Takhisis Trick or Treat
Takhisis Dream Weaver
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Takhisis Trick or Treat - Harry 1RCC
Ch Beldones Black Illusion x Takhisis Lady Natasha
Hips 3:6, MDR1 +/-

Harry initially appealed for his eye and expression, but I knew he would take time to mature. That said, he had some lovely wins as a puppy, with a number of Best Puppy Dog awards at Ch and Open shows, and a Puppy Group 2. Highlight of his puppy career was a fantastic Reserve Best in Show at East Anglian Collie.

2016 brought some nice class wins at open shows and good placing at Ch shows before he lost his coat for the summer. Towards the end of the year he won Reserve Best Dog at Midland Collie open.

In 2017 he has really come into his own and started fulfilling his early promise. At Yorkshire Collie open he won his class, followed by Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex in Show and London & Provincial Open, then winning his class at Collie Club of Wales Ch, then Best of Breed and Best in Show at West of England Collie, then Best Dog and Reserve Best of Breed at East Anglian Collie open followed by Best of Breed at WELKS. Wow what a run!

This magical run continued at Collie Association open show where he was Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex in Show. The following week at Scottish Kennel Club, Harry won limit dog followed by the RCC, many thanks to Fern Sargent for thinking so highly of him.

After changing his coat he won further classes at Midland Counties and London and Provincial Championship shows.
2018 started with him coming 2nd in the Adult Males competition at British Collie Club’s Collie of the Year, and Best of Breed at Nottingham Sherwood Foresters open show.

Further highlights include Best Dog at East Of England, Best Dog and Best of Breed at Driffield and Best of Breed and Group 2 at Huntingdonshire Canine Society.

At home he is a sweetie, a very gentle boy with a loving nature. He loves his walks and is a regular donor for the Pet Blood Bank.

He has also passed his KC Good Citizen Bronze award.

As a proven sire, he is now available at stud to approved bitches. I shall watch his offspring develop during 2019 with interest



Takhisis Dream Weaver - 'Dexter' - 1CC, 2RCC
Honky Tonk Man of River Tweed x Beldones Duchess of Dreams JW

Hips 5:3

Above photos April 2017 aged 8 months

When I planned this litter, I hoped for a nice dog to keep and I wasn’t disappointed. He’s growing up as a piece, with a super expression and good, sound movement. He was Best Minor Puppy in Show at East Anglian Collie open, then Best Puppy, Reserve Best of Breed and Puppy Group 1 at Dunstable open followed by Best Puppy Dog at WELKS.  
Dexter had a Dream day at Birmingham National Championship show by winning not only Best Puppy in Breed but also the Reserve Dog CC aged 8 months under the all-rounder, Stuart Mallard. Truly a day to remember!

Since then, Dexter has been consistently well placed at all shows attended, with a further Best Puppy at Border Union and East of England, and Best Puppy Dog awards at SKC and Windsor before deciding to change his coat. Towards the end of the year he returned and been consistently well placed at shows attended.

He finished his junior career by coming 4th at the British Collie Club’s Junior of the Year, and being announced as 3rd in the Ladypark points competition.

2018 was quite a quiet year for Dexter as he needed time to grown up, although did manage a couple of Best of Breeds at open shows, and a win in Post Graduate dog at London & Provincial Collie.

In 2019, he has been consistently well placed, and won his classes at Yorkshire Collie open, where he was Reserve Best Dog, and at championship level at Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales, Scottish Collie, Windsor, National Working and Pastoral and Blackpool, where he also won his 2nd RCC. Also at Blackpool, his litter sister, Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj, won limit bitch and her Stud book Number for Melissa Lockyer.
DCC - Midland Counties October 2019 - Judge Morag McCarte

His winning ways continued by winning his classes at Windsor, NW&PB, East Anglian Collie and Irish Collie, culminating in a win in Limit Dog and his first CC under Morag McCarte, a day made even more special as his sister Hope won her 2nd RCC.
2020 started well with Dexter winning Best in Show at London & Provincial Collie open show under Lynda McCormick, what a lovely start to the year.

At home he’s quite a clown and loves to play with the rest of the gang but is also so gentle. He’s now a regular at Discover Dogs at Crufts, where he is simply adorable. He’s also a regular donor for the Pet Blood Bank, and is so well behaved, he’s fast becoming one of their favourites.

Confidently offered at stud to approved bitches


Takhisis High Voltage 4 RCC's - 'Panda'
Ch Erjon Ebony Byron JW x Erjon Esteemed Blue
Hips 5:6

Panda is my big, loveable clown; a joy to own both in and out of the ring. Initially a slow starter, as an adult he has been consistently well placed.

In 2008 he won his first RCC at Belfast, with his older sister BOB. In 2011 he won 2 further RCC's at National Working and Pastoral and East Anglian Collie.

Panda has truly been like a fine wine, and has been a constant winner in veteran classes. In challenges for Best Veteran he often had to challenge Lucy, with her coming out on top, but since her retirement he has won several Best Veteran awards at both open and championship shows. He was also runner up at the East Anglian Collie Veteran of the Year, to his sister!

At the age of 9 he won his 4th RCC at Ayrshire Collie; an unforgettable day. This was quickly followed by a magical Best in Show at British Collie Club's Christmas Open, a super end to a super year. 2016 got off to a great start with Reserve Best Dog and Best Veteran in Show at Collie Association Open and Best Dog, Reserve Best of Breed and Best Veteran in Show at Yorkshire Collie Open.

Even after reaching the age of 10, he is showing little sign of slowing down. At Ayrshire Collie Ch show he was Best Veteran in Show, Collie Association Ch show he was Best Veteran in Breed. At the British Collie and Midland Collie December opens shows he was Reserve Best Dog and Best Veteran in Breed at British and Best Veteran in Show at Midland. Into 2017 was followed in his sisters footsteps by winning Veteran of the Year at East Anglian Collies annual event, then was 3rd at the British Collie Veteran of the Year and another Best Veteran in Show at Yorkshire Collie. He added another Reserve Best Dog at British Collie open show in June, Best Veteran at Darlington and Best Veteran in Show at London Collie open show.

His final appearance in the ring was at British Collie of the Year where he won the Veteran competition aged 11 ½ years old, to much applause and quite a few happy tears.
At home he is an absolute joy; very gentle and kind, and still loves his walks out with mum. He was the first of my boys to donate blood, and even made the local news promoting the services of Pet Blood Bank. Countless dogs owe their lives to my wonderful boy. He will now enjoy his full retirement at home as our much loved companion.




Sophie Wray

Telephone: 01205 722321



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