Special Beginners Dog (2)
1st Boyles Barrenclough Heart of Gold - Shaded sable, a lovely make and shape, clean balanced head, sweet eye and expression, sound mover, well presented
2nd Bolt and Hollywoods Amalie A Chance to Shine - Golden sable with good comforation, masculine head, well off for bone, good length of neck and back, needs to get movement together

Minor Puppy Dog (4)
1st Brighmore's Millubie Va Va Voom - 9 month old tri with a lovely black coat of correct texture, has a nicely fitting coat, clean head, and well placed eye won him the class, used his ears well, moved well for handler
2nd Melvin and Jopson's Nithview Summer of Rockets - very well presented sable/white, stood and showed himself off well, lovely balanced outline with a good reach of neck, correct length of bath to height, nice clean head, moved well with handler
3rd Milligan and Marley's Alfsden Endless Night

Puppy Dog (4)
1st Collins Triburle Chance of Passion - Quite a mature sable/white puppy presenting a lovely picture when stood, he has a well moulded foreface, dark correctly placed eye, good length of neck and back, well off for bone, nice short hocks, just slightly loose on back end, but this should come together with age, BPD/BP.
2nd Tippers Tiganlea Twist and Turn - Sable/White with a super shape and make, his head is clean with a dark sweet eye, neat ears he used to show himself off to advantage, nice free flowing movement for one so young.
3rd Lockyers Gataj Out Of The Woods

Junior Dog (3)
1st Turners Chantique Magical Mystery - Sable/White shown in profuse coat, tip top presentation, not a hair out of place, he has the sweetest of heads, but not feminine, good moulding to foreface, nice dark almond shaped eye, neat ears, correct conformation, presents a lovely picture when stood moved with drive.
2nd Boyles Monsolana Amore Boy over Barrenclough - Tri with a jet black coat, unfortunately he has just lost his coat, but it didn't detract from his overall shape and make and shape, his head handles very well, clean and balanced eye placement, used his ears well, very positive on the move, hope he grows on.
2nd Brightmore's Millubie Razzmataz

Yearling Dog (7)
1st Growcotts Lillyway Legacy - a nice tri, also in the middle of losing coat, but still has a nice outline and shape. Good depth of chest, good bone, head is balanced, nice dark sweet eye, showed well for handler and sound movement.
2nd Turners Paulara No Where Man - Quality tri presented in full coat of correct texture, head is clean, correct placing for stop, nice dark almond shaped eye and neat ears. Stood he has a super outline, moved well and very nice presentation.
3rd Dix's Barrenclough Diamond Skies

Novice Dog (6)
1st Collins Triburle Chance of Passion
2nd Pullins Barrenclough Diamond Dawn at Myjacks - Sable/White shown in lovely condition and coat, attractive balanced head, correct eye placement, has a good length to his back, well muscled, good free movement.

Graduate Dog (5)
1st Pullins Barrenclough Diamond Dawn at Myjacks
2nd Dix's Barrenclough Diamond Skies
3rd Leese's Essanjay Fields of Gold

Post Graduate (3)
1st Lockyers Gataj Struck by Lightning - Sable/White beautifully presented in excellent coat of correct texutre. His head handles well, he has a lovely flat skull, good stop, nice moulded foreface, super outline and shape, neat short hocks and very sound mover.
2nd Blaikies Kourika King Pin - Shame about this boy, he was very unsettled due to late arrival, a blue merle of a super colour, when he did stand he had a lovely outline and shape, his head is clean and balanced. Nice almond shaped eye, when he used his ears he had a beautiful expression, he was very well presented and nice light free flowing movement.
3rd Byrne's Ingledene Affairs By Night

Limit Dog (10)
1st Brookers Corisian French Connection - What a gorgeous golden sable with a beautiful outline and shape. He has a superb expression, his head is balanced with a correct stop, dark well placed eye, ears right on top, never stopped showing himself off, lovely length of neck and good, good bones legs and tight feet, neat short hocks, well muscled back end, nice free flowing movement, so well presented. RCC
2nd Lockyer's Think Of Me Prince of Sunlight - Shaded sable that pushed hard for top place. He has a very nice balanced outline and shape, good reach of neck, his head is masculine but a sweet expression, he showed so well for handler, very sound mover and very well presented.
3rd Congdon's Starlenga All That Jazz from Aaronwell

Open Dog (8)
1st Congdon's Ch Fr Ch Jugband Blues Du Clos de Sea-Wind via Aaronwell - A blue merle of a lovely colour with a correctly fitting coat of correct texture. Viewed from all angles his outline and shape stand out, he has a well arched neck, good length to his back angulation, front and rear is spot on. His head is clean with the correct stop, nice flat skull, lovely dark almond shaped eye, neat ears, which he can use when he wants to giving the sweetest of expressions, he moved round the ring so soundly with light free flowing movement. Very well presented. DCC and Best Veteran.
2nd Cronks Int Ch Skabona The Gambler at Chelborn - Jet Black tri shown in full coat and lovely condition. Nice white markings to set off his outline, his head is clean, dark expressive eyes, neat well used ears, he can certainly move, a very sound boy.
3. McCarte's Roughrigg Rag and Bone Man

