'Maple' - (Sable/White Bitch) will be going to live with Mae and Joan (Nithview)
'Walter' - (Sable/White Dog) to live with Lianne Mellor
'Gatsby' - (Sable/White Dog) to live with Susan Fielding
'Ollie' - (Tri dog) - will be going to live with Suzanne Hogg
and finally Tri Bitch who I have named 'Sassy' as it suits her personality, is staying here with me.

Two sable/white males, one sable/white female, one tri male, one tri female

Below at 6.5 weeks

below 6 weeks


Our normal morning exercise - they are very fit, and being in a pack also very vocal.
Get two of them on their own and they don't say a word.

Below Lottie (middle) with her boys aged 9 months
(Left tri colour Radley and far right Ned)

Lottie with her two boys, a tri colour and a sable, and just like her mum Lexi and her grandmother Tula,
Lottie is a fantastic mum.

The boys at almost five weeks

Below - the boys at almost 7 weeks
Lillyway Landwind - 'Ned'
is loved and adored by Linda Gautrey, who lives very local and we keep in touch with regular play dates.

Lillyway Legacy - 'Radley'
I never planned to keep a male puppy, but after losing Tedward so suddenly,
Radley, who is Tula's GGGrandson, will be staying here with us.

He is already turning into a naughty tri, who has found his voice and will clearly fit in well with the girls.

The boys at 8 weeks in Ned's new home.



Anya, a singleton puppy, born April 2019
Champion Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell x Triburle Tissues and Issues at Lillyway

Above aged 10 weeks
Anya above aged 6 weeks and below 5 weeks with her mum


28th May 2017
Three sable/white bitches and two tri colour males

Sire: Champion Jopium Stole my Heart at Lingwell - Dam: Lillyway Loobylou

The girls - Lillyway Lemonade Blush, Lillyway Love Story and Lillyway Liberty Belle
The boys - Lillyway Lattimer and Lillyway Langford

6.5 weeks

7 weeks



July 2014

'Tula' - Jopium Fascinator (1CC, 2RCC), my beautiful little girl, has grown up and has been mated to Champion Jopium Cool Touch

Photos at two days old

26 days

Four and a half weeks

Their first adventure outside at 5 1/2 weeks

7 weeks old enjoying the sunshine on the last weekend they will all be together


Toby at approx 12 weeks, when I took back from the original owners. Toby was re homed and re named Logan.
Unfortunately Logan, after being used at stud to a Red Border Collie, has since been moved on to another home.

Despite a contract in place, I have been unable to keep any contact as the new owners are denying they have him and I have been consistently lied to about his whereabouts.

Here is Teddy at six months

Mrs Julie Growcott