On the 20th October 2016 (our 43rd wedding anniversary) a large green envelope from The Kennel Club arrived in our post box.What an honour it was to be invited to judge Collie Rough bitches at Crufts 2020.My sincere thanks to the officers and committee for the privilege to officiate at this prestigious event,the pinnacle of a judges career and undoubtedly the greatest dog show in the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day,my very efficient stewards Christine Collins and Marina Mclaughlin,worked hard throughout keeping the ring moving and myself in check (not an easy task) and with their good humour it ended not being a good day more like a great one.Many thanks ladies it is very much appreciated.

Normally it is the judge who would open the exhibits mouth and as we are in far from normal circumstances the exhibitors were required to show the dentition to the judge,this procedure was carried out very well by all,thank you.

To the exhibitors who attended and to those who entered and made their apologies for their absence for various reasons,bitches out of coat,in season,mated and humans for health issues wanting to stay safe due to the coronavirus pandemic,thank you all for your entries.

The majority of exhibitors took my decisions in a gracious sportsman like manner,thank you.

Be proud of your dogs,our lovely breed,should they not have a successful day in the show ring please don't ignore them.

A few lost out on a placing for carrying too much weight across the shoulders tending to through their front movement out.

A couple having the correct construction lost placings due to the handlers moving them too slow or their inability to move the exhibit in a straight line hence the exhibit being all over the place.

All appeared to be in good health and condition,none showed any sign of aggression or uncharacteristic behaviour,all had lovely temperaments.

I would have been more than happy to have awarded the CC to the winners of Yearling,Post Graduate,Mid Limit and Limit and to those placed second behind them and I'm sure several will go on to greater achievements.

The highest classification class 'Open' was my headache one.If only there had been a couple of handfuls of red cards.Within the seven leaving the ring unplaced were a few champions so very worthy of their titles.

Keep your dogs and yourselves healthy and safe and hopefully we will meet again,probably in 2021.

V (13,3)1 MRS S HAWKINS,CH.BRILYN PLATINUM LUSTRE. An 11.5 yr blue merle of lovely colour.well presented coat of lovely texture.Head is of good length and shape,ears set correctly and used constantly.nice outline with straight topline and length of very sound on the move in all directions.a worthy champion.

2 DR.L.W.BOYLE,UFFSPRING UNCHAINED MELODY OVER BARRENCLOUGH JW shCM.another 11.5 yr this lady is a shaded sable with a most appealing head,eye and expression with neat ears showing very well.nicely constructed,moved out well.

3 J.S.GROWCOTT,JOPIUM FASCINATOR. An 8 year tri colour whose coat was well presented shinning black enhanced with a white collar, nice head pattern, showing very well, good reach of neck and lovely conformation, moved well. completed a trio of quality veterans.

MP (2) 1 MR G &MRS M &MRS L WALKER &RITCHIE,STARLENGA ALL ABOUT ME.8 month tri colour whose coat was very well presented.exquisite head and eye with enchanting expression,showed non stop with her neat little ears,lovely body shape with reachy neck and bend of stifle.moved so well for a baby in this class.In the challenge for BPB with her exuberant personality took over and she decided it was playtime,bless her.I'm sure she will have a bright future of which I will follow with interest.

2 MISS D.M.COLLINO, IMAGINIST PERFECT PITCH.8 month sable with a nice head and body shape,showed well and although the same age as 1st I felt she needed to gain more confidence,still very much a baby in the developing stage,just needs a little more time.moved adequately.

P (7,4) 1 MR A &MRS C SCOTT,CHANTIQUE DEJA VU.very well presented 10.5 month golden sable,ultra feminine with a lovely soft,most appealing expression,correct stop,dark almond shaped eyes,moulded muzzle,ears well set and used,shapely body proportions,correct in shoulder placement moving with ease on her well boned legs.pleasing type another with a great future ahead,I was happy to award her BPB

2 MRS D MCDADE,LYNDALE ILLUSION OF LOVE. 11.5 month well presented sable & white who showed very well,lovely balanced head and really nice expression,good body shape and had length of back,not dissimilar to 1.pretty girl who i did like.moved adequately so couldn't match the winner on this today.

3 MR R & MRS L M ADAMS& CARLYON,DYCOSHEM EMILY MORGAN.10 month tri colour with very black coat and rich tan markings.well presented.nice head of good length,eye is dark,stop needs to clear to enhance expression,showing well,needs time to mature.moved adequately.

J (16,4) 1 MR A & MRS C SCOTT,CHANTIQUE OOH LA LA. 10.5 month golden sable & white.when breeding we hope to have something of show quality from the litter and as this puppy is litter sister to the winner of the previous class,how fortunate the breeder/owners are with these two beauties.similar remarks apply as her litter mate although her sister has a little more moulding of fore face and is a tad bigger all over.very well presented.

