Looby's Litter 2017
Ch Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell x Lillyway Loobylou
Tula's Litter 2013
Ch Jopium Cool Touch JW ShCm x Jopium Fascinator



Lillyway Lemon and Lime
DM Clear
Ollie February 2023
Very lightly shown, 2nd Crufts yearling dog 2023



Above left Gatsby at 5 months and right at 6 months - Crufts qualified at his first show


Above, Ollie at 12 weeks, looking very much like his dad Theon at the same age, Ollie is also DM clear.

and below with his sister Sassy

Above Ollie at 7 months


Below Gatsby off to the vets for his first vaccination, he also likes helping in the garden.



Handsome Ollie, who lives with Suzanne Hogg, seen here with her daughter Emily the day they collected him

Lianne with Walter

and Walter at 8 months



Lillyway Landwind - 'Ned'
Samhaven Name That Tune at Breckamore x Nithview Country Dreams at Lillyway

Owned, loved (and spoilt) by Lynda Gautrey
Photo 3.5 months taken while Ned was back with me for his holidays

Ned Below aged 9 months

Ned April 2021 aged 16 months


Delighted with this litter and would like to wish their new owners many many years of happiness with them.

Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview - 'Theon'

Photo at 8 weeks
The handsome 'Theon' will be going to live with friends Hazel Brown and Ryan Jopson (son of Joan Jopson, and nephew to Mae Melvin - Nithview Rough Collies) in Scotland
If he fulfils early promise he will hopefully be in the show ring in 2018

above 8 weeks
and above here at 11 weeks
Theon October 2017 - almost five months
Above - The handsome Theon, just a few days short of six months and below April 2020




Lillyway Liberty Belle - 'Jazz'
Photo above at 7 weeks
This young lady will be living with Julie Robinson and her family, and will have a Westie as her new friend.
Julie hopes to show Jazz and I am looking forward to seeing her in the ring in the future.

Jazz above at 12 weeks
Our lovely Jazz - November 2017 - a few days short of six months of age
Above - Jazz at 9 months


Lillyway Langford - 'Dudl'
The lovely 'Dudl' - photo taken at 7 weeks
This gorgeous little man will be going to live with Kim and John Mills in Wisbech
Below at 8 weeks


Lillyway Love Story - 'Jenny May'

Photo above at 7 weeks

The lovely 'Jenny Mae' will be joining Amanda Allan and her family, with their Rough Collie 'Evie'
and above at 4.5 months
Above at six months
Above December 2018 aged 18 months
Below now 8 months with her new family and friend Evie



Lillyway Lovin'you at Nithview - 'Lexi'
Ch Jopium Cool Touch JW ShCm x Jopium Fascinator
Lexi lives with Joan Jopson and Mae Melvin (Nithview)
left at 7 weeks and right at 6.5 months, known as 'sexy Lexi' and 'wild child'
March 2015 - at eight months old, 'Sexy Lexi' was Best Puppy in Show at Ayrshire Collie Club Open Show
Thank you to Emma Brooker - Corisian Collies for the photos

Lexi does it again - April 2015 - Best Puppy in Show at Scottish Collie Club Open Show

The lovely 'sexy' Lexi as she is known, was Ayrshire Collie and Scottish Collie Puppy of the Year 2015.

Photo above April 2017 - Lexi just coming back into full bloom after having a litter of puppies

and Lexi's litter brother Lillyway Love Bug - shown here at 7 weeks
Logan with Loobylou aged 12 weeks
Below - Logan - Photos taken at Crufts March 2016

Unfortunately, I lost contact with Logan's owner, after I was told, and had proof, that she gave him away.
Logan was sold with a contract to say he must be returned to me if he could not be kept. for whatever reason, no questions asked. But Ms R consistently denied this and said he was still living with her.
He was used at stud with a red Border Collie to produce a litter of cross breeds, and Ms R tried to pass them off as pure Rough Collies on social media,
boasting Logan was now a provden stud. She has since also told someone she owned the Border Collie herself.
I spoke with the owner of the Border Collie after seeing the advert for the puppies and she confirmed that Mrs R
had told her he did not live with her, but she was able to use him as and when.
I was heartbroken to lose contact and even spoke with the new owners who initially confirmed they owned a tri colour Rough Collie, named Logan, who even had the same markings. But once they knew who I was they denied it was the same dog.
On their facebook page there was a photo of their dog 'Logan' lying on a personalised blanket I had sent the Logan I bred, for his first birthday.

Update April 2020
Logan was given back to Mrs R, and as she didn't want him, she made enquiries to try and get him rehomed with Collie Rescue.
She did not make it clear she had not bred him herself as he was still under contract to be returned to me.
Unfortunately Rescue were unable to help as it was right in the middle of lockdown, and she told Rescue he had bitten his previous owner.
She also mentioned he had been provoked as the owner was drunk and had abused him, which had apparently been going on for some time.

A gentleman who had lost his own Rough Collie contacted Collie rescue looking for a dog. They didn't have anything suitable, but put him in contact with Mrs R. Although she was not willing to transport himself and said he may be put to sleep. This gentleman was unable to drive at the time as he had surrendered his driving licence.
By chance he called another breeder in his area looking for a young adult, and he mentioned Logan, said he had been interested in having the dog, but could not get him due to transport problems. By chance, this breeder recognised the dog put two and two together and contacted me.
It was not an easy operation during the COVID-19 guidelines, but we found a courier, and transported him 3 hours away where he is settled and very much loved.

September 2020
Just when you think Logan is settled Mrs R comes out of the woodwork believing she can use him at stud
and actually had the nerve to offer him at stud to someone saying he was living with a friend, so she could get a puppy back.
This is the woman who didn't want him, and was prepared to have him euthanised.
Just to put the record straight, Logan has a lovely temperament, he goes to the groomers regularly and smothers the girls with kisses.
Clearly you wouldn't want to use a dog that had a dodgy temperament anyway, would you J***?

Everything above can be proved and is fact, and having spoken with the KC and Solicitors, I can 100% confirm
that Logan does not belong to Ms R, and she has no right to use him, irrespective of the Registration documents which she miracously found,
having preivously been mislaid.



LIllyway Loganberry - 'Costa'
Ch Jopium Cool Touch JW ShCm x Jopium Fascinator

Photo taken at 7 weeks
Photo at 8 months ©Jackie Medler
Costa at 9 months
And a couple of fun photos with his sister, Loobylou
Costa at 11 months


And here is Lillyway Lapis Lazuli..........'Teddy'
the only blue merle in the litter shown here at 6 months
Teddy above left aged two - he is a very much loved family pet who adores the children and right aged 6

................and last but not least, the lovely Lola (Lillyway Love Heart) - Photos taken with I met up with her in April 2017



Mrs Julie Growcott

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