch class, and not only her first CC but with Best of Breed too Welsh Kennel Club 2015 .

Huge thank you to breed specialist Daphne Iley (Ileyda) for thinking so highly of her.

This was followed at our next show by winning another well filled bitch class at Richmond where she was award the RBCC at. Thank you to Sheila Hall (Sambreeze).


Best of Breed and Reserve Best in Show - Collie Association Open Show May 2016
Many thanks to Breed Judge Mrs L Chalmbers and Best in Show Judge Mrs E Kitchen

1st Open Bitch - Reserve Challenge Certificate Northumberland and Durham Collie Club Championship Show April 2017 - Judge Marianne Grindley
October 2017 - London Collie Club Open Show
Tula just coming back into coat - 1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch, Best of Breed and Best in Show
Thank you to Breed Judge - Mrs M Mitchell (Avonfair), and Referee/Best in Show - Mrs J Margetts (Collingvale) for a super day


Best Bitch and Reserve Best of Breed - British Collie Club Open Show - December 2015
Thank you to judge Miss Cheryl Lockett
Delighted that Tula was placed third in the bitches at British Collie Rough Collie of the Year, January 2016
Thank you to judges Rod Slater, John Catliff, and Angie Allmark
Crufts 2016 - Tula 2nd Limit Bitch - Thank you to judge Grenville Francis

Also thank you to Joan and Mae (Nithview) for the photos


'Tula bug' is now a Veteran, time flies
Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Breed - Collie Club of Wales Ch Show April 2019
Many thanks to judges Sophie Wray-Ramsden and Carole Smedley, I was thrilled

Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show - Yorkshire Collie Club Ch Show - September 2019 - Judge Mrs S Wigglesworth
Best Veteran in Breed - Driffield Ch Show September 2019 - Judge Lesley Chalmers

Rough Collie of the Year 2019
Veteran Runner up

Tula had a pyometra infection shortly after Crufts 2020 and was retired from showing as she now has the typical spayed Collie coat.


Tula's daughter

Ch Jopium Cool Touch JW ShCm x Jopium Fascinator
DOB 13.7.2014
CEA clear at 8 weeks - MDR +/- DM n/dm

Loobylou - 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch - British Collie Club Championship Show - February 2015 - qualifying her for Crufts 2016 - Thank you to Judge Mr Tony Iley
Loobylou at 8 months after winning MPB at Collie Club of Wales Championship Show - April 2015
- Thank you to Judge Mrs Val Geddes

Lou loved to go to shows, I think purely because she doesn't like to be left behind at home, but is not a great fan of being 'in' the ring, unlike her mother
Below........March 2016 - what Lou likes best.........running, and she runs like the wind......and does a good job of exercising everyone else who chase her

Below back in the ring after a break at Bath Championship Show May 2016 - 2nd Novice Bitch

and Windsor June 2016 - 2nd Yearling Bitch qualifying her for Crufts 2017

Loobylou is retired from the show ring - as although she loves going out with me to shows, she is not so bothered on going in the ring and standing still - she is more interested in running round a field. She shows no signs of slowing down and runs round the fields like a gazelle even coming up to 7 years of age, great for exercising the others who chase her.

DOB 12/3/2013
Ch Jopium Touch of Soul for Triburle JW x Triburle Zeeta
CEA clear at 8 weeks - Hip Score 3/3 - MDR +/-

October 2013 - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch and BPB - Collie Club of Wales - Judge Marianne Benton
1st Minor Puppy Bitch and BPB - London Collie Club - Judge Mr M Taylor
February 2014 - 2nd Puppy Bitch - Midland Collie Club Ch Show - Judge Mrs D Jones

Photos July / August 2015 - Teisha below at 2 years old - she has had a break from the ring while we had puppies from Tula
Darlington Championship Show - September 2015 - qualifying her for Crufts 2016 at her first outing in 18 months
October 2015 - 2nd Post Graduate Bitch at Midland Counties Championship Show
October 2015 - 1st Post Graduate Bitch - London Collie Club Open Show
then she blew her coat.........
Tei started to come back into coat quite quickly and came back into the ring in January 2016 winning a 1st in Post Graduate Bitch at Manchester Championship Show

2nd Post Graduate Bitch Collie Club of Wales Championship Show qualifying her for Crufts 2017.

Unfortunately Tei was spooked at the same show Bliss was with a judge wearing a hearing aid that made some high pitched sounds, and due to personal circumstances, and then COVID, I was unable to work with her to improve her confidence. I was however looking forward to bringing her out in veteran classes. Sadly that was not meant to be as Tei has since developed Degenerative Myelopathy. She has such spirit and since losing the use of her back legs has taken to being in wheels, she is still her beautiful cheeky self and has the heart and determination of a lion. Photo below June 2022. I had noticed some subtle changes in her gait for six months and she was diagnosed with DM in March 2021, and introduced to wheels in October of that year.

