The British Collie Club Sub-Group Championship Show

29th February 2020

Rough Collie Bitches

I would like to thank The British Collie Club for inviting me to judge the bitches at this prestigious show. It was an honour.

Thankyou to Val Tame and Dave Crapper, my two stewards, for making it a very enjoyable day. Thanks, also, to all the exhibitors for their entries. Such high quality made it difficult for me in several classes. Congratulations to all the winners.

Just a note for those of you who judge with dogs at stud. I rang the K.C. judging department and spoke to Ticiara who said, and I quote, “There is no K.C. rules prohibiting anyone who has taken a bitch to a stud dog owner from showing under that judge”. Hopefully, this will help those who are unsure of the rules.

Veteran Bitch 4(0)
1 st Margetts’ COLLINGVALE CRÈME CARAMEL JW. Shaded sable with smooth wedge shape balanced head, flat back skull. An old hand at showing with good bone and body shape. Moved well and presented in tip-top condition. 2 nd Walder’s CH. HEART OF GOLD CABRENYSSET FOR HANVALE (imp Fra) Lovely golden sable. Nicely moulded muzzle, sweet expression, good neck, correct chest and length of back. Covered the floor with ease. Very tentative to owner and made a lovely picture. 3 rd Growcott’s JOPIUM FASCINATOR Res. Grindley’s LANRUE LADYBIRD OF MYRIEHEWE

Minor Puppy Bitch 9(1)
1 st Walker & Ritchie’s STARLENGA ALL ABOUT ME WOW. It WAS all about her. What an absolutely lovely puppy. 7 month old with jet black coat. Dreamy expression. Deep stop with such a lovely eye, which is so hard to find on a tricolour. Very feminine with tight ear carriage, flat back skull, arched neck, good depth of ribcage, strong bone. I loved her confirmation and she moved with ease around the ring. Showed her socks off all day. Such a stunning puppy. I’m sure she has a wonderful future ahead of her. Delighted to award her BPB. Also gaining BPIB & BPIS. 2 nd Lockyer’s PARADISE GIRL DU CLOS DE SEA-WIND FOR GATAJ (imp Fra) This sable has a lovely outline, standing and showing non-stop. Correct length of back and nice reach of neck. Loved the moulding round her muzzle. Almond eye, flat skull and good underjaw. Deep chest with level top line. Moved with ease and at one with owner. 3 rd Wells’ AMALIE JUST ANNIE AT TERELIMON Res. Congdon’s STARLENGA ALL MY LOVE TO AARONWELL VHC. Burrows’ TIGANLEA TRULY MOONSTRUCK AT REVDVICKI

Puppy Bitch 3(0)
1 st Scott’s CHANTIQUE DÉJÀ VU Beautiful golden sable. Such a sweetheart. Loved her head pattern. Ultra-feminine, typical of this kennel. Neatly tipped ears and lovely almond eyes obliquely set, giving a melting expression. Good underjaw, shapely body with ample bone. Moved effortlessly. Promising young lady and awarded RBPB. 2 nd Rose’s UFFSPRING ULTRAVOX Shapely puppy with pleasing balanced head patterns. Soft almond eyes, arched neck, good body length with well sprung ribs. Good front and rear angulation. Soundly constructed. 3 rd Farthing’s ALDREEN ILLUSION IN BLUE FOR DIDEK

Junior Bitch 11(0)
1 st Hawkins-Foy’s BELDONES ENABLE Thought this sable was gorgeous. Typical of this kennel. Loved her conformation enhanced by arched neck and shapely body. Very soft expression with almond eyes and correctly placed ears. Looked to be enjoying her day out. In super coat and condition flowing effortlessly around the ring. A lovely picture. 2 nd Barron & Jenkins’ TIGANLEA TWINKLING SAPHIRE AT RANNALROCH This blue merle youngster was nicely marked and a lovely colour. Wedge shape head with good underjaw and almond eyes. Neck blended perfectly into body which was of good length. Stood squarely and moved with ease making a very appealing outline. 3 rd Brooker’s PARIS VENISE DU BOIS DES AMAZONES FOR CORISIAN (imp Fra) Res. Margetts’ LYNMEAD LEMONADE FOR COLLINGVALE VHC. Baker’s TIGANLEA TWINKLING SKY

