Border Union Ch Show May 2022

I was thrilled to accept this appointment when the planned judge had to cancel and I was very pleased with my entry of 61 dogs making 72 entries. Very few absentees and an abundance of quality exhibits made for interesting judging. Thank you to the exhibitors for accepting my decisions honourably. I was very happy with my line ups. I am looking for a Collie that oozes true breed type, a balanced dog with 'impassive dignity' a clean head of good length, and the classic effortless and distinct gait the breed standard asks for.

PUPPY DOG (4 entries : no absentees)

1) Chaplins TAKHISIS LYSANDER Sable dog of 11 months with fabulous bone and substance, in excellent condition. He presents a very balanced picture both standing and moving. Hocks well let down and powerful, very good shoulder angulation and strong pasterns, good length to height ratio. All of this enabled him to move effortlessly around the large ring with style and elegance keeping a level top line, flexing his hocks and showing excellent reach. Neat well placed ears which he uses well to show off a beautiful expression. I would prefer a tad more refinement through the skull but he is young and time could improve this minor detail. I love the way he arches and uses his neck to show off his shape and he has a stamp of quality and a whole bag full of merit. 2) Vogans LUMINOUS MOON A larger puppy so he needs more time, but what an eye catcher. Fabulous clear blue jacket and elegant outline. I love his length of head and his expression portrays nobility. He needs time to settle in stop and for his body to settle into his frame, but I am confident that he will mature into a strikingly handsome adult. 3) Taylors THISTLEWING FIRE DANCER 4) Parnham's CARIBBEAN BLUE SKY ACTIS TO SAMANTE (IMP POL)

JUNIOR DOG ( 3 entries: 0 absentees)

1) Hainies GEMHIED TROUBLESHOOTER This 17m deep red sable dog has an elegance of outline which commands attention. Long neck is well arched, beautiful bone and strong pasterns. Good length of body, sweep of stifle and strong hocks. He has one of the most correct heads of the day, totally clean wedge without any flare in skull at all, and he has a beautiful finish to his strong chin. Correct stop and flat skull. His expression is sweet, intelligent and dignified. On the move he insisted on pulling to one side today but there was no denying him, he is a very promising young man. 2) Welshs SMOKEY QUARTS 11 month old bright golden sable with a glorious eye and expression. Correct stop and flat skull but a tad weak in chin. He has a super long neck enhanced by his flashy white markings. Good angulation and moved well enough although I would prefer a touch more bone. 3) Grays CAMBROGAN SUNNY SEILEBOST AT CONALGLEN

NOVICE DOG (4 entries: 1 absentee)

1) CAMBROGAN SUNNY SEILEBOST AT CONALGLEN Tricolour with a superb outline, grand bone and he excelled on the move. He is masculine, showing strength and power and with curves in all the right places. He has a jet black coat in wonderful condition. His expression is kind and sweet but I find him too strong and bulky in skull creating a two piece head rather than a clean wedge, and I would prefer tighter ear carriage. 2) Taylors THISTLEWING FIRE DANCER Sable dog with a beautiful eye and expression, good ear carriage. His construction is good and he is very attentive to his handler. I would prefer more strength of bone. 3) Mains SCOTIABLUE TEDDY BEAR.

POST GRADUATE DOG ( 3 entries: 0 absentees)

1) Mcgill and Boyds STREGATO QUI VELIT Outstanding tricolour dog, all male and commanding my attention. He has tremendous ring presence. I later discovered this was his first show and he was distracted by his surroundings. A very happy dog. When he pulled himself together he was a picture of impassive dignity. Jet black shiny jacket and sparkling whites. Fabulous expression. My only criticism is that I would prefer a tad less stop but he has clean cheeks and a well formed chin. Ears bang on top. He has elegance and strength without any trace of coarseness and I considered him for higher honours. Moved very well. 2) Pryors AQUALITA WIND OF CHANGE. Shaded sable dog of good size and beautifully constructed, he moved out in superb style. However today he had left every stitch of clothing at home! He used his long well arched neck and ears to advantage. Lovely bone and turn of stifle, strong hocks. Very nice head with excellent chin and flat skull. 3) Leeses ESSANJAY FIELDS OF GOLD

