Jopium Fascinator
At her first show - Stafford and District CS, (Breed Judge Margaret Shipp), Pastoral Puppy Group (Judge Barry Makepeace).
Mrs Shipp's Critique:
'Just 6 months, lovely tri bitch enjoying her first show, took my eye as soon as entered the ring & did not disappoint, lovely eye & sweet expression, well angulated, moved around the ring so well for one so young, beautifully groomed & presented, just loved her'
Worcester and Malvern General Open Show - 5th January 2013
Puppy 1st Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator with Rusforth, 9 months tri bitch, lovely jet black coat with rich tan markings, gorgeous head, nice dark eye, well placed & used ears altogether giving a sweet expression. Good neck & shoulders, nice level topline, good bend of stifle, short hocks. Presentation was good & her movement on a difficult surface won her the class.- Judge Jan Scott
Yorkshire Collie Club Championship Show - September 2013 - 2nd - Junior Bitch

A nicely made tri with the sweetest of expression's, her head handles well and she has a nicely moulded foreface. Correctly placed dark eye and ears. Good reach of neck and good confirmation.

Judge Mr D Crapper
Collie Club of Wales - Open Show - October 2013 - 1st Yearling Bitch

Young tri with a nice length in head, nice dark eyes, stop a little deep for me. Well used ears but would like them tighter. Good length in back and nice rise over the loin, lovely jet black fitted coat. Just needed to be a little more positive in the move. Presented in wonderful condition.

Judge Mrs M Benton
London and Provincial November 2013 - 2nd Yearling Bitch

19 month old tri, nicely made, head handles well, moulded foreface, correct eye and ears, not as sweet as 1, good reach of neck and confirmation, confident mover.

Judge Mrs D Iley
London Collie Club October 2013 - 1st Graduate Bitch

19 months tri. Nicely proportioned with balanced feminine head & well set ears. Nicely boned, straight front, good neck & shoulders. Well off for rib. In super coat & condition, out moved the others.

Judge Mick Taylor
British Collie Club - November 2013 - 2nd Graduate Bitch

Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator, well balanced tri bitch with good earset & the darkest of eye, moved well.

Judge Vanessa Cronk

Lichfield - January 2014 - 1st Post Graduate Bitch and BOB

Good headed with a nice dark eye & good ear carriage. Was in excellent coat & condition. Moved very well with a good tail carriage. A well deserved BOB

Judge - Bill Rogerson

Collie Association Championship Show - November 2013 - 1st Graduate Bitch

Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator, tri, excellent head with pleasing expression, neat ears, good bone & conformation, good reach of neck, excellent coat, moved well.

Judge Angela Hodgson

First Championship Show after maternal duties....

British Collie Club Championship Show - February 2015 - 2nd Post Graduate Bitch

3 year old tri colour. Sound in confirmation and movement with good angulation front and rear. Lovely deep chest with good spring of rib. Good length of neck and in proportion with her back. Sweet expression which is hard for a tri and well used ears.

Lancs and Cheshire Championship Show - May 2015

2nd PGB -  Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator, another lovely tri bitch, as the winner, she is a good size, beautiful colour & correct proportions, good head planes, moved out well

Judge Elizabeth Blake-Watts (New Zealand)

Collie Association Open Show - May 2015

Special Open (15,7)
1st Growcotts – Jopium Fascinator
3 year old t/c bitch. Lovely clean head with well-rounded muzzle. Correct amount of stop and a lovely eye. Nice neat ears of which she used constantly. Lovely sweet expression. Good reach of neck laid into good shoulders, nice neat feet, good length of back, good spring of rib, lovely shape, fantastic angulation to both the front and rear which allowed her to breeze around the ring with ease. Showed and presented well.

Judge Mr J A Blackburn

Midland Collie Club Open Show - July 2015

1st Limit Bitch -

1. Growcott’s, Jopium Fascinator – Jet black tri in excellent coat and hard condition.  Moulded foreface.  Clean wedge.  Good eye placement.  Lovely neat ears on top throughout.  Lovely reach of neck and spring of rib and well laid shoulders.  Moved freely.

Judge - Mr J McCarte

Leeds Championship Show - July 2015

1st Limit Bitch -

1st Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator Nice head patterns good eye with a sweet expression, good ears when used. Very balanced with a good reach of neck good spring of rib, good angulation. Moved out well with drive.

Judge Tracey Wilkinson

Welsh Kennel Club - August 2015

1st Limit Bitch - CC and BOB

1st: GROWCOTT’S Jopium Fascinator 3 year old jet black tri, nice head pattern, clean moulded foreface, correct stop, good skull, good eye with sweet expression, good ears. Very well balanced with good reach of neck. Good spring of rib, excellent shoulder angulation, good length of back. Correct bend of stifle a construction that helped her move sound and true. CC & BOB

Judge Daphne Iley

Richmond - September 2015

LB 13 (4 absent) 1st  and Res CC Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator. Beautiful tri in excellent condition. Appealed for her lovely outline, arched neck and construction. Nothing exaggerated. Head of good length, correct wedge with slight stop. Correctly placed dark eye with a very sweet expression. Used her ears well. Moved very well coming and going. Good tail carriage.

Judge Sheila Hall

London Collie Club - October 2015

OB - 2nd Growcott, Jopium Fascinator, Tri , of super quality very pretty , head of clean lines side & top , stop in correct place & ears used well , well arched & reach of neck , front & rear assembly well made hence her moving well , again another time could swap places.