2 MISS M DAVIES,BELDONES UPTOWN GIRL OF ROSSCHELL.17 month sable & white another who really appealed for type and size,lovely body shape,tight feet and short neat hocks,well groomed coat,on the move she covered the ground with ease.sweet dark well placed eyes and nicely balanced head showed well for her handler, a young man who always gets the absolute best from his charges with his super handling skills.

3 MISS J L BROOKER,PARIS VENISE DU BOIS DES AMAZONES FOR CORISIAN.14 month sable & white who was presented so very well.great body shape with lovely bend of stifle,tight feet and short neat hocks,reachy neck and moving soundly.her head is balanced with good parallel planes.ears are correctly set and used well.

Y (19,5) MRS V A BROWN,MERTRISA COOL LOVE.21month striking tri colour with a well presented coat.head is so good to handle,not a sign of any coarseness,her eyes are dark and obliquely set so very difficult to achieve on a tricolour,ears are well set and she has a captivating expression,arched neck,depth of chest,lovely outline,gently handled and moved with ease.

2 MR B & MRS O HAWKINS & FOY,BELDONES ENABLE.17 month sable&white.unlucky to meet 1 on the day as she was also worthy of that position.again a clever breeder as the litter was 2nd in the previous class.nicely moulded muzzle,balanced head,ears well set and used,good front and rear angulation,ample bone and shapely body,tight feet,well groomed and moved out well.

3 MRS D ILEY,CALL ME A DREAMER IN BLUE FOR ILEYDA DELLA VERDE SCOZIA JW (IMP.ITA).rising 2 yr well broken lovely coloured blue merlewith a huge white collar,shapely body proportions enhanced by a long neck and level topline.head of good lengthwith a kind eye and flat back skull.showed steadily,sound on the move and well presented.

PG (24,6) 1 MR G & MRS M & MRS L WALKER & RITCHIE,NELINKA DE REMEMBER OUR LOVE FOR STARLENGA (IMP.FRA) 2 yr 4 month stunning tri colour with a gleaming black coat and rich tan markings,groomed to perfection,tight feet and short neatly trimmed hocks,ample bone,sound on the move with excellent reach and drive.depth of body,level topline,well laid shoulders.length of head,smooth cheeks,flat skull,very pleasing eyes for shape,size and setting,neat ears combining to give a sweet expression and a steady show girl.

2 MRS V CRONK,CHELBORN WISH LIST.2 year sable and as always from this kennel was groomed immaculately.this pretty girl appealed for size and substance,pleasing head pattern,correct stop,soft eyes of a good size,ears tipped and used well,good bone great body shape,correct in shoulder placement and rear angulation,very sound on the move covering the ground effortlessly.

3 MRS M LOCKYER,GATAJ GIRL'S BEST FRIEND.2year 3month very well presented sable with a balanced head,correct stop,flat skull,small tipped ears which she used so well,dark eyes of good shape combining to give a very sweet expression.length of back,nice body shape and proportions,moved out positively.

ML (17,2) In this class of 15 on the day I see 3 of the 5 placings were all from the same Romanian breeder.

1 MRS V M TAME,RIVERSIDE SONG XTRA SWEET AT RAHLISSA (IMP.ROM) and sweet she is,2 yr sable of lovely type,clean head properties with correct stop,good underjaw,really pleasing eye for colour,shape and size,neatly tipped ears combining to give a delightful expression.her arched neck flowed into well laid shoulders,good length of back and level topline,lovely tight feet,short hocks enabled her to move with purpose and drive.a natural show girl who was presented in tip top condition.

2 MR S & MRS H WALDER,HANVALE POLLY SHELBY JW.2 yr in her puppy days this bright golden sable could have quite easily been overlooked,she has matured so immensely and would stand her ground in the best of company.lovely head,eyes ideal for size,shape and colour,stop,rounded foreface,spot on for ear carriage and always giving of her best on the showing front.ample bone,feet and short hocks trimmed neatly,shapely body with correct angulation and sound on the move,put down to the minute as is the norm from her owner/breeders,with 2 CC's under her belt there is no doubt she will wear her crown,loved her, just needed more coat on the day to finish a perfect picture.

3 MRS V A BROWN,RIVERSIDE SONG TROPICAL LOVELAND WITH MERTRISA (IMP.ROM) 3 yr tricolour with a well presented profuse coat which did not hide her lovely body shape,good bend of stifle,well laid shoulders,good neck with white shawl collar looked wonderful on the blackest of coats,neat feet and short hocks moving soundly.smooth wedge shaped balanced head,soft eyes,showing well.