Maiden Bitch 5(1)
1 st Scott’s CHANTIQUE OOH LA LA Sister to puppy winner. She is along the same consistent lines. Lovely shape with ample bone, allowing her to move with drive. Very feminine with soft sweet expression enhanced by her smoothly rounded muzzle, almond eyes and neatly tipped ear carriage. Very petite and shapely. Must have been a cracking litter. 2 nd Starlenga all my love to Aaronwell This tricolour is sister to minor puppy winner. She is jet black in colour with a wealth of coat in perfect condition. Ample bone with good turn of stifle. Correct body length, arched neck, smooth wedge shape head with nice underjaw, good stop and flat skull. Sound conformation presenting a lovely picture. 3 rd Tipper’s TIGANLEA TRUE ROMANCE Res. Ablett’s Atlanta White Christmas Novice Bitch 4(2) 1 st Aldreen Illusion in Blue for Didek This blue merle came from the puppy class. She has a rounded muzzle with almond eyes, flat back skull and correctly tipped ears. Presenting a glamorous picture. Well sprung ribs, correct length of back with pleasing outline. 2 nd Atlanta White Christmas A feminine wedge shape head in proportion, full of intelligence. Shapely body with good length of back. Nicely boned. In good coat. Moved okay.

Graduate Bitch 7(0)
1 st Hollywood’s AMALIE ALL MOST BLONDE Rich shaded sable. Very feminine with soft expression enhanced by her almond eyes, neatly tipped ear carriage with good wedge shape head and smooth cheek lines. Arched neck, deep chest and well sprung ribs. In good coat. Moved with drive. Sound construction with ample bone. Presenting a perfect picture in body and outline. 2 nd Lynmead Lemonade for Collingvale This young lady came from junior bitch and was behaving much better in this class. She has all the makings of a lovely blue merle as she matures. Very feminine. Excellent outline and conformation. Obliquely set eyes, flat skull, smooth cheeks and good ear placement giving that desired sweet expression. Good body shape, bend of stifle and correct length of tail. Colour will clear as she matures. Moved soundly with drive. 3 rd Blaikie’s KOURIKA KOVER GIRL Res. Baker’s TIGANLEA LET THERE BE LOVE VHC. Zasun’s Merida Actis Poland

Post Graduate Bitch 10(0)
1 st Grindley’s LANRUE MILLY MOLLY MANDY Wow. Love this blue merle. Colour is outstanding. She has a beautiful wedge shape head pattern. Wonderful rounded moulded muzzle. Very sweet exquisite almond eyes lending to a dreamy expression. Clean stop, flat back skull and alert ear carriage. Deep chest, lovely body shape, well boned. Moved with ease and drive. Super condition. 2 nd Walker & Ritchie’s NELINKA DE REMEMBER OUR LOVE FOR STARLENGA (imp Fra) What a lovely tricolour. Mother to the minor puppy winner. She is a stunner. Beautiful head pattern, good stop and flat back skull, moulded muzzle and strong underjaw. Such a soft sweet expression. Her almond eyes perfectly placed, arched neck with correct body length and conformation. Jet black coat in super condition. Loved her bone and body shape, front and rear angulation. Moved with ease around the ring. Smashing bitch. 3 rd Lockyer’s GATAJ GIRL’S BEST FRIEND Res. Jackson’s SASSARI MADE ME SILVER VHC. Mitchell & Jordan’s SCOTTLYME QKISSAGRAM FOR AVONFAIR

