Yorkshire Collie Club 5.9.21

Championship Show: My thanks must go first to the committee for inviting me to judge at their well run show and making me so very welcome. Also to my stewards Mary Glover-Guest and Dave Crapper. So pleased that the gods shone down on us and gave a full day of glorious weather. My thanks Also to the exhibitors for entrusting their dogs for my opinion - and accepting all placements with good grace.

I was honoured to have some lovely exhibits- all presented in tip top condition - for me to go over and some quality dogs did leave cardless in the upper classes. I was really moved when looking at my final line up as there wasn’t one I didn’t think was worthy of top honours or becoming Crufts qualified. Definitely a classy line up.

Veteran Dog (3) 1 Blaikie’s Ch Willowdene Double or Quits at Wassail. An old favourite of mine. Gave him his first ticket and he fulfilled that early promise. At 9+ he Has kept his lovely head properties which was a pleasure to handle. Such a sweet eye with neat well set ears. A wealth of jet black coat that was beautifully groomed and presented. Still could strut his stuff with the younguns. Well handled to get the best out of him. Pleased to see him go Best Veteran in Show with the agreement of my co judges - but on the day he had to make way for youth. 2 White’s Ch Mejola I am Persuasive JW. Another worthy Champion. 8 yrs with a lot to like about him. Strong masculine upstanding S/W dog with an exceptionally good front. Well groomed and presented. Moved with ease. 3 Clare’s Bluechip Solar Storm of Skyeshelm

MPD (3) 1 Lockyer’s Gataj Out of the Woods. Must say I really liked this young fella as soon as he entered the ring. He has such a lovely outline that shows promise of good things to come. Glamorous markings. Sweet dark eye, head that handles well with neat well shaped ears. Enough length of back enabling him to move out well covering the ground with ease. Beautifully groomed and presented. If he continues developing along these lines he should do well. Will follow his career with interest. Again with the agreement of my co-judge BPD BP BPIB and BPIS. 2 Scott’s Sherlock Holmes of Moon River for Chantique naf taf Import Fra. 8 month old tri with rich tan markings but a tad overwhelmed by the occasion. Promising head properties and good reach of neck. Moved OK. PD (2) 1 Boyle’s Monsolana Amore Boy Over Barrenclough (Imp Russia) stood alone - tri puppy at his first show. Good length of neck and good shoulders but could do with a bit more body. Nice well arched neck and good length of tail. Moved out well.

JD (3,1) 1 Turner’s Chantique Magical Mystery. 16 months old S/w with full white collar and immense coat for his age. Underneath was a very masculine dog with good strong well rounded bone going down into neat feet. Head handled well with correct dentition . Nice flat skull with the sweetest of eyes all combining to give a soft expression. Stood correctly at all times.Tail of good length - moved confidently. If his owners watch his weight he could go far. 2 Boyle’s Monsolana Amore Boy Over B

MD (3) 1 Turner’s Paulara No Where Man. Upstanding young tri with lovely expressive almond shaped eyes. Well filled muzzle and good back skull. Immaculately presented in good condition with full white collar and legs. Well off for bone. Nice arch to neck and good length to height ratio. Moved out well. Another very promising young man from this kennel. 2 Dix’s Barrenclough Diamond Skies. A lot to like about this young man who was really enjoying his day out. Lovely rich sable coat. Head handled well A bit of a handful on the move but when he settled - moved with drive and showed with plenty of enthusiasm.His owner will have fun with him. 3 Boyle’s Monsolana Amore Boy over B.

GD (7,2) 1 Singh’s Tiganlea Taskmaster of Trenic - Beautiful silvery Merle with lovely markings. Coat of good texture and well groomed throughout. Lovely head ,eye and expression. Well balanced with good angulation. Well sprung rib with slight rise over the loin. Good length of tail. Moved out briskly and lightly. 2 Brown & Jopson’s Nithview This Is Me. A lovely rich golden sable with beautifully presented coat. His head handled well with nice flat skull and neat little ears which he used well. He did all that was asked of him but was unlucky to meet 1. 3 White’s Camanna Chasing Clouds Over Mejola

PGD (3) 1 Blaikie’s Kourika King Pin. Another beautifully marked 3 yr old blue Merle from this kennel. Loved his colouring and markings which enhanced his expression. Soft almond shaped eye, flat skull with neat ears that he used, good underjaw with correct bite. Well arched neck leading into good shoulders. Moved out with Drive. Well handled and presented. One who should do well in the future. A real eye catcher. 2 Allsopp’s Aqualita It’s a Miracle - 3 year old tri. Shown in good condition with a dense black coat. Not the sweet melting expression of 1. Seemed more interested in his surroundings than the job in hand. Moved ok.

LD (10,1) I was truly spoilt for choice in the next 2 classes and the old cliche of needing more cards was never more true. 1 McCann’s Oakland Blue Style Du Clos De Seawind At Zolkhan (Imp Fra) B/M 3 yrs. Have often admired this young man from the ringside and when going over him was not disappointed. Now coming into his prime - not a big dog but everything is in proportion to give an impression of a kind, gentle but masculine dog. He stood correctly at all times - even when I casually glanced over- he was stood with impassive dignity gazing intently at his owner. Lovely well filled foreface, dark correctly shaped and placed eyes with neat well set on ears. Firm lip line and enough underjaw. Correct dentition. Moved steadily with intent and purpose. Pleased to award him his second CC and sure his third isn’t far away. BD CC and BOS. 2Tipper’s Tiganlea Turning Blue. Another stunning blue from this clever breeder. Good dentition and length of jaw. Head handled well with flat skull and well filled foreface. Loved his facial markings which added to his softness of expression. Good depth of chest and well sprung rib. Coat of good texture and presented well. Carried a level topline on the move. 3 Proctor’s Wilmaranna Out Of The Blue For Cathbri

OD (8,2) 1 Hassock’s Camanna Codename - Rich shaded sable dog of 4 yrs. well turned out. This lad was on top form today and did everything his handler asked of him. Lovely wedged shaped head with dark obliquely set almond shaped eyes. Good underjaw and a melting expression. Enough length of neck and back. Good bend of stifle with well let down hocks. The long stride of his ‘mover’ got him going just at the correct pace so he covered the ground with ease. Well deserved RCC in stiff competition. 2 Foy/Hawkins Beldones Blue Echo. Gorgeous b/m with a wealth of coat of good texture. Beautiful wedge shaped head . Dark eyes correctly set with neat well shaped ears which he could use.Good arch to the neck with slight rise over the loin. Well angulated shoulders and carried a good topline when on the move. I’m sure his day will come. 3 Cooney’s Jopium Danny Boy At Lingwell

Terri Brand (Ronansprey)