Judge Tina May

British Collie Club Open Show - December 2015

OB - 1 Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator, feminine tri girl in lovely coat, with good bone & nice size, strong level topline both standing & on the move, moves very freely, strides out well, good depth of rib, well angulated rearquarters, would prefer better shaped/tighter feet, & needs better training/handling to stand foursquare, & on a loose lead, but a very pleasing expression, bit deep head but has the most lovely moulded foreface, well shaped dark eye, well used ears, good mouth & lips. Shows well. Nice bitch. BB, RBOB, BOS

Judge Cheryl Lockett

Collie Club of Wales Open Show - October 2015

Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator tri Bitch 3 ½ years old and her maturity in the ring can be seen in her ring presence, eager to please and moved much better in the challenge than initially did in the class Res Best Bitch

Judge Nigel Price

Crufts - March 2016

2nd 14745 MRS J S GROWCOTT - JOPIUM FASCINATOR TRI Unfortunate to meet 1st excellent balanced head, lovely well placed eye, good lay of shoulder good bone and well sprung rib, good depth of chest, lovely confirmation, hocks well let down, sound on the move.

Judge Grenville Francis

Collie Association - May 2016

1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show
Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator, my star of the day! Firstly I must say that this girl has the softest, most appealing expression from wonderful almond, obliquely set eyes. I would describe her as having a ‘true tri colour expression’. Her head is a delight, balanced, moulded & moderate with correct stop, flat skull & is wedge shaped. Her ears are well set & she used them constantly. She has an excellent shoulder & upperarm, good depth of chest & well sprung ribs extending well back. Her rear is muscular and has well bent stifles & short, parallel hocks. She moves well, but was starting to tire in the heat. Her coat is jet black with long featherings & a shawl collar which completed a lovely picture. I couldn’t deny her BB & BOB. Pleased to see she went on to win RBIS

Judge - Lesley Chalmers

Reserve Best in Show - Growcott - Jopium Fascinator - Tricolour Rough Collie bitch, again true to breed type presented in a full jet black coat with white markings that gleamed in the afternoon sun, she is beautifully constructed and balanced with ample bone, short hocks, neat feet, head handled well with a pleasing expression, another who stood and showed well showing off all her virtues, she too moved out with confidence, covering the ground well, unlucky to meet the smooth today in such brilliant form.

Judge Eleanor Kitchen

Border Union Championship Show - June 2016

1st Open Bitch - Growcott's Jopium Fascinator a lovely tri girl I have admired from ringside. Lovely flat skull and rounded muzzle, soft almond eye giving sweet expression.Nice length of back with good spring of ribs and bend of stifle. Groomed to perfection and moved out well.

Judge Joan McIntyre

Windsor Championship Show - June 2016

2nd Open Bitch - Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator, another tri bitch that excelled in body shape coat & condition. She too had those neat let down hocks which enables that effortless movement she produced. A clean well balanced head giving again that sweet feminine expression. Well handled & presented – her day will come in the not too distant future I’m sure|

Judge - Alan Staniland

Leeds Championship Show - July 2016

1st Open Bitch - Growcott's Jopium Fascinator - a very sound tri bitch in good condition. Her head was outstandingly good, nice tan markings with the correct eye shape, giving of the correct expression, movement was good. I considered this bitch for the RCC

Judge - Peter Bailey

National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show - July 2016

2nd  Open Bitch - Growcott's Jopium Fascinator - sweet 4yr Tri well balanced head ears on top, good stop - pigmentation sweet dark almond eye, well rounded muzzle, good bite & under jaw, reach of neck, chest, brisket, withers, well laid shoulders, spring of rib, loin, bend of stifle, well let down hocks, moved with drive, good level top line, just lacked the finished touch with her coat today.

City of Birmingham - September 2016

OB (9,1)
1st Growcott's Jopium Fascinator - This gleaming black tri caught my eye as soon as she came into the ring, and did not disappoint when going over her. She oozes quality and is totally balanced. Head handles well with dark correctly placed eyes and neat well used ears, all giving the desired expression, which can be difficult to achieve in a tri. She has reach of neck, depth of ribs, length of back, and is nicely angulated. Expertly presented, showed and moved with style BB/BOB

Judge - Joy Walker
Northumberland and Durham Collie Club Ch Show - April 2017

Open (9,2)
1. Growcott's Jopium Fascinator - Tri with a gleaming black coat, and sparkling whites. She is very feminine, so elegant and classy throughout. Has a lovely outline with a good reach of neck and nice firm top line. Well angulated, good muscled rear standing on neat short hocks. Her head is balanced and clean, with dark expressive eyes. Shows well for handler. Sound movement, well handled and presented. RCC

Judge - Marianne Grindley

Blackpool Ch Show - July 2017

Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator have given this lovely bitch a Res CC before and still appreciate her quality and expression. She moved really well. Just not the same sparkle this time but a credit to her owner.

Judge - Sheila Hall

London Collie Club - October 2017

Growcott, Jopium Fascinator Full matured Tri colour bitch stronger type than I am used to but what a package. She appealed instantly for her beautifully shining black coat and sparkling whites and true collie silhouette, on handling I found her elegant in outline, lovely arched neck well sprung ribs great length of back flowed into her well-muscled thigh into short powerful hocks which enabled her to power round the ring. Her head on handling is stronger but in proportion to everything else about her, most velvety rounded muzzle clean stop and flat back skull she was on her toes throughout, giving the softest of tri expression she melted my heart with the dreamy expression and cheeky demeanour that I couldn’t deny her BEST BITCH and BEST IN SHOW.

