Beldones Duchess of Dreams JW
Takhisis Aphrodite JW Fr Jnr Ch
Takhisis Lady of Illusions
Uffspring Utterly Dreamy for Takhisis


Beldones Duchess of Dreams JW - Duchess
Geko De Midland Valley x Beldones Diamonds n Pearls. Hips 4:7

Well, what to say about Duchess. She came, she saw and she conquered our hearts. An absolute character, in and out of the ring!

She started off her career with Best Puppy in Show at 6 months on the day at Yorkshire Collie open, and has been consistently placed since. 3 Best Puppy in Breed awards at championship shows (Three Counties, West of England Collie and East Anglian Collie where she was also Best Puppy in Show,) and other class wins gave her a Junior Warrant whilst still a minor puppy. She was also Best Bitch, Reserve Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show at Northumberland and Durham open.

2016 got off to a great start when she won Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show at Northumberland and Durham. At the prestigious British Collie Club’s Junior Collie of the Year, she was awarded top spot, then at their championship show she was announced as the winner of the Ladypark points trophy winner, awarded to the top winning puppy throughout the year. Quite an achievement.

Further class wins followed at open and championship level, before she took time off for maternal duties. In August, she gave birth to a lovely litter of 6 and was a superb mum.

Her return to the ring in 2017 has produced good results, with class wins at London and Provincial open and a Best of Breed at Newark & DCS and Heckington Agricultural. She was Reserve Best Bitch at WELKS, Reserve Best of Breed at Collie Association open and Best of Breed at East of England.

2018 started with her winning Best Bitch at Boston and she has been well placed since. In June she came into season and produced a lovely litter of 4 by my own Harry, Takhisis Trick or Treat,
from which I have retained a promising tri dog, Eli

During 2019 she was steadily well placed and became the first here to pass her KC Good Citizen Bronze, something we really enjoyed. 2020 got off to a super start with a BOB and G3 at Matlock CS, then RBB at London & Provincial Collie open and her Good Citizen Class at Crufts

Duchess is now a fully approved PAT dog, bringing joy to others.
Thank you so much to everyone who has been involved in her story so far, and to her many admirers. And of course, to Brian and Odile for letting her come and join me, she is an absolute delight.


October 2017
April 2019




Takhisis Aphrodite JW Fr Jnr Ch - 'Amy'
Geko De Midland Valley x Beldones Pandora
hips 3:3, CEA unaffected, MDR1 +/-

Introducing Amy, the glamorous one. The whole litter was lovely, but Amy appealed for her head and eye. As she is growing her overall shape looks promising and she is very outgoing.

Above March 2018

Her puppy career got off to a great start winning BP & BOB on her debut at Bridlington & DCS. Since then she has been BP at Retford CS and Nottingham Sherwood Foresters, where she was also PPG2. At championship shows she won her class at Midland Collie and Crufts, and was 2nd at British Collie, Scottish Breeds and Collie Club of Wales.

She then took BPIS at East Anglian Collie open and BPB at Northumberland and Durham Collie Ch before crossing the channel to compete at the ENE in France. From a class of 28, she won the Youth Bitch class and went on to being shortlisted to the last 3 for Best of Breed from all unbeaten class winners, then challenging the Youth Dog winner to take Best Youth – what a weekend!
On her return to UK soil, she was BPIB and RBPIS as Lancashire and Cheshire Ch, won her class at Bath and was BPIS at British Collie Open.
This gave her the final points towards her Junior Warrant, before promptly losing her coat! Many thanks to all judges who have thought highly of her.

She has also passed her Kennel Club Puppy Foundation course, my first venture into obedience!

2019 has been a quiet year as she really needs a litter to finish her off. She was 2nd in MLB at N&D Ch show, and returned to France to take her temperament test, which she passed with flying colours to gain her French Youth Champion Title. The same weekend she decided to fully drop her coat, so it will be a while before she goes back in the ring again!

2020 got off to an exciting start when Amy finally came into season and produced a fantastic litter of 8 by Harry. I shall be keeping a sable bitch, Lily.



Takhisis Lady of Illusions - 'Lily'
Takhisis Trick or Treat x Takhisis Aphrodite JW, Fr Jnr Ch MDR1 +/+

Introducing Lily, the long-awaited daughter of Amy. Given her parents, I was expecting good shape in this litter, and I was not disappointed.
She reminds me of mum at this age, so I’m looking forward to seeing her develop.

Uffspring Utterly Dreamy for Takhisis - Dreamy
Ch Samhaven Sound Track x Takhisis Sweet Dreaming of Uffspring MDR1 +/-

When I heard that a Duchess/Harry daughter had produced a super litter I jumped at the chance to add one to the kennel and in late June, Dreamy joined up. Her shape is outstanding, and I love her expression. It’ll be interesting to watch her grow up alongside Lily


Sophie Wray

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