YORKSHIRE COLLIE CLUB HELD its Championship show at Woodlands Doncaster on September 1st 2019

Both my husband and I have had a long association with Yorkshire Collie Club, and it was a great pleasure and honour for me to be invited to judge the Rough Collie Bitches. I was delighted to receive  a super entry, from PG onwards I had some beautiful bitches to go over, and there were many I have admired that had to go card less in this competition, presentation was first class, nearly all were beautifully groomed and I appreciated the effort the exhibitors had gone to make their exhibits look their best.

In general my only disappointment was” movement”, there was a tarpourlin covering the floor which seemed to affect the movement somewhat, as I found several seemed to hesitate going away, and turning the corner, and as we have a breed that have some idiosincrities over anything different underfoot, I had to make allowances.

I wish to thank both my stewards Mary Glover-Guest and  the young lady for keeping things moving along,

My co-judge Mr Robin Blakie and I were in agreement over our main awards.


Veteran .5   
1.  Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator Tri shown in first class condition, Good body lines, well angulated hindquarters and moved out, good bone presenting a nice overall profile, she has a moulded head with filling in foreface and good under jaw, correct stop, well placed eye giving a soft expression. Ears on top, showing constantly, deserved her Best Veteran in Show.

2.Whitakers Jopium Magical Dream  Litter sister to above a very similar bitch to 1. Tricolour, the same construction in good coat, she was just slightly fuller in eye than her sister, and not quite as sweet in expression never the less  I liked her and no doubt will have fun challenging her sister.

3. Anabelle Danfebreck Magic’s Wild Sopice with Avisette

MPB .5 (2)
1. Paris Venise du bois Des amazons  for Corision pretty  sable carrying a good coat well developed ribs, good hind quarters& good legs and feet, quite forward for 7 months, well developed head with excellent moulding of foreface correct stop well filled skull, good eye placement giving a sweet expression her ears are a fraction heavy at the moment which is quite understandable for her age moved quite well, with correct tail carriage, stood and showed well responded to her handler well.

2. Whitaker ‘s Tiganlea Something Blue

3.Gregory Phreelancer Faded Denim

 Puppy B 8 (3)
1. Scott’s Chantique Phantasia a pretty g s/w of 11`months she has a most appealing Refined head, especially sweet eye & expression, good stop. neat ears on top, she also has a tiny attractive smudge on  her nose which enhances her  sweetness & femininity, all together she has an elegant profile, close fitting coat with the necessary furnishings, moved quite well, one who has all the potential to mature well. Reserve Best Puppy in show.

2.Tipper’s  Tiganlea Twinkling Star. When I turned to look at this  puppy, she almost took my breath away! her colour is Stunning, a dream of a blue, with well broken merling she also has a super outline she, has a definite Collie sweetness and is full of quality, she has a clean refined head, enough stop and good eye placement, but her rosebud ears on top were quite small  ,which was the deciding factor. she had a good reach neck and overall outline, moved out with confidence, it was a hard decision between these two promising puppies, I am sure they will change places many times  in the future.

3.McIntyre’s Jopium Loves to Sparkle at Meryctin sable completed a Trio  of really promising bitches, and they are our future, a nicely well developed puppy, with a lovely head eye and expression moved particularly well, excellent body lines and carrying a good coat,  good bone , will no doubt  be  heard of again.

Junior. 9 (3)
1. Mertrisa Cool Love this tricolour of 14 months really took my eye, she is ultra feminine, presenting  a beautiful   silhouette, she is carrying a wealth of coat over her excellent depth and spring of rib. good bone legs and feet, she is one which excels in sweetness particularly in eye & expression  good ears on top superb hind quarters which helped her swift action. My only doubt is I would have liked a little more of her all round, yet she could not be denied her first placing.

2. Tame’s Oh Suzannah de Clos de Seawind - A red sable with a close fitting coat, showing her head off, she has a good reach of neck and presents an excellent overall profile ,she has a clean wedge head correct stop and  flat skull, well placed eye and super ears showing all the time. Obviously  her assets are many, today unlucky to meet the ultra sweetness of the winner.

3.Hollinshead’s Starlyn Amazing Grace.