Judge - Michelle Mitchell

Midland Collie Club - January 2018
Growcott’s JOPIUM FASCINATOR. Glamorous mature tri who stood alone, but well deserved her place. Nice overall body shape, in full coat which was excellently presented. Balanced tapered wedge head, which is well moulded. She has a nice eye and ear placement, giving a lovely expression. Nice length of neck, with a good front, and depth of rib. Good bone and muscle tone. Bend of stifle with strong hocks and neat feet. Good on the move.

Judge - Pauline Hornby

London Collie Club - September 2018
6 year old tricolour bitch. A little shorter in back than class winner but never the less well constructed and in proportion. Pleasing head pattern and overall shape and moved extremely well.

Derek Brown

L & P Ch Show - November 2017

Growcott's Jopium Fascinator. 5 year old tri, sweet and feminine bitch, clean wedged head, flat skull and a nice dark almond eye. Good reach of neck, another good mover

Dave Weller

LKA - December 2018

2nd Growcott's JOPIUM FASCINATOR Tricolour of nice type, beautifully presented, in good coat and condition. Pleasing head, clean with good muzzle and correct stop. Nice eye and  good  ear carriage. Good reach of neck and balanced in body. Moved well.

Brian Hawkins

Stourbridge and District - December 2018

1 Growcott's Jopium Fascinator 6 years old tri bitch, lovely head and expression with the correct shape and placement of eye, lovely ear carriage, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, correct topline and good rear angulation. Moved well. BOB

Midland Collie Club Ch Show - February 2019

2nd Growcott - Jopium Fascinator. Tri in full coat, clean wedge shaped head, dark expressive eyes and well placed ears. Moved ok

Collie Club of Wales Ch Show - April 2019

1st Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator, tri who has just turned 7 and is in beautiful coat and condition, she won this class on overall shape and movement. Super neck and outline, with good length of back and angulation. Although a bit deeper in stop than I prefer, she has a lovely eye and well-set ears which she used well. BVB and on agreement BVIB, well done.

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show - May 2019

Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator, 7 yr old tri of good colour and well presented, nice balanced head with correct stop, nice dark eye and well set ears giving a sweet expression, lovely overall shape with good angulation and a coat in full bloom, moved well. BVB BVIB RBVIS

Birmingham National - 2019

Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator. A 7 year old tri that belies her veteran status, still a natural showgirl, so alert and attentive to her handler, with good eye and ear placement, rounded muzzle and sweet expression. Outline is good with straight front, good reach of neck, angles, good length of back, bend of stifle& hocks. A beautifully presented gleaming coat with good markings completed the picture. She moves lightly and true, both front and rear. BVB

Windsor June 2019

Veteran Bitch
1st...Growcott... Jopium Fascinator...She came to enjoy herself ! And oh boy did she ! ! This tri bitch has  much improved with maturity. Looking the part in a full  jet black coat groomed to perfection, good conformation, with a nice depth of chest, and neck, with good angulations. Head is still refined, not a hint of coarseness, with the sweetest expression, and sound on the move,  can certainly take on the younger girls on this performance.

Blackpool 2019

1 Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator. A 7 yr old Tricolour that although stood alone, deserved her first placing. Good body shape in plenty of coat which was a good colour and was in good condition. Clean head properties neat ears and a pleasing expression . Moved very well. A credit to the owner.

Leeds 2019
VETERAN BITCH (2 abs: 1)
1st Mrs. Growcott, Jopium Fascinator
Nice bitch, great coat. Nice expression and eyes. Excellent topline with good depth of chest.
National Working and Pastoral Breeds July 2019

VB (1) 1 Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator. This tri could move. She flowed over the ground in harmony with her handler, well presented.

Yorkshire Collie Club Ch Show August 2019

1.  Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator Tri shown in first class condition, Good body lines, well angulated hindquarters and moved out, good bone presenting a nice overall profile, she has a moulded head with filling in foreface and good under jaw, correct stop, well placed eye giving a soft expression. Ears on top, showing constantly, deserved her best veteran in show.

Driffield Ch Show September 2019

1st: GROWCOTT Mrs J S Jopium Fascinator 
Lovely tricolour, just into veteran. I awarded her BOB at a club show a few years ago and still love her. She has a good head with dark eye and well-set ears, giving a soft but alert expression. Good reach of neck, correct body shape, good rear angulation. Presented in lovely coat and condition. Moved well. BV.
CC of Wales Open Show October 2019

7year old Tri bitch who is balanced with good length throughout, shoulder is well laid back, nice bend of stifle and good short hocks. Her skull is flat and she is clean through the cheeks and ears are on top. She scores in movement with powerful driving gait.
Crufts 2020

3 J.S.GROWCOTT, JOPIUM FASCINATOR. An 8 year tri colour whose coat was well presented shinning black enhanced with a white collar, nice head pattern, showing very well, good reach of neck and lovely conformation, moved well. completed a trio of quality veterans.

'Radley' - Lillyway Legacy

Richmond September 2021
2nd Growcotts – Lillyway Legacy Very unsettled today and wouldn’t cooperate for either handler. Very well presented and in good condition.