Mid Limit Bitch 8(0)
1 st Congdon’s LOLITA LEMPICKA DU CLOS DE SEA-WIND VIA AARONWELL (imp Fra) I just love this blue merle bitch. She is a beautiful clear blue colour, (hard to find), with the softest of expression. Beautiful almond eyes, obliquely set, smooth wedge shape head with flat back skull. Lovely reach of neck enhancing body shape, well laid shoulders, deep ribs and good turn of stifle and long tail. Loved her conformation and floated round the ring. Presented a lovely picture. 2 nd Rutherford’s RIVERSIDE SONG UNBREAKABLE HEART AT KELBEWOOD (imp Rom) Obviously, I admire this kennel, having some from Olivia myself. Very typey lines. This young lady has a rich sable colour. Very glamorous, clean smooth head pattern, lovely moulding with sweet almond eyes giving soft expression. Tight ear carriage, flat back skull and good underjaw. Correct depth of ribcage and length of back. Level top line, ample bone and good bend of stifle. In good coat and condition. Very shapely and feminine. A non-stop show girl. Floated round the ring with ease and drive, 3 rd Tipper’s TIGANLEA TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE Res. Cronk’s CHELBORN WISH LIST VHC. Walder’s HANVALE POLLY SHELBY JW

Limit Bitch 4(1)
1 st Walker & Ritchie’s CHANTIQUE CINDERELLA AT STARLENGA OUTSTANDING. This sable bitch has such ring presence. you just cannot ignore her. She took my breath away as soon as I saw her. I could have watched her all day long. There were so many stunning collie bitches here today, but one must win, and win she did. The elegance of her blew me away. She has the most softness of dreamy expressions, with clean head lines, sound underjaw, almond eyes obliquely set, correctly placed tightly tipped ears. Lovely arching reach of neck and well sprung ribs enhancing her fantastic body shape, and conformation to die for. Short hocks, tight feet and ample bone. Stood square front and rear. Long tail. In amazing coat and condition, beautifully groomed and presented, in perfect harmony with owner. She just floated round the ring with effortless positivity and elegance. An absolute perfect picture. You must be so proud to own her and a credit to her breeder. I’m sure her third ticket is not far away. Delighted to award her the bitch CC. and gaining RBOB & BOSIB. 2 nd Plank’s RIVERSIDE SONG HAPPY ENDING FOR RAYVEL (imp Rom) Another stunning sable bitch in such a hard class. She is in super coat and condition with her rich sable colour. I was chuffed to be able to judge this beautiful girl, oozing quality and charm. Well arched neck, perfect shapely body. Ample bone with tight feet, short hocks, standing square front and rear. Flattest of skulls, tight ear carriage and good underjaw, she possesses the most exquisite almond eyes lending to a very feminine soft, dreamy expression. Moved effortlessly, positively floating round the ring. Shown to perfection. Well-deserved Res CC. 3 rd James’ GERIAN SUNBARLEY WITH JAMESFAIR

Open Bitch 10(3)
1 st Hawkins-Foy’s CH. BELDONES FIT FOR FUN Golden sable bitch, well worthy of her champion title. I love her sire. She is a very beautiful bitch in full coat and amazing condition. Superb conformation enabling her to float round the ring with grace and elegance. Very soft sweet expression, wedge shape head with clean lines, almond eyes, correct stop and perfect ear carriage. Sound in construction with good shoulder angulation and plenty of bone. Elegant typey bitch. 2 nd Waterhouse’s LYNMEAD AMALIE LADY IN LACE Shaded sable very typical of this kennel. A striking bitch with a sweet dreamy expression. Obliquely set almond eyes and tight ear carriage. Nicely moulded muzzle with clean smooth cheek lines. Good arched neck and shoulder placement with plenty of bone and ample coat. Overall conformation was very pleasing, and she moved with ease and drive. Lovely girl. 3 rd Hawkins’ CH. BRILYN MOLLYCODDLES JW Lovely golden sable, and I was delighted to be able to judge her. She is beautiful and showed her socks off. In perfect condition. Wedge shape head, smooth cheek lines, very sweet expression created from lovely almond eyes and neat ears correctly tipped. Good arched neck and well sprung ribs, length of back and long tail. Sound in construction and ultra-feminine. Moved gracefully and positively. Very pretty. Res. Congdon’s RIVERSIDE SONG A WINTER’S TALE OF AARONWELL (imp Rom) VHC. Wray-Ramsden’s BELDONES DUCHESS OF DREAMS JW Judge.

Mrs Val Brown (MERTRISA)