Leeds Championship Show
24 JULY 2019
Rough Collie

Judge : Terence McGowan

Thanks to my two stewards, did a great job and good help (Michael Thornton & Laurence Dalby), also to all exhibitors for entry.

Weather was good and all dogs were excellent.

1st Mr. Blaikies, Kourika Kingpin.
Best Puppy 6 ½ Month puppy very promising. Had nice eye & head. Good colour well presented. Not bad on moves one for the top house we hope.
2nd Miss Lockyer, Perfect Timing Du Clos De Sea-Wind For Gataj (Imp)
Another nice baby, little unsettled on the day just needs a little more time.

Miss McCann, Oakland Blue Style Du Clos De Sea-Wind At Zolkhan
Dog I have seen before. Has everything I like in a dog. Good head & ears he used non-stop. Good top line, nice colour and depth of chest. Moved with drive.
2nd Mrs. Lockyer, Once Upon a Time Du Clos De Sea-Wind With Gataj (Imp)
Good head & eye excellent stop nice top line shame to meet winner on day.

Miss Brooker, Corisian French Connection (JW)
Promising young dog. Nice head & expression, good top line. Presentation was excellent, movement very good. I think he will go to the top in time.
2nd Mrs Lockyer Think of Me Prince of Sunlight At Gataj (IMP) JW
Unlucky to clash with winner. Nice head & eye, good depth of chest. Movement not as good as winner of class.
3rd Mr & Mrs Findley Camanna Clearwater

1st Mr & Mrs Congdon Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp) JW Sh.C
Very nice tri nice eye good ears. He used well. Good depth of chest excellent topline well presented & moved well.
2nd Miss Johnston Sea Dreamer’s One and Only (Imp Nld)
Great dog was unlucky today I had considered him for CC but he was bitching and frustrated. Still to go over him was a pleasure. He has everything going for him when he settles down. One for top honours in the future.
3rd Mrs. Hassock, Camana Codename

1st Mr & Mrs Congdon, Monsolana Bonjour Paris For Aaronwell (Imp)
Fantastic tri. First seen him at Collie Breed show, fell for him there Nice head & eye, ears he never stopped using. Good front presentation was excellent, moved with drive standing he was asking for CC. Great temperament. Hope he gets his title which he deserves. Pleased to award his first CC
2nd Mrs Hollywood, Amalie Lynmead Say It Again
Fantastic dog with great promise. Shame to meet winner on the day. He has fantastic head & eye, Good topline, good chest, movement was great. One for top honours, no doubt.
3rd Ms. McDevitt, Ch Caronlea Lukin Black Jnr

1st Mr Blaikie, Ch Willowdene Double or Quits at Wassail
Excellent tri dog. Good head & underjaw, good stop. Nice eye & good depth of chest. Moved with drive.
2nd Mrs Ross, Amberwish Frankie Frederix
Nice sable. Good head & eye. Nice coat. Well presented & moved well.

1st Dr. Boyle, Barrenclough Heart of Gold JW
Very promising sable. Nice head & eye. Nice coat and good topline. Shows great, movement excellent. Presentation was excellent.
2nd Mrs Priestley, Bluchip Malbec
Good head & eye. Nice neck and good coat. Movement not as good as 1st but well presented

1st Miss Brooker, Paris Venise Du Dois Des Amazones for Corisian (Imp)
Best Puppy Bitch Very Promising baby, 6 ½ month stood & showed like a veteran. Nice expression, good head, neat tight ear carriage. Good length of back nice shape. Immaculately presented. Must have a great future.
2nd Mr. Blaikie, Kourika Krystal Ice
Also promising baby but was not as settled as the winner. Nice blue colour, good head. Will be interesting to see how she comes on in the future. Well presented
3rd Ms. Selwyn, Tiganlea Something Blue

1st Mrs Priestley, Bluchip Malbec
2nd Mr Barron & Ms. Jenkins, Tiganlea Twinkling Sapphire at Rannaleroch
Nice girl, good coat. Pleasant head & good colour. Not so good on move but well presented.

1st Mr. McLenahan, Tiganlea This is Love
Shame this little girl was not at her best as a another dog upset her. She has nice head good shape. Nice topline, movement was good. Would like to see her again when not so upset

1st Ms. Rutherford, Riverside Song Unbreakable Heart in Kelbewood
Fantastic girl beautiful head good underjaw. Excellent body shape & good depth of chest. Movement was very good. One for top honours soon I’m sure.
2nd Mr. & Mrs Grindley, Lanrue Milly Molly Mandy
Shame to meet with the winner today. Excellent head & eye. Good underjaw and topline. Nice shape, movement was very good.
3rd Mrs. Fort & Miss Fort, Corisian French Tease from Shulune

1st Mrs. Lockyer, Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj
Lovely 3yr old bitch. Nice eye & head, quality bitch. Good size, good topline. Very good sound on the movement. Had great promise for the future.
2nd Miss Brooker, Gerian Sun Kisses over Corisian JW
Another fantastic girl bound for the top honours. Pleasing head & eye. Sweet expression. Nice shape & good coat. Movement good and presentation was exceptional.
3rd Mr. & Mrs Walker & Mrs. Ritchie, Beldones Baby Think Twice at Starlenga

1st Ms. McDevitt,
Grand Caronlea Hot Celtic Charm (Multi Int Ch) Best of Breed
Star of the day. Made her presence felt. Fantastic tri best I have seen, sweet expression. Good eye & ears on top all time. Good topline & depth of chest. Good turn of stifle. Movement was excellent, never put a foot wrong. Pleased to award her first CC.
2nd Mrs. Hawkins, Brilyn Molly Coddles
Another bound for top honours, was a shame to clash with the first. Very feminine bitch. Good head & eyes, ears were on top at all times. Movement and presentation were both great.
3rd Mrs. Waterhouse, Lynmead Amalie Lady in Lace

VETERAN BITCH (2 abs: 1)
1st Mrs. Growcott, Jopium Fascinator
Nice bitch, great coat. Nice expression and eyes. Excellent topline with good depth of chest.