Veteran Dog (5)
1st Tippers Tigganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten - he certainly is too good to be forgotten. Just looking at him he doesn't look his age, he is a super shape and strong topline, lovely clean head, nice flat skull, correct stop, showed very well, sound mover.
2nd Williams Essanjay Dark MooN Rising - Tri of 8 years old, well presented, he has a lovely reach of neck and good length of back, balanced head, stood and showed so well, free mover.
3rd Skinners Nikal Its Good To Be Black

Minor Puppy Bitch (5)
1st Tippers Revdvicki Tahitian Pearl at Tiganlea - Tri with a good overall shape to her, she has a pretty head and showed well for one so young, just needs more time for a better picture, moved well enough
2nd Corben and Wisewyn All Dressed Up Via Caprioara - Tri, different type to 1, she has a good overall shape, but I would prefer a cleaner sweeter head, ears need to settle, moved well.

Puppy Bitch (3)
1st Gataj Good Time Girl - Totally feminine golden sable with a lovely clean head, nice dark well placed eye, good ear carriage, loved her shape and outline, she has a lovely temperament, good steady mover.

no entries

Yearling Bitch (2)
1st Boyles Barrenclough Touch of Silk - Shame about this girl, you enter them for a show and it's goodbye coat. She has a lovely head and sweet expression and she stood so well for handler, would like to see her in coat, I am sure it would be a lovely picture, sound on the move.

Novice Bitch (2)
1st Burrows Reverend V Revdvicki True Reflection - Tri shown in lovely condition with a sparkling jet black coat, nice head to handle with a sweet expression, ears neat and used well, good shoulder and depth of chest, very nice overall shape, moved well.
2nd Troops Elshajo Made By Magic - Golden sable with an appealing shape, well boned and muscled, has a pretty head when she did use her ears, moved soundly

Graduate Bitch (1)
1st Williams Essanjay Scarlet Ribbons - Shaded sable with a balanced outline, her head is clean and a nicely moulded foreface and dark eye, used her ears well to show herself off, she can certainly move, just needs to coat up for a complete picture.

Post Graduate Bitch (5,)
1st Blackburn and Jones's Erjon Evolving Star - Ultras feminine sable/white with a very sweet eye and expression. She has a very nice head, flat skull, good stop, lovely reach of neck, good shoulder and length of back, nice short hocks, well muscled rear and super outline, well presented, moved out with drive.
2nd Edwards Elshajo Adored - A quality golden sable, liked her overall shape and make, has a lovely balanced head, nice dark almond shaped eye, very nice neat ears, gave handler her full attention, positive mover.
3rd Congdon's Starlenga All My Love to Aaronwell

Limit Bitch (11) A lovely class of bitches
1st Lockyer's Paradise Girl Du Clos de Seawind for Gataj - Beautifully feminine golden sable shown in fabulous coat and condition, she has a lovely moulded foreface, flat skull, neat ears, dark almond shaped eye, all giving a soft sweet expression, has a lovely reach of neck, correct length of back to height, short neat hocks, rear end is well muscled, never puts a foot wrong for handler, completes a lovely picture when stood, moved out with drive and purpose, well deserved CC and BOB.
2nd Beare's Jemspark Maid in Secret - Another very feminine lady6 shown in superb coat, has a very elegant outline and shape, lovely clean head, flat skull, well placed eye giving a very attractive expression, good front shoulder and depth of chest, nice strong neck and correct length of back. Showed herself off well, did everything her handler could want of her, lovely flowing movement.
3rd Brookers Gerian Sun Kisses over Corisian

Open Bitch (11)
1st Bardos Hun Int Ch Tiganlea Make Good Time - Sable/white of obvious quality with a super outline and conformation, has a lovely wedge shaped head, dark well placed eye, ears were right on top of her head, nice reach of neck and length of back, well muscled rear and lovely short hocks, very attractive girl, very good mover, excellent presentation.
2nd Beaden and Arrowsmiths Ms C - Ch Saganan Blue Diamond JW - A Blue Merle with a fabulous silvery clear well broken blue coat which enhances her lovely outline and shape. She has a beautiful length of neck, correct shoulder placement and length of back to height, her head is longer and finer than 1, but it is clean. She moved round the ring with light positive movement.
3rd Shipp's Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate

Veteran Bitch (3)
1st Shipps Rahlissa Snow Maiden for Tremaro - This bitch is nearly 12 years old, looking at her and going over her she could stand in a class of two year olds and not look out of place, she has everything in place. Teeth are all there and lovely and clean, she has a super outline and shape, clean balanced head, good stop and muzzle, sweet dark eye. She presented a very pretty picture, she is a credit to her owners, and so sound on the move.
2nd Skinners Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal - Well groomed tri bitch with a nice outline and shape. Attractive balanced head, sweet dark eye and good expression, showed and moved well for handler.
3rd Swain and Lexcol's Jewel In My Crown

Marianne Grindley