September 5th 2021

It was an honour to accept an appointment to judge Smooth Collies (without cc) for this club show, the weather was glorious and the record entry of 28 dogs brought joy to my heart, and such quality in depth. Thank you to exhibitors for graciously accepting my placings, and thank you to the committee and my steward for ensuring the show ran smoothly. I was thrilled to see my BOB Smooth go on to take BIS under Mr Rod Slater.

Veteran dog or bitch (4:1 absent) 1) Russell's Ch Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczkodan. One I have judged in the past, she stole my heart in then and nothing has changed, she still does!. Now 12 years old and moving unbelieveably well for her 12 years. She oozes breed type being elegant, dignified and feminine with the cleanest of heads, no depth or flare, and retaining an excellent chin and lip line. She uses her neck and ears to great advantage and I love her eye placement, eye colour and her ultra femine expression. Strong pasterns, long arched neck, excellent forechest and flowing body lines throughout. I couldn't deny her best veteran and reserve best bitch. 2) Trudley's Ch Blamorder Back to the Future. 7 year old blue dog in outstanding body condition. Moving like a well oiled machine, he is an absolute powerhouse. Superb front assembly, balanced body proportions covered by a lovely tight clear blue jacket. A quality head although I would prefer a straighter finish to the line of his foreface. Alert and responding well to his handler. A dog on his toes and enjoying his day. Reserve best male. 3) French's Ch Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore. 10 year old completing a trio of fabulous veterans.

Puppy Dog or Bitch (4:0) 1) Howards, Shandlmain's Sofistikate Elegant 10 month old tricolour bitch who is a picture of femininity. Won this class on her lovely clean head, no flare through the cheeks, no excessive depth in profile, nicely formed chin, tight lip line and flat skull topped by super ears. Bright intelligent expression from obliquely set eyes. She has the ingredients to develop into a top quality adult. Moved soundly and with ease. Best Puppy in breed and Reserve best puppy in Show. 2) Lusty's Blamorder Audacity Masculine 9 month old tricolour dog, very mature for his age. Ultra flat skull and nice finish to muzzle, strong underjaw, tight lip line. At the moment he is a tad wide through the cheek which lost him first place today. Very well muscled with lovely body proportions and overall balance, moved very well. Best puppy Dog 3) Palmer and Trudley's Nuuk Saarskali Bila Kaifa (imp. Cz) 4) Cowlings Blamorder Opulence at Himinnsaga.

Junior dog or bitch (1)

1) Glover's Stormsett Serendipity 17 month old tricolour female. Strong bone and well up to size. Good front and overall balance. Flat skull, well filled muzzle. Ears on top. Soft expression. When she settled she moved soundly.

Post Graduate dog or bitch (6:1 absent)

1) Howard's Brackenhaye Heartbreaker at Shandlmain Solid young bitch with excellent bone and substance. Balanced head with clean cheeks and flat skull. Excellent ears and dark expressive eyes. Good front, neck and topline, nice turn of stifle, moved soundly. 2) Lusty's Blamorder Dwell on Dreams. Finer type of bitch and at the present time she is less mature than the winner. Clean head with no excessive depth. Well ballanced and proportioned throughout, good muscle tone and excellent on the move. 3) Palmer and Trundley's Toonian Tall Tale to Blamorder 4) Glover's Stormsett Snow Crystal 5) Russells KoczKodan Midnight Sun

Limit dog or bitch(7: 3 absent)

1) Lusty's Blamorder Fancy Patter My first impression was 'sparkling' because the clarity of her silvery blue coat is outstanding! Such an eye catching, elegant, dignified young lady, I knew that if her movement matched her other charms she would be hard to beat. Exquisite expression, very clean head, well formed chin, tight lip line. The flattest of skulls and correctly positioned and well used ears. Beautifully balanced throughout and when she moved it sealed the deal, she is a powerhouse. Light and effortless on her feet, wonderful long stride and really flexing her hocks, she motors. She doesn't need any 'fancy patter' because I was hooked without it! Best Bitch, Best of Breed and I was absolutely delighted to watch her piloted to BEST IN SHOW. 2) Jerrett's Blamorder Sunny Sky. Femine sable with a super head and the darkest of beautifully placed and shaped eyes. Gorgeous expression. Elegant outline being shapely in all the right places, and very sound on the move. 3) Russell's Koczkodan Serenity 4) Trundley's Juniperwood My Dream

Open Dog (3: 1 absent)

1) Smith's Gib Ch Esp.Ch Port Ch Winter is Coming to Tentola. Masculine blue dog of excellent colour. He has an elegant and dignified presence. Lovely length of neck and excellent body, correctly balanced height/length body proportions. I loved his refined head without any flare or trace of coarseness. Obliquely set eyes gifted him with a masculine yet kind, intelligent expression. Moved well but with a later change of handler he moved even His overall head qualities and expression piloted him to Best male and Best Opposite sex in strong competition. 2) Lusty's Can Gr Ch Cardoss Red Dirt Road. Masculine sable dog well up to size and needing a touch more body over the ribs. He has a beautiful eye and expression, expressive ears sitting atop an ultra flat skull. Strong chin and well rounded muzzle. Wonderful forechest . He strides around the ring with free flowing strong athletic movement. Coat a little open in texture.

Open Bitch (3,2 absent)

1)Lusty's and William's Blamorder Ice Cream Dream Refined blue bitch with classic head, eye and expression. Nicely proportioned combining strength and substance whilst retaining bags of femininity. Very sound on the move. I see she is the mother of my BOB winner and she shares many of her qualities.

Judge: Angela Harvey