We now know more about this dreadful disease and since Tei has been diagnosed I have tested my girls before breeding to check their DM status. More and more breeders are now testing all their breeding stock before mating to ensure they don't breed any DM affected puppies who may go on to develop DM.

Starlenga Street Fighter at Nithview x Lillyway Lovin' You at Nithview
DOB 3.8.2016 - DM - n/DM (carrier) - CN n/n
Thank you so much to Joan and Mae (Nithview) for our bundle of joy - 'Lottie', Tula's grand-daughter and niece to Loobylou.
She is such a little poppet, very confident, and doesn't appear in any way fazed with her new surroundings.
Below at 11 weeks


Ch Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell x Lillyway Loobylou
DOB 28.5.2017 - CEA Clear at 7 weeks

I only ever planned to keep a tri bitch from Looby's litter, however as we only had two tri colour males,
I felt I could not let this cheeky little miss go. Grand daughter to my lovely Tula, Photos above taken at 7 weeks and below 8 and 15 weeks respectively

Above 8 weeks
15 weeks

Proving that she can behave if she wants to - Bliss won Junior bitch at London Collie Collie Club Ch Show, June 2018 - Judge Mr R Santen
Many thanks to Luis (Paulara) for the photo
Above April 2019 - hopefully starting to grow a new coat

Below - Bliss August 2020

Bliss below August 2021 - Back in full coat and more comfortable in the ring after being spooked before lockdown

After being spooked at a show when she was in junior, then we had lockdown, I wondered if I would ever show her again,
but she has come good, and I was delighted when she won Mid Limit Bitch and the RCC Collie Association Ch Show September 2021 - Thank you to judge Eleanor Kitchen


Teisha's baby, 'Anya'
A singleton who has been nicknamed 'Skittles' as she doesn't keep still, I have never had such a mischevious and cheeky puppy

Ch Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell x Triburle Tissues and Issues at Lillyway
DOB 15.4.2018

Above left Anya aged 9 months and right aged 10 months.

Qualifying for Crufts 2019 - 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch - Midland Counties 2018 - her first show - Thank you to judge Albert Wight
2nd MPB LKA 2018 - Judge Mr Brian Hawkins
British Collie Club Open Show - December 2018 - 1st MPB
1st Puppy and PPG3 - Stourbridge and District CS December 2018 - Judge Mr Mark Williams

Anya is the naughtiest most inquisitive puppy I have ever had, I need eyes in the back of my head - above April 2019

September 2021 - due to COVID and lack of coat, Anya has not been shown for a while.


Tri's being my favourite colour, and as we can only keep one male, Radley has been my first tri colour male living here.

Lillyway Legacy - 'Radley'
Samhaven Name That Tune at Breckamore x Nithview Country Dreams at Lillyway
DOB 8.11.2019
CN Clear / CEA affected / DM - n/DM (carrier)
DMS 002:01|002:01|Aabb (low risk) / MDR1 Affected

13 weeks
4.5 months


August 2020 aged 9 months
Radley June 2021 - 18 months
Above Radley aged 2 years

Lillyway Lemon Breeze - 'Sassy'
Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview x Nithview Country Dreams at Lillyway
DOB 23.5.2021
DM - n/DM (carrier), CN Clear
Above left 6.5 weeks and right 8.5 weeks
The devil in a black dress below at 11 weeks

Above - Sassy at six months

December 2021 - Best Puppy in Show - British Collie Club Open Show

Crufts 2022 - 2nd Puppy Bitch - Thank you to Judge Miranda Blake

WELKS April 2022 - 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed and Reserve Best bitch - Judge Wilma Brodie

Photos below May 2022



Julie Growcott

Blown away to have received the above model at British Collie Club Championship Show March 2016. The model, made by Vic and Tim Griffiths is of three sitting Collies, one of each colour.

Without my knowledge, the Rough and Smooth Collie exhibitors had been plotting a collection for some time in recognition for the work I do on Collielife and some of the other breed club websites, including publishing show results as they happen, which I couldn't do without the help of my roving reporters. Thank you everyone involved.

My Crazy Collies - you tube

Happy days.........Below photo taken March 2013 on a holiday in the Cotswolds
From left - Ted aged 5, Tula just 12 months, Tilly 7 (almost 8) and in the front, Tara 9.5 years old. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Tara in March 2015 due to cancer. She was the 'Lady of the Manor' and very sadly missed.
We lost Ted in October 2019 after a short, unexplained illness.
We said our goodbyes to Champion Tilly in March 2020 just a few months short of her 15th birthday.