Thank you to all the exhibitors for such a lovely entry, on the whole quality was good and I was spoilt for choice, particularly in the higher classes. Naturally at this time of year many coats were starting to blow, so in some cases presentation could have been better, however my winners were all presented in good order.
MPD (3:1)
1ST LOCKYERS PERFECT TIMING DU CLOS DE SEA-WIND FOR GATAJ ;  6 months s/w, upstanding flashy puppy with a super reach of neck, has a good head pattern, with a nice eye, although I found him a tad deep through. Well angulated at the rear, good bone and tight feet. Moved soundly for one so young. Well presented BPD.
2ND MASSON’S SAMHAVEN GOLDEN STORM ; 7 Months s/w, another nice pup who is just a little more gangly at this stage, so didn’t present the same balance as the winner. Has a nice shaped eye and well placed ears, reachy neck and decent length of back, also well presented .

PD (2;0)
1ST WRAY-RAMSDEM’S TAKHISIS MAGIC OF DREAMS ; 12 month flash tri, very mature in body but still very much a baby, nicely moulded foreface, eyes are well set and almond shaped. Has a good length of back, with good turn of stifle. A steady mover, all beit a bit naughty with his tail. Coat starting to blow but what he had was clean and well presented
JUN D (4:1)
1ST MCCAN’S OAKLAND BLUE STYLE DU CLOS DE SEAWIND AT ZOLKHAM ; 18 month b/m of lovely silver colour which was well marked. Lovely head pattern, correct stop, sweet dark eye, topped with neat ears, altogether giving a kind inquisitive expression. Strong arched neck, leading to well laid back shoulders, good length of back. To be critical would prefer a little more spring of rib. He moved sound and true from all angles and was seriously considered for the res cc, but in the challenge he just couldn’t match the maturity of the res cc winner, another year on his back and I’m sure he will trouble the best.
GRAD D (3:1)
1st SHIPP’S NO MORE HERO’S DU CLOS DE SEA-WIND JW ; 22 months s/w, quality dog, lovely shape who is all in proportion. Balanced head with good underjaw, well set eye and neat ears which he used well, altogether giving him an intelligent  expression. Moderate bone, well angulated and in hard muscular condition. Moved well and was beautifully presented. To be critical I would prefer slightly more forechest, but at only 22 months has the time for his body to mature.
2nd BOLTS NUTSLADE KISS THE STARS ; 2 yr s/w in good coat, slightly smaller than winner and with finer bone. Shorter in foreface, nice eye but slightly flared in skull. Good length of back, move ok.
MCENTEE’S GERIAN SUNDAZZLE ; 2 yr s/w in good harsh coat, although it was starting to blow, was well groomed. Lovely head pattern, clean stop, sweet dark eye and neat ears, to be critical would prefer a touch more neck, but he has a good forechest and decent length of back. Moved steadily but I feel could move with more drive if moved at a slightly faster pace.
LIMIT (4:1) Most difficult class as I liked all 3 males and all possess similar qualities.
1st HUMPHREY’S SHASAM SIGN OF THE TIMES JW ; 3yr s/w, has a lovely outline with well arched neck. Clean head, correctly place stop, well shaped eyes giving a kind expression. With good bone,  well bent stifles, and  presented in hard muscular condition. Final decision, I just prefered his length of back and in the final run off was more positive in front movement.
CONGDON’S MONSOLANA BOUNTY TASTE FOR AARONWELL (IMP) ; 5 yr tri, very flashy, in lovely coat which was well groomed. Shorter in head and body but all in proportion and with good bone. Has a clean head with well shaped eye, giving a handsome expression. Good forechest, although would prefer a touch more neck. Lovely mover in profile with good drive.
1ST CONGDON’S JUGBAND BLUES DU CLOS DE SEA-WIND VIA AARONWELL ; 5 yr b/m who is in his prime, has the look of power and strength, the ability to work all day, yet without any trace of coarseness. He fills my  eye for balance and masculinity. Lovely head with super moulding to foreface, eyes are almond in shape and well set, not the greatest showman but ears are neat and when used has the most soft, handsome expression. Strong arched neck, well laid back shoulders, excels in forechest and spring of rib, strong hocks and well off for bone. Moved with drive. Coat is a good colour, harsh in texture,  and was well presented. Could not be denied the CC in good company and eventually BOB. Well done
2nd HOLLYWOODS AMALIE LYNMEAD SAY IT AGAIN; 4 yr s/w, another well constructed male, not as much substance as winner but still masculine throughout and all in proportion. Clean head with no flaring or coarseness, would prefer a touch more moulding to foreface, lovely sweet eyes which are set obliquely, neat ears which he used well, all combined to give a lovely expression. Good length to height ratio, well bent stifles, moved steadily without any exaggeration, his richly coloured coat was well presented . res cc

MPB (2:0)
1ST MARGETTS LYNMEAD LEMONADE FOR COLLINGVALE; 8 month b/m, feminine puppy, with good proportions, nice dark eye which is obliquely set, clean stop, has a good front, well angulated and in well muscled she moved soundly. Her colour needs to clear but she was well presented .
2nd STEVEN’S CAMBROGAN BLOWIN A HOOLIE; 8 month s/w, larger puppy than winner but again all in proportion. Has a good depth of body and keeps a level topline both standing and on the move. Slightly longer in foreface  but a decent underjaw,  would prefer a more almond shaped eye. However she has neat ears and great showmanship. Was in good coat for age which was well groomed. Covered the ground with ease, just needs to tighten in front movement.
PB (6:4)
1ST TIPPERS TWINKLING STAR  - 10 month b/m of lovely colour, feminine throughout and all in proportion, nice head pattern, well placed eye, when she shows her ears  all combined together gives a kind expression.  Good reach of neck, well angulated front and rear, in profile  has a smooth easy gait. Well presented as always from this kennel BP
2ND BAKER’S TIGANLEA TWINKLING SKY ; 10 month tri, litter sister to winner,, also very feminine, nice dark eye but was reluctant to use her ears. Nice reach of neck, good bend of stifle. Just needs a little more confidence on the move. Jet black coat which was clean and well presented .