National September 2021
Yearling Dog (7)
1st Growcotts Lillyway Legacy - a nice tri, also in the middle of losing coat, but still has a nice outline and shape. Good depth of chest, good bone, head is balanced, nice dark sweet eye, showed well for handler and sound movement.
British Collie Club December 2021
2nd Growcott’s Lillyway Legacy. 2 years tri dog who is very well constructed with a lovely outline, depth of chest and spring of rib. Loved his head which handles so well and he has the softest of expressions, his movement was good. He lost out to 1 on size only.
Midland Collie Club Ch Show February 2022
1st – Growcott’s Lillyway Legacy - A well made tricolour dog who is masculine and has nice body proportions, his head has a lovely moulding of foreface and he has a very nice eye but, for me, his skull is too deep and strong, good reach of neck, nicely angulated although a little short and steep in upper arm, excellent spring of rib and depth of chest and moved well enough from all angles, jet black coat of good texture
British Collie Club March 2022
Post Graduate Dog
1st Growcott, Lillyway Legacy, If a dog could bring a smile to your face, this boy did. He had character . Nice tri boy with lovely head, nice fitting coat , groomed very well. Nice angulation on front and back. Could be a bit steadier on the move but used the ring

WECS Open Show April 2022
Growcott Lillyway Legacy two year old tri colour brother to winner of this class pleasing head planes dark eye, in good coat with reach of neck stood and moved well


Growcott’s Lillyway Legacy
Masculine tri colour dog, Lovely head qualities nice dark well placed eyes, neat ears – used well, good body and shape, lovely black coat in good condition, presented very well, moved with purpose.


Mrs J Growcott
Lovely tri male with dark sweet eye and neat ears on top. Clean head with lovely moulding of foreface. Nice outline on standing, moved with drive.

LKA December 2022

LILLYWAY LEGACY   Tri colour with lovely tan markings. Lovely wedge shaped head with well placed stop and dark almond shaped eyes giving the desired expression, ears right on top and used all the time. Good reach of neck with correct length of back, and fair turn of stifle. Moved very well.


Growcott’s LIllyway Legacy. Tri Colour dog 3 years old with jet black coat. Well constructed male with good bone and size. He has good eye placement, nice dark eye giving a sweet expression. He has a  well moulded fore face, correct stop with good ear carriage which he used well. Good reach of neck and length of body going onto well let down hocks. Nice to see him settled today as he can be his own worst enemy. Moved well RBD

WECS 2023
1st - Growcott's Lillyway Legacy - 3 years old tri boy, litter brother to 1st PGD with similar qualities but little smaller, nice head properties, good ear placement and he used them, flat skull and good head planes, good stop, dark almond eye giving pleasing expression, balanced body and good movement, back just a fraction shorter than his litter brother, coat of good texture and fitted the dog.


'Bliss' - Lillyway Lemonade Blush
British Collie Club Open Show - December 2017

Growcott’s – Lillyway Lemonade Blush – Another quality puppy. Very much a baby but a quality one.  Not as mature as 1 but lovely breed type nice reach of neck, well angulated for her age.  I loved her happy temperament and she moved really well. 

Judge Denise Rowan

Birmingham National Ch Show - May 2018

2nd: GROWCOTT Mrs J S Lillyway Lemonade Blush. S/W, Overall appeals for her shape, but not as confident as 1, Nice eye and expression, but a shorter head pattern, good confirmation and shown in good coat and condition.

Judge Nick Smith

Bath Ch Show - May 2018

2. Growcott - Lillyway Lemonade Blush
Nice quality puppy not as flashy as 1 but she is a lovely shape with good bone, good length of back, sweet expression, dark well placed eye and well set ears. Moved well and very well presented.

Judge Tracey Goodwin

London Collie Club Ch Show - June 2018

1. J.S. Growcott’s Lillyway Lemonade Blush. Very elegant sable. Well balanced, clean head. Lovely dark eye. Neat ears. Prefer better reach of neck. Sound coming and going. Presented in good coat & condition.

Judge Ruud Santen

West of England Collie Society Ch Show - July 2018

!st. Growcott's Lillyway Lemonade Blush. I wrote on my notes, a bit of a handful and she was. When she pulled it together, she presents a nice picture, ears, eyes and stop correct. Now and then she stood four square on good legs and feet,  moved well, with a bit more maturity she should be in with chances of tickets.

Judge Jean Catliff

Leeds Ch Show - July 2018

Class 1880 JB
1st: 6111 GROWCOTT Mrs J S Lillyway Lemonade Blush  lovely sable girl with lots to like, lovely expression well set ears which she used non stop, good neck and front  nice deep chest moved out well at one with her handler. 

National Working and Pastoral Breeds - July 2018

JB (5, 3) 1 Growcott's Lillyway Lemonade Blush. S/w, good foreface, nice eye setting, correct stop, flat skull, good ear carriage all combining to give a good expression, good reach of neck, good shoulder angulation and topline, good bend of stifle, moved well.

Brian Hull

Richmond - September 2018

1st Growcott, Lillyway Lemonade Blush. This young lady is so full of herself on the verge of throwing it all away, doesn’t like to stand still but her owner worked so hard to settle her. Not in her best attire but could not pass her lovely outline, reach of neck and correct length of back. Came into her own on the move putting all her energy into strong powerful movement. Loved her confidence

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show - May 2019

Growcott’s Lillyway Lemonade Blush, 2 yr old g/s with a very feminine balanced head, nice dark eye with correct stop and good ear carriage, nice make and shape with good angulation front and back, well presented, moved well.