Maiden 3.
1. Paris Venis Du /Bois deAmazons for Corision  others were Absent.

Graduate.6 (2) 1.McCarte’s Beldones Fun’N’ Games at Roughbrigg stood away in this class. 2yrold sable nice bitch overall, she has no exaggerations, not a glamour girl but sound throughout, good bodylines excellent depth and spring of rib good legs and feet, moved well, she has a moulded head with good foreface and underjaw, correct stop well placed eyes  and good ear placement and showed non stop.

2.Tipper & Jeffries Tiganlea Sweet Treat.

3.Lockyer’sBeldones Coco Mademoiselle at Gataj.

Post Grad. 18(2)
1. Rutherfords Riverside Song Unbreakable Heart at Kelbewood  I have never seen this bitch before today,  and what a lovely surprise to see her, she is very much what I like, oozing quality she took my eye for her overall outlook, she was carrying a full fitted coat with the glamorous featherings and petticoats ,she had good overall  length of body and she was in complete balance, with good reach of neck set in excellent shoulders, good front, she has a clean well moulded head ,With flat skull , correct stop rounded foreface, lovely eye giving a sweet expression, well placed ears, which she used continually. good turn of stifle and short well let down hocks, initially her owner had left a lot of surplus hair on her rear pasterns, which gave the impression she was moving closely behind, however, much of this hair had been removed when she came into the challenge, this is when I got a true impression of her hind action, then I was completly satisfied  enough to award her the Reserve CC in excellent company.

2.Walders Hanvale Polly Shelby well known winner,  a very confident young lady who has an attractive outlook, well bodied with excellent depth and spring of rib, covered by a good coat beautifully groomed, good bone, plus a good neck and shoulder, well moulded and finished head, correc t stop well filled skull and good ears,moved out well, one who will always be considered for a high placing.

3,Tame’s Claudette at Rahlissa.

Limit. 17 (5)
1.Jones & Blackburn Erjon Exclusively Special . Blue Merle who takes the eye for her beautiful colour and presentation, her coat just shone with condition, enhanced by her snow white markings, she is classic in outlook with correct body length, and excellent reach of neck, she is in total  balance , with a good length of head, clean cheeks, and moulding in foreface , enough stop well placed eye giving the desired expression, she has a close fitting coat which does not camouflouge her excellent overall profile, responded to her handler well.

2.Grindley’s LanruLadybird at Myriehewe a mature bitch who, I have judged in her youth, a lovely bitch which excels in movement, well boned with good depth and spring of rib covered by a wealth of coat good neck and shoulders, she retains her lovely head, eye and expression and showmanship, it is a pleasure to  see her move as she strides out  and drives from behind, and as always from this kennel beautifully presented.

3.Lockyer’sTakhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj.

Open 16 (5) What a class to judge, with several champions’s and top winners It was indeed a privilege  to handle and judge them.

In first place was Hodges Jopium Love heart, What A beautiful bitch this is. Who headed this class of remarkable beauties, a sable whom is now in her prime she has tremendous ring presence, when I was paying her some attention she simply lifted her neck and showed off herself to every advantage, she was in magnificent coat gleaming with condition, and had very good body lines with depth of rib and good hindquarters, she had very glamorous featherings with not a hair out of place, as she was beautifully groomed, when I examined her head it was like handling velvet, her smooth cheeks and well filled skull, correct stop moulded foreface, and the sweetest eye and expression, topped by well placed ears, it was a pleasure just to look at her standing, she moved out when asked, and considering her competition she did not fade into insignificance, I found her incredibly beautiful and  deserved the CC and with my co-judge’s agreement Best in show.

2.Boyle’s Arklethill Helena another beautiful Collie whom is a bright golden sable with all the glamour of her ancestry, she is now coming into her own, and so far has had  quite a show career, She is just coming into coat another show girl who tries hard for the top spot, good lines and excellent body and bone, beautifully groomed and handled, she just needs a little more head  and neck furnishing to complete the picture her day will come.

3.McGowans  Ch Riverside Song Bossa Nova Baby Joins Corisian One I have long admired such a lovely feminine bitch with all the qualities one looks for in a champion. It was a pleasure to go over her.

Sandra Wigglesworth