JUN B ( 9:0)
1ST LLEWELLYN’S SLASINA SHARE THE LOVE ; 14 month s/w, pretty feminine bitch in lovely condition, has a lovely head pattern, sweet well placed eye and neat ears. Correct forechest, good reach of neck, balanced throughout with good angulation. With firm muscle tone she moved with drive. Well presented.
2nd COLLIN’S SALSINA SHARE THE PASSION WITH TRIBURLE ; litter sister to winner and same remarks apply. Lovely pretty bitch who has blown her coat, which I would rather see it stripped out than it feel all clumpy,  nothing to hide as she has a lovely shape, and she was beautifully clean. Second in a lovely class, will be interesting to see how 1st and 2nd matures.
GRAD B (7:1)
1ST WALDERS HANVALE POLLY SHELBY; 19 month s/w balanced head, lovely sweet eye giving a pretty expression, topped with neat ears. Love her outline, reachy neck, good length of back holding a level topline, well angulated front and rear. Well muscled thighs, moved out with style. Well presented.
2nd LOCKYERS BELDONES COCO MADEMOISELLE AT GATAJ;  2 yr s/w, another nice bitch, slightly shorter throughout than winner but all in proportion. Well moulded foreface, correct stop, eyes are almond shaped and well set. Good depth of body and well bent stifles. Presented in hard muscular condition , moved well and was well groomed.
PGRAD B (6:1)
1ST SHIPP’S GILLYFLOWER DELLA BUCA DELLE FATE ; 2 ½ yr s/w, quality bitch who was beautifully presented. Balanced head, sweet dark eye which was well set, Excellent ear carriage which she showed non stop.  When viewed in profile has a lovely outline, correct forechest, well arched neck, correct length to height ratio and well angulated front and rear. Just flowed round the ring, seriously considered for top honours
2ND FOY/HAWKINS BELDONES LOOKS LIKE FUN; 2 ½ s/w, another lovely bitch who is all in proportion.  Nice head pattern with sweet dark eye and clean stop, lovely expression when she shows her ears. Well constructed, she has elegance and with good bone. Moved well, close decision between 1 and 2 . Well presented .

LIMIT B (9:1)
1ST BOYLES ARKLETHILL HELENA ; 3yr s/w, headed a lovely class of bitches, has the flowing elegant outline I was looking for, huge white collar enhances her super reach of neck, well laid back shoulders, good length of back and level topline. Good bend of stifle and well let down hocks she covered the ground effortlessly. Clean head piece with dark well set eyes, giving a soft intelligent expression, neat ears which she used none stop, never took her eyes off her handler. Her fitted jacket and petticoats enhanced her shape and was beautifully presented. CC – Well done .
2ND LOCKYERS TAKHISIS HOPE AND DREAMS WITH GATAJ; quality s/w, although shorter in back than winner, she presents a balanced outline with good angulation from and rear.  Slightly stronger in  back skull but has a lovely eye and neat ears., shown to advantage with great showmanship. Moved soundly with drive and was well presented.
OPEN B (10:1) This class was full of quality and I really was splitting hairs.
1ST WALDER’S CH BELDONES LA VITA BELLA FOR HANVALE JW; 3 yr  s/w, dam of grad winner, and from the same mould, if you like  one then you should like them both. Feminine throughout with elegance and balance. Lovely head pattern, correct stop, sweet dark eye and well set ears which she knew how to use. Lovely reach of neck, shoulders well laid back, correct length to height ratio. Great harmony with handler, moved well from all angles. This exhibiter is to be congratulated on the condition and presentation of their exhibits . Res CC
2nd CONGDONS LOLITA LEMPICKA DU CLOS DE SEA-WIND VIA AARONWELL; Gorgeous b/m who pushed winner hard, has a lovely head, nicely moulded in foreface which I found lacking in some exhibits today. Correctly placed stop, lovely dark eyes, giving the most soft expression. Feminine throughout with good proportions, well bent stifles, moved out with ease. Coat is a lovely clear silvery colour and was beautifully presented.

VET B (4:0)
1ST WALDER’S CH HEART OF GOLD DE CABRENYSSET FOR HANVALE ; 7yr s/w, one I have judged before and my comments still apply. Although now a veteran she still graces the ring with her elegance and style and has retained her feminine charms. A lovely bitch
2nd HUMPHREYS BRILYN GULTY PLEASURE IS SHASAM; 7 yr pale s/w, another lovely bitch who excels in outline, lovely head, correct eye set showing an intelligent expression. Feminine throughout with excellent reach of neck. Moved soundly and in good coat which was well presented.