Birmingham National - 2019

Growcott’s Lillyway Lemonade Blush. S/w with a very feminine balanced head, sweet eye and soft expression and full of character. Good forechest, depth of rib, bend of stifle and straight hocks. Light and true movement front and rear.

Blackpool - 2021

2 - Growcotts - Lillyway Lemonade Blush - sable in lovely coat and condition . Good head with correct stop, dark eyes and nice expression. Has good body and is well constructed. Moved well.

Collie Association Ch Show September 2021

1. Growcott Lillyway Lemonade Blush
Another lovely sable who I cannot recall seeing before.   Of a lovely make and shape and balanced all over.   Head is refined, nicely filled in foreface, two dark eyes, neat ears, all giving her the sweetest of expressions.   Nice neck, shoulders and a good front, nicely angulated at the rear with ample bone.   Neat feet which enabled her to move with purpose and drive.   Beautifully groomed.   Very attentive to her handler, was pleased to award her the RCC.   I wish her well for the future.
1st Growcott’s Lillyway Lemonade Blush. 4 years sable bitch who makes a lovely picture standing, very well balanced, good angulation and nice length all through. Her head is clean with flat skull and good chin and her well placed eyes and ears combine to give a delightful expression, she moved with a steady positive stride. RBB


'Sassy' - Lillyway Lemon Breeze
British Collie Club December 2021
1st Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Breeze. 6months tri, very precocious young lady but also very bewitching. Balanced outline with beautiful black coat which was well presented. She has a good shoulder and turn of stifle, and tail length is correct. Her head is lovely, clean through with flat skull and no flaring. Her ears are bang on top and she uses them, her eyes are well set, a good size and shape and very cheeky. She did her own thing going down the mat but did enough to show she is sound even if she can’t walk in a straight line. BPIS
LKA December 2021
Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Breeze. Another quality puppy. Good head pattern with dark well placed eyes and correct ear placement. Very feminine in outlook. Correct fore and aft. Easy mover.
Crufts March 2022
2 nd : Growcott’s LILLYWAY LEMON BREEZE. Jet black tri of a shorter style, but really well presented and well balanced in head. Her lovely dark eye and alert ears gave her a sweet expression. She was correctly angulated fore and aft, just needed a little more length in back and a bit of weight off to enhance her elegance. She moved soundly.
British Collie Club Ch Show March 2022
Lillyway Lemon Breeze, well made Tri built along stronger lines, more workman like. Good head pattern but not so sweet in eye/expression. Moved well & was confident on the floor.
WECS Open Show April 2022
Growcott Lillyway Lemon Breeze  10 month old tri colour with soft moulded muzzle dark eye sweet expression in good coat moved well and showed for her owner

WELKS April 2022

1st Mrs J Growcott Lillyway Lemon Breeze - Lovely tri girl with nice black coat with rich tan markings, super shape head handles well good s/bite, nice round muzzle correct stop sweet almond shaped eyes, good skull and occiput, nice reach of neck into well angulated shoulder,s nice straight front with tight feet, good body length, nice bend of stifle, well toned thighs, nice short hocks, she can move round the ring with good reach and drive at the back keeping her topline level, what a show girl BPB BPIB RBB



JUNIOR 1. Growcott – LILLYWAY LEMON BREEZE, well made tricolour who appealed for her size, shape and quality. Good head and eye. Lovely well placed ears. Good shoulders and front angulation. Lovely body and kept her topline whilst moving freely. Lovely bone and good feet. One I hope will continue to do well in the future as I certainly had her in mind in the challenge.


Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Breeze. Another well presented bitch but this time a tri colour and did she shine.  Very much liked her overall balance with that little bit extra length to her back, good turn of stifle. Pleasing head with correct eye placement and good ear carriage all together giving a very pleasing expression. She was very close behind on the move but looked good in profile.


1st Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Breeze, 13-month tri with a clean head, flat skull with a well-placed stop and good underjaw. Lovely dark eye, set well and balanced with well-set ears. Lovely outline with nice neck, good depth of chest and length of back. Well angulated with super rear angulation, which allowed her to move well with drive.


Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Breeze
Lovely quality tri colour, who makes the most of herself in the ring. Excellent head qualities, lovely dark eye, neat ears – used well. Well constructed, lovely outline when standing moved well.


Mrs J Growcott
Tri colour with lovely dark eye and balanced head, nice ear placement Nice outline when standing, moved ok.


1st: 2364 GROWCOTT, Mrs J S Lillyway Lemon Breeze        First and second very close up in this class. This one won as it’s so difficult to get a soft expression on a tri. Beautiful head with good stop lovely eye and just the right amount of stop. Good reach of neck into a well laid back shoulder, ribs well sprung and good bend of stifle, movement was good , well presented


Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Breeze - Very well put together tri she has correct head properties a good reach of neck and level top line, moved well.


Growcott LILYWAY LEMON BREEZE tric pleasing side profile, slightly pinched muzzle, good skull, dark eyes with good expression, excellent ears, very good outline with fitted coat of deep black, well angulated.


Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Breeze Tri Colour bitch jet black coat which is well fitted, she has a melting expression, well balanced head with well set ears which she used none stop. Good muscular neck of great length, topline firm with a slight rise over the loin. Well sprung ribs and well bent stifles. Shown and handled beautifully and moved well. RBB Well done.