LIMIT DOG (7 entries: 0 absentees)

1) Blucks PHREELANCER CHILL PHACTOR FOR ELSHAJO RESERVE DOG CC 3 year old blue dog who is maturing well and coming into his own. Such a show man and with his long arched neck and beautiful length of body he presents a very elegant outline and his 'presence' simply cannot be ignored. Quietly dignified. I love his head, it has the length and refinement I am looking for. He has a well filled muzzle and strong underjaw with correct finish to the chin. A true wedge from every angle. His clean cheeks and flat refined skull combined with the correct slight but perceptible stop create the perfect receptacle for his obliquely set eye. His expression portrays sweetness, intelligence and nobility. He moved out very well. In the challenge I was literally splitting hairs. Res CC from a line up of top quality males. 2) Allsopps AQUALITA ITS A MIRACLE Tricolour male in superb condition, every hair on his fitted black jacket gleamed. Super head with correct chin and lip line, flat skull and rounded muzzle. He has a lovely eye and sweet yet masculine expression. Good bone, strong pasterns, arched neck and beautiful sweep of stifle, strong hocks. Powerful and easy mover. Unlucky to meet the winner today 3) Leslies EDEN OF PHENOMENON AT INTERMITTENT LAKE (IMP SLOV) 4) Bartrams AMBARTR KEEP THE FAITH 5) E. FIELDS OF GOLD

OPEN DOG (5 entries: 0 absentees)

1) Benton and Smiths BROOKLYNSON EL DORADO DOG CC My star today. Standing he is beautifully balanced. He has the ideal width of chest and pelvis enabling him to stand correctly at all times. I love the way he stands with his feet planted firmly to the ground and in the right places! Moderate bone. He is not a big male but he is masculine. He has elegance, strength and dignity. Very flat skull, correct stop and rounded muzzle, clean through the cheeks. Beautiful sweet, alert and dignified expression from his dark almond shaped eyes. I would prefer his ears to be set a tad tighter but he uses them to advantage and they are small and well shaped. Outstanding on the move today which piloted him into top spot. CC and I understand this is his third. Well done, he is a very deserving Champion. 2) Geddes INGLEDENE FANTASY OF BLUE. Medium sized blue dog looked lovely on the move. Powered along effortlessly. He has a glorious expression and excellent chin and lip line. Clean stop but a touch strong in skull. I find him a little narrow in chest. Nice length of neck. 3) Hassocks CAMANNA CODE NAME 4) Timperons ROSCOT GEORGE LANSBURY 5) Brown and Jopsons LILLYWAY LATTIMER AT NITHVIEW

VETERAN DOG (2 entries 0 absentees)

1) Mcgill and Boyds IMAGINIST QUO VADIS AT STREGATO What a fabulous veteran dog he is, every inch the dignified male. Fabulous length of well arched neck giving him a regal bearing. Ears bang on top which he uses constantly, moving out well and really enjoying his day. In wonderful coat and condition, he is a credit to his owners. BVD 2) Savages SAVATAURUS ONLY THE LONELY. I really felt for this 13.5 year old and considered withholding as I felt he should not have been here. However as he had made it this far it seemed unfair to penalise a dog who was trying so hard to please his owner. He has a wonderful expression and I am sure he has been a lovely dog in his day, but he was seriously struggling and should be retired to live out his days by the hearth.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (2 entries 0 absentees)

1) Flowers SERENLAS PUMPKIN SPICE Pretty feminine golden sable baby with a delightful temperament. Lovely neck and outline, clean wedge shaped head with good chin and topped by well placed and used ears. Dark eyes giving a softly sweet expression. Nicely boned. She was happy to show me her own choice of dance moves, but when she settled she moved very well for one so young. 2) Wray-Ramsdens TAKHISIS LADY OF MYSTERY Another feminine golden sable baby of the same age. Excellent angulation and she moves very well. She has a very sweet expression and pretty ears. A little wider in skull than 1 and not quite the finish of chin.

