East Anglian Collie Association Breed Club Champ Show, Sunday 7th August 2022.
Breeds, Rough Collies & Smooth Collies (Special Award Classes). 
Judge. Mr Hayden Feetham.

I would like to start off by saying a big thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge, my stewards for their expertise and those who entered under me.

It was an honour to judge Rough Collies for the fourth time and Smooth Collies for the first time, I truly enjoyed this assignment.

It was also a huge honour to judge for a club that I have enjoyed supporting and been a member of now for many years.  

I found my entries were strong along with the dogs being presented well, nice, clean and tidy.
I did find all classes hard to judge due to all of the dogs being shown under me being to good high quality. 

1. Vogan, Mrs Denise & Vogan, Miss Samantha. Luminous Moon Over Lenosann. A handsome male Rough Collie at 11 months. Presented well. Maturing nicely, showing great promise, covered the ground well on the move, good shape in body, nice size, beautiful markings, built strong throughout, good muscle tone, correct use of ears, eyes nicely set, correct bite, nice coat, lovely nature, strong top line, strong hindquarters and caught my eye as he entered the ring.
2. Glover, Mr R & Mrs B. Stormsett Serendipity. A beautiful Smooth Collie bitch at 11 months. Maturing nicely, presented lovingly to the judge, beautiful markings, moved well, strong within the body, good muscle ton, correct bite, nice body shape, showing great promise, used ears well and a fine example to her breed.   
3. Vogan, Mrs Denise & Vogan, Mrs Denise & Vogan, Miss Samantha. Drofgnal Dazzling Desire For Lenonsann NAF.

1. Philpin, Mrs L. Tudorlyn A Kind Of Magic. A beautiful Rough Collie bitch at 4 years old. Caught my eye as she entered the ring, presented well, covered the ground nicely on the move, good shape head, nicely built throughout, strong within the body, correct size, correct bite, good tail length, strong hindquarters, good full coat, evenly marked, ears are nicely set, fine gentle temperament and a lovely example to the breed.
2. Bemelmans, Mrs E. Oakestelle Asteria. A stunning Smooth Collie bitch at 5 years old. Presented well, moved like a dream, strong within the body, strong hindquarter, nice temperament, strong top line, correct bite, ears set correctly, nice use of ears and eyes set beautifully.
3. Welsh, Mrs Brenda. Thistlewing Smoky Quartz.

1. Randle, Mr & Mrs D A & S P. Ch Ladnar Mustriharder. A handsome Rough Collie male at 3 years old. Coming along well, nicely built within the body, good full coat, evenly marked, a pleasure to watch on the move, caught my eye as he entered the ring, presented well, eye are set correctly, ears are set nicely, good use of ear carriage, strong throughout the body, strong hindquarters, beautiful shaped head, nice depth of chest, good tail length, lovely temperament, good side throughout, strong top line, good muscle tone, correct bite and a fine example to the breed.       
2. Flower, Mrs Stefani. Serenlas Pagans Moon. A beautiful 3 year old Rough Collie bitch. Nice to breed type, presented well. Moved nicely, beautiful shape within the body, strong throughout, correct use of ears, correct bite and a good full coat.           
3. Forbes, Mrs and Miss DA and FL. Willowhurst Vanity.