29 Feb. 2020

Many thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge the Rough Collie Dogs at this prestigious Show, also thanks to my capable Stewards for keeping the ring flowing.

Veteran Dog: 2 (1ab)
1.Blaikie,Ch. Willowdene Double or Quits at Wassail, Tri of 8yrs., head handles well, good eye and ear carriage, level topline, deep chest, strides out well.

Minor Puppy Dog: 7 (3ab)
1.Cronk,Chelborn That’ll Do, tri. Of good colour, head handles well, sweet eye, good overall shape with deep rib, moved well for age. 2.Cronk, Chelborn Nice To Know, similar in type to 1, but not as good on the move. 3.Congdon,Starlenga All That Jazz from Aaronwell.

Puppy Dog: 4
1. Lockyer Gataj Struck By Lightning, 11mth sable ,pleasing head with sweet eye, well filled muzzle, uses his ears well which gives him a sweet but masculine expression, good reach of neck, deep chest, sound in shoulder, keeps a good topline on the move which he does with drive, should have a good future. B.P.D. 2.Ware,Poker Face Du Clos De Sea-Wind at Wassail (imp.Fr.) similar in type to winner, well presented, with good overall shape just lost out to 1 on movement. 3.Randall,Ladnar Mustriharder.

Junior Dog 3
1.Blake, Corydon Pol Roger, b/m coat of good colour, just a year old his head handles well, good reach of neck,leading to sound shoulders,deep chest,he carries a good topline on the move which he does well Page 2 2.Blaikie, Kourika King Pin, another blue, head balance all though for me a little too strong, good eye, uses his ears well, nice deep chest, sound topline, in good coat lost out to 1 on rear movement. 3.McCarte,Roughrigg Rag’n’Bone Man

Maiden Dog: 3 (2ab)
1.Congdon,Starlenga All That Jazz from Aaronwell, 3rd in m/p just 7mth, head handles well,good overall shape, coat of good colour and texture, moves well just needs to mature. Novice Dog:1. 1.Lockyer,Gataj Struck By Lightning B.P.D

Graduate Dog:2
1.McCann, Oakland Blue Style Du Clos De Seawind (imp. Fr.), b/m of just 2yrs. Well defined head with good eye placement,uses his ears well giving a soft but masculine expression, good overall construction, deep chest sound in shoulder, well angulated moved with drive. 2.Hawkins, Brilyn Born For Glory, another promising male who has a lot to like about him, just lost out to 1 on movement.

Post Graduate Dog: 4 (2ab.)
1. Edwards,Starlenga Harry Potter, s/w dog no mistaking his sex. Head handles well, sweet eye,good ear carriage,sound in shoulder with good deep rib, carries a good topline on the move which he does with drive. 2.Mills, Lynmack Starman, another nice one,pleasing expression, well made with good length of back, moved well.

Mid Limit Dog:4 (1ab)
1. Cronk,Culbrae Code Red at Chelborn, Well constructed male, head handles well, good reach of neck, good length of back, moved well. 2.Lockyer, Once Upon A Time Du Clos De Sea-Wind With Gataj (imp. Fr.)JW. Another nice one, head of good shape, sweet eye, good overall body shape, moved well, just thought 1 had the edge on him today. 3.McLarty,Gerian Sundazzle.

Limit Dog: 11
A lovely class of dogs with some having to go cardless.
1.Brooker, Corisian French Connection,,gorgeous sable,just turned 2yrs. He has the softest but masculine expression,head of correct shape, good tight ear carriage, sound in front with good lay of shoulder, deep rib, presented in immaculate condition, carries a good topline on the move which he does with drive,should have a bright future. R.C.C. 2.Lockyer, Think Of Me Prince Of Sunlight at Gataj (imp. Hun.) JW.,unlucky to meet 1but he also has a lot to like about him. Soundly made with correct head properties, good overall shape, moved well. 3.Cooney, Jopium Danny Boy at Lingwell.

Open Dog: 11
1.Congden, UK & Fr. Ch. Jugband Blues Du Clos De Sea-Wind via Aaronwell (imp. Fr.), This dog is a real eye catcher, his blue coat is well broken and of good texture. Standing he is all male, beautiful wedge head with eye of good shape and colour, ears correctly set, good reach of neck, shoulders well angulated, deep chest, and good topline,he moves with drive and elegance around the ring. Couldn’t resist him. CC & B.O.B 2.Collins,Ch. Chelborn Soul Desire for Triburle , pleasing s/w but today had that look of wanting to be somewhere else. His head handles well, sweet but masculine expression, sound in shoulder, deep chest, moves well. 3.Johnston,Sea Dreamer’s One And Only (imp. NLD.)

Judge: Mervyn Casling