Tula's daughter Lou usually known as 'wild black thing' - one thing for sure is, she is very good at exercises all the others, but due to her crazy ways she is a bit accident prone.
eg: June cut pad, July ripped dew claw, August - torn wound open where she ripped the dew claw


Above Tedward - at 12.5 years of age


Our sleeping beauty, Princess Tilly - January 2019 in her 14th year


Fun in the snow - December 2017

Wild child Loobylou - she lives to run and just coming back into coat after having a litter
Teddybear - almost 11 years of age
Bliss now six months
Tilly, almost 13 wasn't quite so sure about the snow and how much of it there was!
Tula - mother to Loobylou and grandmother to Bliss - aged 5
Lottie - just growing her new wardrobe


November 2017 - Bliss now 5 months


October 2017
Tula - Best in Show - London Collie Club Open Show


August 2017
Bliss 12 weeks and Lottie 12 months, the best of friends


July 2017
Loobylou's puppies


November 2016

'Lottie' - 12 weeks

Ted enjoying his Hydrotherapy sessions

July 2016

Tula and Looby

March 2016



February 2016

Ted and Looby

September 2015

Above and below - Teisha and Looby
Above - Teisha

Tula at Welsh Kennel Club 2015 - winning her first CC and Best of Breed
Judge Mrs Daphne Iley (Ileyda)
Photo Tony Iley


a few days later Tula back in the fields doing what she loves most.........
and where is she when its time to go home.............


The always happy and fun lovin' Tula - you can't help but smile at her.......

Teisha and Looby in the garden - August 2015
Teisha (left) aged 2 and Looby (right) aged 12 months


July 2015 - Ted at his swimming classes

Ted is a veteran at 8 years of age, but in his head he is only two, and still runs around the fields with the girls -
Not sure if he is happy about his swimming lessons or not, but he certainly gets a good workout - every 5 minutes in the pool is equivalent to a 5 mile walk and the plan is to improve his muscle strength and cardio vascular fitness without any stress on his joints.

Loobylou - who just loves her tummy tickled......

May 2015

Above Tula - and below Tedward who is in his eighth year and still loves running with the girls
Tula just coming back into full bloom after having her puppies
Above Loobylou and Teisha - below left Teisha and right Loobylou and Teisha
The dogs havn't got dirty yellow stained legs, it was the dye from the dandelions!
February 2015
Our beloved Tara, gone but never forgotten, she certainly lived her life to the full and enjoyed every minute of it.
Above 'Tara', taken a few days before we lost her to stomach cancer.

July 2014 - Tula's puppies

July 2013

Above left and below - Tula and baby Teisha - right Teisha around 12 weeks of age

Mrs Julie Growcott