2nd - Growcott's Lillyway Lemon Breeze - 22 months tri girl, smaller than (1) but of very nice quality, gleaming black coat with rich tan, good texture and fitted her outline perfectly, well constructed front, good angulations, nice reach of neck and well held topline, good bone, well let down hock, tail set good, moved well, nice feminine bitch who presented good overall picture.


Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Breeze, 21 months years old Tri-Colour, has a good head, almond shaped dark eyes, correct dentition, well placed ears used well, good reach of neck leading to nice shoulders, nice angulation, correct tail carriage, lovely top - line, was well coated, moved well and excellently presented


Growcott's LILLYWAY LEMON BREEZE – 20 month old Tri bitch of good quality. She is well constructed and has a good topline, bone and substance. She was shown in good condition and moved well


'Lottie' - Nithview Country Dreams at Lillyway
Birmingham National May 2018
2nd: GROWCOTT Mrs J S Nithview Country Dreams At Lillyway  A very nice S/w of good type and a lovely colour. Her head handled well. But what I really liked was her overall balance and body shape of good lines from her neck to her tail. She also moved well. 

Judge Nick Smith

British Collie Club Open Show - June 2018
2nd Growcott’s Nithview Country Dreams At Lilyway. Better for size than 1st being slightly smaller all through. Good to go over on the stack. Typical head, eye and scissor bite. Moved well from side gait, just a bit close going away. Thick, double coat.

Judge Darren Clarke

Midland Counties - October 2018

Growcott's Nithview Country Dreams At Lillyway. A nice head and expression on this sable/white bitch. Good size, well ribbed, just about enough neck, not quite the width in thigh of the winner and she was tending to lean away from her handler when moving. She was in lovely coat and she makes the most of her virtues on the stack

A Wight



Lillyway Lemon Popsicle

Midland Counties - October 2018

Growcott's Lillyway Lemon Popsicle. This 7 months s/w is very much the baby. I think her skull and eyes are lovely, she has a fair reach of neck, ribs not oversprung and once settled her profile action was  even and balanced Just needs to settle in front. 

A Wight

British Collie Club - December 2018
1 Growcott's Lillyway Lemon Popsicle. Very pretty sable and full of promise, in lovely coat, pretty head, sweet expression, just needs time.

Christine Gillingham

LKA - December 2018

2nd Growcotts LILLYWAY LEMON POPSICLE Another sable/white who looks to be enjoying her outing. Good head properties, with no sign of coarseness. Well placed stop and pleasing eye and expression. Balanced overall and moved and presented well.

Brian Hawkins

Stourbridge and District - December 2018

1 Growcott's Lillyway Lemon Popsicle 8 months old sable bitch with nice clean head, lovely eye and ear carriage giving a sweet expression. Good shoulders leading into correct topline and rear. Moved ok. BP & PPG4.

Mark Williams

Yorkshire Collie Club - May 2019

2. Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Popsicle, 14 mth old g/s very feminine bitch with a sweet eye and expression, nice make and shape and in good coat and condition, a bit unsettled for her handler today, moved well, preferred make and shape of 1.

Three Counties - June 2019

Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Popsicle 14 month old sable. Good head to handle clean lines and correct eye shape. Good length of neck into moderate front build that matches her quarters to give her balance and the ability to move easily with a good stride. She is better in her front action than 2nd place today. Shown in full bloom covering a taut body.

CC Wales Open 2019

18month old sable with nice outline and good bone. She has a good head with no flaring and a flat skull, underjaw is good but eye a tad full. She uses her ears when asked and moves well.



Lillyway Loobylou
Collie Club of Wales - Championship Show - April 2015
1st Minor Puppy Bitch
- 8 months tri, very appealing overall, sweet expression, ears a little wide & heavy, very good outline with neck, shoulder & angulation, good forechest & in excellent coat. Moved very well.

Judge - Mrs V Geddes (Ingledene)

WELKS - Championship Show - April 2015

2nd Puppy Bitch - 2 Growcott’s Lillyway Loobylou, another nice bitch of lovely quality in profuse coat. Very feminine in head with lovely expression. Good angulation all through with correct body proportions. Moved well with good reach & drive & immaculately presented in excellent coat.

Judge - Mrs Cath Moffat

British Collie Club - Open Show - June 2015

2nd Puppy Bitch - 2nd Growcotts Lillyways Loobylou. Another pretty tri bitch, sweet head, lovely eye, good stop, well used ears, would prefer them a little tighter, nice length of neck, good angulation both front and rear, nice in body, covered in a beautiful jet black coat which was well presented. Moved with ease.

Judge - Marianne Benton
Windsor Championship Show - July 2015

2. Growcott – LILLYWAY LOOBYLOU, tricolour who probably would have taken the class if she had not been upset on entering the ring. Her owner took time to re-assure her and eventually she responded to show off a good expression. Nice foreface and ear placement. Not as positive on the move today but I forgave her this under the circumstances

Judge - Carole Smedley

Collie Club of Wales Open Show - October 2015

Lillyway Loobylou youngter of 15 months, nicely made bitch who although a little reticent today shows promise for the future.

Judge - Nigel Price

Bath Championship Show - June 2016

Growcott’s Lillyway Loobylou, tri in good coat & condition. Nice head carriage, good dentition. Stood foursquare & moved well

Judge - Vic Salt

Windsor Championship Show - June 2016

2nd Yearling Bitch - Growcott’s Lillyway Loobyloo, tri that appealed because of its balanced shape & in good black coat & condition. Clean balanced head with a sweet expression. Moved well & was well handled & presented; 

Judge - Alan Staniland



Teisha - Triburle Tissues and Issues at Lillyway
Collie Club of Wales - Open Show - October 2013 - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch/BPB

Very pretty sable of just 7 mths. Well moulded head, good dark eye,good ear set which were used well. Liked her overall body shape, nice angulation front and rear. Unsettled on move to start off with but she calmed down her movement was positive. Nice baby.