PUPPY BITCH (4 entries 0 absentees)

1) Welshs INGLEDENE SNO DREAM AT THISTLEWING Elegant young lady with the most exquisite head. This is the type of head I am looking for, it has length which is essential to my mind as the standard asks for a GRADUALLY tapering wedge. Flat skull, ultra clean through the cheeks and into the skull creating one continual wedge without flare, a true wedge (several others had more of a triangle). Ears on top, no excessive depth from brow to jaw and well formed chin, I couldn't resist her. Because her skull is beautifully shaped, she has the correct obliquely set eye with a hauntingly sweet yet dignified expression. Long neck gives her the desired elegance, but I would prefer her handler to relax the lead a little. Well constructed and moves collectively. I would prefer a little more strength of bone, but she is young and has years to develop this. She impressed me enough to give her the Reserve CC in a line up of quality bitches, I couldn't resist her. 2) Wray-Ramsden TAKHISIS MIDSUMMER DAWN Sable with a lovely combination of bone and substance without losing any of her femininity. Beautifully constructed and fabulous on the move. She is a quality puppy that will keep improving as she matures. Love her expression. I just prefered the refinement in skull of 1. 3) Danilovs INGLEDENE BLU MOON RISIN 4) Barron and Jenkins TAKHISIS SUMMER SOLSTICE.

JUNIOR BITCH (4 entries 1 absentee, 1 withdrawn)

1) Moores AQUALITA DREAMS COME TRUE Beautifully constructed sable, everything in the right place from her elegant neck to the end of her long tail. All sweeps and curves and ultra feminine but with plenty of bone and substance giving her a look of strength and agility, she powered effortlessly around the ring never putting a foot wrong. Very sweet feminine expression. She is not an easy girl to show but her young handler worked well with her, and I feel they have a bright future together. 2) Melvin and Jopsons LILLYWAY LEMON SPARKLE AT NITHVIEW Confident young sable lady presenting a lovely outline when standing, sweet eye and expression, good length of arched neck. She was wider in skull than 1 and sadly on the move she was plaiting in front which could also be seen in profile movement.

NOVICE BITCH (6 entries 0 absentees) 1) Bartrams AMBARTR ETERNAL SPIRIT Excellent type with a deep red tightly fitted jacket. Fabulous construction and bone and she moved accordingly. Very clean wedge shaped head, strong chin creating a well blunted finish. Such an elegant young lady. She really didn't want to show me her expression today but she has the correct eye size, shape and placement and I did catch a quick glimpse which was enough for me to appreciate her charms. 2) Foxs ALANITA WHISPERED GOSSIP. The more I looked the more I liked. She is well up to size but still feminine, lovely bone and substance giving her a look of strength and agility, confirmed when she moved. I love her length of body and strong quarters, powerful hocks. Well arched neck and good front angulation. I loved her expression which was sweet but cheeky. I would prefer a stronger chin. 3) A. DREAMS COME TRUE 4) INGLEDENE BLU MOON RISIN 5) Mains SCOTIABLUE BLACK NOLA

GRADUATE BITCH ( 3 entries 0 absentees)

1 ) Danilovas GLENOAK GOLD BROCADE. This sable lady came unashamedly naked, it was the big reveal! Coat grows back and when it does I truly hope I get another chance to judge her. She stood without even her bikini and showed us all how a Collie should be constructed. I have never laid hands on a Collie in better body condition. Every muscle is akin to steel bands holding her wonderful frame tightly in its correct place. This type of musculature can only be built when the construction is perfect. What an outline. Not only that but her head is also close to perfection. Every part harmonising, ultra flat skull, slight stop, cleanest of cheeks and beautifully formed chin with tight lipline. Her expression is so dignified. Ears a little 'light' and the wind didn't help them but then again she had no coat to add weight. Her movement was breathtaking. 2) A. WHISPERED GOSSIP 3) Clark Kerrs UFFSPRING UNIQUELY MAYD