L (11,4) 1 MRS L D & MR J A JONES & BLACKBURN,ERJON EXCLUSIVELY SPECIAL. 4yr blue merle with a pleasing colour and well broken markings,huge white collar around a swan like neck,level topline and length of back,lovely rear angulation and shoulder placement,depth of chest.her head is of ideal length and refined,clean stop,eyes are good for shape and size,nively tipped ears that were used non stop giving an inquisitive expression,fitted coat that was well presented.excelled on the move with drive from the rear and excellent reach in front action,clinched her this really nice class of quality exhibits.

2 MR G & MRS M & MRS L WALKER AND RITCHIE,CHANTIQUE CINDERELLA AT STARLENGA. 3yr 4month golden sable this girl is a real eye catcher and so very glamorous,lovely conformation not over shadowed by her very well presented coat in full bloom,well trimmed neat feet and short hocks,good for bone,correct in shoulders and rear angulation,depth of chest,pleasing in eye,flat back skull,a natural show girl with neat ears giving a super expression.when judging it has to be what happens on the actual day and not what we have previously seen on other occasions and although she moved out well just couldn't match the front extension of 1 today.sitting on 2 CC'S I wish her well on gaining access to the upper house.

3 MISS G & MS C BEADEN & ARROWSMITH,SAGANAN BLUE DIAMOND JW. just over 2yr most beautifully coloured and marked blue merle with a huge white collar carried around her crested neck.her head is balanced and of good length with soft eyes,ears are correctly set and used constantly.her outline is very pleasing with level topline and length of back,bend of stifle and correct in shoulders and a long tail.neat feet and short hocks,covering the ground effortlessly with free flowing movement.If there were a prize for presentation this exhibitor would certainly be a force to be reckoned with,immaculate.

0 (18,6) By far the most challenging class of the day with a variation in type of beautiful bitches possessing many virtues.Standing in pole position was MRS S HAWKINS,CH.BRILYN MOLLY CODDLES JW. a very beautiful bright golden sable with a white collar on a neck of ideal just under 3yrs this young lady is in her prime,ultra feminine and in sparkling tip top condition with her coat presented to perfection, gleaming,not a hair out of place,fitted her shapely body so well.correct in conformation,lay of shoulders and angulation of stifles,level topline,deep rib cage,long tail,short neatly trimmed hocks and front feet,ample bone, moving with a light purposeful action.her head is balanced, wedge shaped with smooth cheeks and flat back skull,eyes are obliquely set,dark and ideal for size and shape,ears on top showing constantly with an exquisite expression.stood for square,calmly and expertly handled on a loose lead.I was pleased to award her the bitch CC

2 MRS S V NOVISLAVSKAYA,INT.CH.FRIDENS BORA-BORA (ATC AU01110RUS) I cannot recall ever seeing this Russian beauty in the UK before.a darker sable than the previous winner and built on slightly heavier 3yrs 8months another in their prime,very pleasing head to handle with parallel planes,correct stop,dark obliquely set eyes,not a showing fool but when she decided to use her ears I was able to see a beautiful expression.lovely outline,level topline,good length of back,depth of chest and correct lay of shoulders and bend of stifles,presented so very well with perfectly trimmed short hocks and front feet,well boned.she powered effortlessly around the ring.I hope to see her in the UK again as I would think she would do very well in the show ring. happy to award R.CC

3 MR B & MRS O HAWKINS & FOY,CH.BELDONES FIT FOR FUN. at just over 5yrs 'this gorgeous lady' is the winner of 10 CC'S and justifiably so,she is a real credit to her owner/breeders.a sable & white whose coat is always in abundance and very well presented.her head is so balanced, clean and smooth like running your hands through velvet,with her lovely soft sweet dark eyes,correct stop,ears on top giving the most dreamy of expressions.ample bone,neat feet and short hocks,depth of body,level topline,well angulated stifles and correct lay of shoulders moved with a free flowing gait,one of my favourite bitches of all time and a noteworthy CHAMPION.

GC (6,1) MRS S L WRAY-RAMSDEN,BELDONES DUCHESS OF DREAMS JW.this lovely exhibit had a very illustrious puppy career and gained her JW with ease.for a time she went off the boil and began to look rather matronly, I'm so happy to see her now at just over 5yrs looking so good and fulfilling her earlier expectations,shaded sable & white with a clean,balanced head,rounded muzzle,lovely dark eyes of correct size and shape.ears on top showing so well,with a lovely expression,great conformation,bend of stifle,correct in shoulders,neat tight feet,short hocks,good bone,stood four square,sympathetically handled on a loose lead,well presented,her movement was sound with a positive action.

2 DR L W BOYLE,BARRENCLOUGH GOLDEN PEARL. aptly named golden sable & white at 4yrs,good head planes with correct stop,appealing dark eyes,neatly tipped small ears used well giving a soft expression,her body is very shapely,level topline,with good rear and shoulders,a born show girl who moved well and was nicely presented.