Judge Mrs M Benton

London and Provincial November 2013 - 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch

Growcott’s Triburle Tissues And Issues At Lillyway, 8 Month old promising sable/white standing presents a nice picture, lovely reach of neck, good body shape, pretty head, sweet eye and expression, moved correctly.

Judge Mrs D Iley

London Collie Club November 2013 - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch

7 months sable. Nicely proportioned throughout. Head progressing nicely for age. Straight front, nice length of neck & good shoulders. Ribcage well developed for age. BPB. More mature & steadier on the move than 2 .

Judge Mick Taylor

Midland Collie Club Championship Show - February 2014 - 2nd Puppy Bitch

Sweet headed bitch, well filled muzzle, neat ears, good neck, would like a smaller eye.

Judge Duna Jones

Lichfield - January 2014 - 1st Puppy Bitch/Best Puppy in Breed/PG4

Growcott’s Triburle Tissues And Issues at Lillyway, good head with a nice eye & ear carriage. Stands & shows well. Was in good coat & was well groomed. Moved very well for one so young. A lovely puppy.

Judge Bill Rogerson

Darlington - September 2015 - 1st Post Graduate Bitch

Growcott’s Triburle Tissues And Issues at Lillyway, well balanced 2 years s/w. Very feminine with lovely balanced head, just enough stop, good eye & expression. Well placed & used ears. Straight front, nice arch to neck, good shoulders & rib. Liked her topline & croup. In good muscular condition, strong hocks, moved well. Coat just needs to finish to complete the picture;

Judge Mick Taylor

London Collie Club Open 2015

1st Growcott , Triburle Tissues and Issues at Lillyway , S/W very femine , head having clean lines from both side & on top ,stop in correct place , eye dark almond in shape giving that desired melting expression , using her ears well & attentive to her handler , reach of neck well arched onto well angulated shoulders , good length of back , hind quarters well bent stifle with short hocks moved positive , lovely profile.

Judge Tina May

Collie Club of Wales Open October 2015

Triburle Tissues And Issues At Lillyway lovely expressive bitch of 2 ½ years, eager showgirl who appeared to enjoy her day, though not too fond of the judges handling today

Judge Nigel Price
Manchester Championship Show January 2016

1st Post Graduate Bitch - Growcott’s Triburle Tissues And Issues at Lillyway - This young lady appealed as soon as she entered the ring and she did not disappoint on the move.  Attractive sable bitch with correctly placed eye, good underjaw, clean stop and well placed ears completed the picture.   Her shoulders and rear angulation were very good and she moved with ease. This was a large class with some lovely bitches but she was the best mover in the class today.

Judge Margaret Shipp


Chantique Simply Smashing 1CC
WECS Open Show April 2009 - Judge Wendy Hills - 1st Special Yearling Dog - This shaded S/W caught my eye on entering the ring but gave his poor handler a hard time. Eventually got his act together enough to win this class. Dreamy expression coming from correct stop, eye and ear placement. Good length of neck, lay back of shoulder, firm back. Maybe a little more bend of stifle would finish the picture but this didn’t show in his movement. A dog I could happily take home.
Crufts 2010 - Judge Anne Hollywood 1st Mid Limit Dog - Growcott’s Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth. A very attractive red sable of lovely type. Well placed stop, gentle eye and expression. His foreface is rounded although just a little more substance would enhance and balance to back skull. Enough bone and neck, and on the move he is sound. Always a showman who never lets his handler down and well presented.

May 2010 - Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales - Judge Mrs E Kitchen .......and smashing he is, when he hasn't got girls on the brain! I sympathise with his handler as he is such a lovely dog in all departments, of good size and well balanced all over, lovely head to handle, with an appealing expression, and is sound on the move. Beautifully presented coat of good texture....

May 2010 - Bath Championship Show - Judge Mrs S Withers - Had other things on mind today, lovely one piece head with moulded foreface, correct stop, dark almond shaped eye, well set ears, flat backskull, lovely reach of neck, good shoulders, completely balanced, well presented, moved well.

June 2010 - London Collie Championship Show - Judge Mrs C Waterhouse - 'Elegant deep red sable, who steadily shows off his virtues without making any fuss at all. I find him very pleasing to watch. Enough neck, good front and good length to height ratios. Moves steadily covering the ground well. Nice head type, good stop, dark eye and neat ears. I would like a little more filling in foreface to balance his back skull'.