POST GRADUATE BITCH (5 entries 1 absentee)

1) Collinos IMAGINIST PERFECT PITCH A happy girl whose tail didn't stop wagging. Clean head with beautifully placed ears and fabulous dark pigmentation which served to enhance and frame her eyes and ears. Smiling eyes giving a sweet expression. She won this class on movement, she is extremely sound. Nice bone and substance, strong agile body. 2) Welshs THISTLEWING SPELL ON YOU Well she almost cast a spell over me as I initially thought she would be my class winner. Eye catching body shape with elegant neck enhanced by a big white collar. Decent head type and very nice expression. Standing she looked wonderful. However her movement let her down and she had to make do with 2nd today. 3) Edwards ELSHAJO ADORED 4) CAMBROGAN LADY OF LOCH'ABER AT CARIADHAF

LIMIT BITCH (9 entries 0 absentees)

1) Flowers SERENLAS HEAVEN IN BLU Elegant and dignified blue bitch of lovely body proportions. She presents a very balanced outline with correct angles fore and aft and a well arched neck of good length. On the move she excels covering the ground effortlessly with good reach and drive. I love her head, it is super clean with no hint of coarseness, no depth, no flare, an honest clean head with well formed chin and tight lipline. Appealing expression from correctly set eyes and well placed ears. I considered her for res. cc 2) Geddes INGLEDENE NITE N'CHANTING Tricolour with excellent head qualities, clean from every angle with strong well finished underjaw and tight lip line. Neat ears and expressive eyes. She has a jet black coat expertly groomed, she shimmers. On the move she covers plenty of ground and is sound coming and going. She is a tad short on the leg which detracts slightly from her outline. 3) Gallaghers GEMHEID CALL ME TROUBLE 4) Farthings ALDREEN ILLUSION IN BLUE FOR DIDEK 5) G. GOLD BROCADE

OPEN BITCH (3 entries 1 absentee)

1) Wray-Ramsden TAKHISIS APHRODITE An easy class winner. What a glamour girl with her huge white collar and beautiful long arched neck. Heavy coat with lots of feathers and frills but without hiding her outline. Wonderful bone and substance, correct shoulder angulation, good body length and strong neat hocks. She has huge ring presence and is a none stop show girl. At first glance she looks deep in stop but upon handling I discovered this is an illusion created by coat. I would however prefer a stronger underjaw and a tad more refinement in skull, but she has bags of style and a very sweet expression. Moved out well. 2) Mains SCOTIABLUE HOLLIE BERRIE Shaded sable of lovely colour, carrying a bit too much weight which unfortunately affected her movement. Heavy coat, good length of neck.

VETERAN BITCH (5 entries 0 absentees)

1) Bentons CH BROOKLYNSON JANE RUSSELL AT OAKESTELLE. I judged this sable lady a few years ago and thought her lacking in bone and substance....well I can now say that time has rewritten every line, and it has done so beautifully. What a transformation because today she simply outshone everything. She stands with such composure and strength, her body and bone have filled out and strengthened, she has dropped into her frame, improving every angle. So impressive on the move, she moves like a well oiled machine, extending at the front, driving from the rear, flexing those hocks, maintaining a perfect topline and seemingly never tiring. Perfect footfall. Strong pasterns. When standing she really uses her body, arching her neck to give a very regal and dignified outline. Her expression reflects the same, she has regality in abundance, dignity permeates her being. I would prefer a touch more chin, but I am nit picking when I write this. I couldn't get past her today, she is a true COLLIE. CC, BOB, BVIB and PVG3 2) Harrisons CH. CARIADHAF CANDY KISSES Blue bitch in lovely condition. Clean head, good chin, flat skull, Beautifully placed ears, sweet expression. Moved out well. A worthy Champion 3) ANIESH FOREVER BLUE WITH WHATACOO 4) IMAGINIST WAXING LYRICAL 5) ERJON EBONY DIAMOND

Angela Harvey