October 2010 - EACA Open Show - Judge Joy Walker - Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth and simply smashing he is. S/W of different type to 1, but should have a bright future in front of him. Instantly appealed due to his soft expression. Has balanced head of good length, flat skull and neat ears which he knows how to use. Good lay back of shoulder and depth of chest, firm topline, good bend of stifles and well sprung ribcage. Good tail carriage standing and moving. Coat presented in excellent condition,. Handled well and moved out with effortless stride.RBD & RBOB
January 2011 - London Collie Club Open Show - Judge Mrs S Blackmore - 3 yrs old s/s who needs to be gone over to be appreciated. His head is balanced, correctly placed stop, dark well placed eye, ample moulding of forecace and reach of neck. Neat ears, good length of back, correct turn of stifle, short hocks enabling him to move well. Although not in full coat, what he had was very clean and immaculately presented. BD and BOB.
Crufts 2011 - Judge Mrs D Parry - 2nd Limit Dog - Lovely s/w, full coat, beautifully presented and shown. Lovely shape and size. Nice head, dark eyes, well placed and used ears, good reach of neck, level topline and length of tail. Well muscled, neat hocks and feet, moved well. Two beautiful Collies who I am sure will change places many times!
Collie Club of Wales Championship Show - 1st Limit Dog - Judge Brenda Cooney- Ruston and Growcott's Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth, well grown sable, neat well placed ears and eyes giving masculine expression, ample reach of neck & level topline, well bent stifle, moved out well, well presented.
September 2011 - Darlington Championship Show - Judge Mr T Jane - Super class 1st: RUSTON, & GROWCOTT's Chantique Simply Smashing With Rusforth s/w I don't think I have seen this lovely dog before. Love his size and balance well moulded fore face correct stop sweet eye with this ears bang on top in good coat which was well presented, moved well C.C. lost BoB as he gave up when moved.
February 2012 - Midland Collie Championship Show - Judge Mr Dave Weller - OD 1st - 5 year old sable & white and another with the expression I was looking for and I note has the same breeding lines as the majority of my winners - a credit to these kennels. Lovely head pattern, clean wedge and a good arched neck. Good front and rear angulation, in good coat and moved soundly.
June 2012 - London Collie Club Championship Show - Judge Mrs P Skyrme - OD - 1 Ruston & Growcott’s Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth, well presented shade/s. Liked his exquisite sweet expression from nice head pattern. Dark well placed eye & good ear carriage
May 2013 - Collie Association Open Show - Judge Mrs J James - OD (5) 1 Growcott’s Chantique Simply Smashing with Rushforth, s/w, in good well presented coat, well moulded foreface, nice eyes & expression, well placed ears, good neck & body shape, moved well.
May 2013 - Birmingham National Ch.Show - Judge Ms J Hodges OD (8,1) 2 Growcott's Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth, upstanding masculine s/w, richly coloured coat which was well presented, clean head with correct stop, dark eyes giving kind expression, showed his ears well, excellent reach of neck, good depth of body, level topline. Would prefer stronger bone. Moved steadily.

May 2014 - Bath Ch Show - Judge Mrs J Underdown
2nd Growcott Mrs JS – Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth
Another ’young’ veteran – sable and white, good overall shaped and balance, well angulated.  Good clean head, preferred eye and expression of 1. Neat ears on top, moved well.

June 2014 - Smooth Collie Club of GB Open Show - Judge Mrs M Jones - Veteran Dog - Chantique Simply Smashing at Rusforth.  7 years old  richly coloured sable dog.  Nice moulded foreface, good stop, well placed ears.  Well off for bone, good body length and bend of stifle.  Moved well. 
June 2014 - British Collie Club Open Show - 2nd veteran dog - Judge Mrs C Tipper
Dark shaded sable and white.  7 year old Male who stood and showed well.  He moved out well on strong legs and has a great overall shape.  Cant believe either of these 1st two were veterans as looked so good. Preferred the reach of neck on the bitch.
November 2014 - Collie Association Championship Show - 1st veteran dog - Judge Mrs T Goodwin
Growcott's Chantique Simply Smashing With Rusforth s/w with lovely expression,correct shape and placed eye, well placed ears which he used well, well presented.

December 2014 - LKA Championship Show - 1st veteran dog - Judge Ms Gee McEntee
1st Growcott Mrs J S Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth 7 year old Dark shaded sable with nice head pattern, he stood and showed well. He has a nice overall shape and moves out well shame there was only one in his class.

February 2015 - Midland Collie Club Open Show - 2nd Veteran D/B - Judge - Mrs H Walder
7 y/o shaded sable dog in super condition. He has that lovely mix of a masculine yet sweet expression. Pleasing head pattern, moved out well.

June 2015 - London Collie Club Championship Show - 1st Veteran Dog - BVD - Judge Mrs A Hollywood
 A red gold sable of lovely type. He has a refined head with clean well placed stop, nice eye and well rounded foreface. I liked his shape and he moved well and shown in great condition.

July 2015 - Midland Collie Club Open Show - 2nd Veteran Dog/Bitch - Judge Mr J McCarte
2. Growcott’s, Chantique Simply Smashing With Rushforth – 8 year old s/w dog.  Pleasing head and in good coat and condition.  Moved well. 

Champion Bluchip Skymaiden 3 CC's
"Growcott’s Bluchip Skymaiden with Rusforth, feminine, full of type & quality, striking outline & balance, dark eye & sweet expression, small well set & used ears, adequate neck, good chest, ribs & loins, nicely coated, had a look of freshness & dignity, gave a calm positive performance, moving with ease & excellent carriage, co-operated perfectly with her handler at all times. CC" - Mr Ellis Hulme
Her first veteran class and first time out at a show for 3 years..........
West of England Championship Show - July 2012 - Judge Mrs J Margetts - Ruston & Growcott Ch Bluchip Sky Maiden with Rusforth - 7yr tri bitch stands and shows her heart out.. head handles well, good stop and ear carriage, lovely body shape in good condition moved out well. Very attentive to her handler.

Mrs Julie Growcott

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