WELKS 2019 - Rough Collies

PD (5, 4) 1 Geddes’ Ingledene Man After Midnite. B/m, very nicely put together, youngster with lovely bone, good rear and top line, pleasing colour and coat texture. nice length of head with good flat skull and nice foreface, well placed, sized and set ears, correct planes to his head, dark eye, moves out freely if a little narrow in front at the moment – very attentive boy, should mature on well. BP.

JD (2) 1 Davis’ Monsolana Read Of Me Via Rosschell (Imp Rus). Very well groomed and presented Tri in profuse coat, although would prefer better colour black. Good depth of ribs and topline, nice dark eye and rounded foreface, well used ears, moved ok, less length of head and deep stop for me, standing tucked up behind today. 2 Corben’s Astromelias Ulises Via Caprioara (Imp Esp). Very lean wayward s/w boy who was not at his best today. Lacking presentation and training to stand squarely, moved correctly and controlled tail on the move. 

PGD (4, 1) 1 Geddes’ IngledeneWell sorted. Handsome upstanding tri presented beautifully in full coat of correct texture, well proportioned balanced dog with good ribs, moves out soundly, well angulated both ends, lovely long sweeping tail lacking in most, little heavier boned legs and feet than my ideal, but a quality dog, lovely length of head, smooth flat cheeks, lovely moulded foreface with correct planes to his head, not a showing fool in the noisy hall inside, but a handsome dog who surely has a very bright future. BD, BOB. 2 Newton & Patterson’s Darahill Xanadu. Very appealing s/w dog who excels in glamour, beautiful presentation and a lovely expression. Super coat, nice sized bone; has a lovely eye and moulded foreface, very well set used and sized ears, keen showman puts in a good performance. Very eyecatching boy. RBD. 3 Byrne’s Ingledene Affairs By Nit. Needs more training. OD (5, 1) 1 Boyle’s Barrenclough Moonglow JW ShCM. Glamorous s/w elegant boy with a lovely expression, nice body lines and good topline, pleasing head, smooth cheeks but would prefer more lips and chin/underjaw. 2 Skinner’s Nikal It’s Gud To Be Black. Mature tri boy who is super to go over now, though beginning to show his age in mouth and teeth. Nice presentation and bone, good ribs and neck, would prefer touch longer tail, moves very well going away. 3 Corben’s Caprioara Silver Cloud. Would prefer more refined head. 

Sp Beginners B (2, 1) 1 Boyles’ Monsolana Madam Blues Over Barrenclough (Imp Rus) ShCM. Very feminine bitch of lovely size, strongly made rear with good stifles; good tail set and length. Lovely foreface and eye, ears rather wide and lazy use detracts from overall expression. Well broken b/m Coat of quite good colour, but would prefer more fitted jacket. Moves well going away but not happy in front - very long nails; moved better when handled at a more correct pace.

PB (4) 1 Flowers’ Serenlas Heaven In Blu. B/m who has a lovely length of stride, good ribs and loin and well carried topline, good length of head and foreface, needs to clear between the eyes as yet, dark eye, good ears well used, down on pasterns at the front a bit. Although more mature, lost out to the kinder expression and shoulder set of the PD. 2 Legge’s Kalzan Love You Inside Out. Very pleasing head on this s/w girl, although raw baby, has lovely dark eye of good shape, nice ears and good length of head and foreface. In good coat, has finer bone for weight as yet, was a bit over whelmed today. 3 Bluck’s Salsina Sharing Secrets. Preferred length of head and eye of first and second. 

JB (7) 1 Milligan & Marley’s Ladnar Trust In Me. B/m who had sadly left all her coat at home, but has nothing to hide. Lovely body lines, with a reach of neck lacking in so many. Moves out so well, coat of good colour and correct harsh texture, bit more head than my ideal for a bitch but balanced planes and a nicely moulded rounded foreface, sound workmanlike girl who looks thoroughly fit for function. Would love to see her when in full fettle. RBB. 2 Boyle’s Barrenclough Golden Linnet. Alternative to first, this ultra-feminine very pretty s/w has all the charms but requires better presentation. Has lovely body and shoulders to go over, but needs more attention to coat. 3 Patman & Grainger’s Samhaven Sound Effects. Again lovely feminine type, spoilt by carrying such heavy coat and too much weight. 

PGB (9, 2) 1 James’ Gerian Sunbarley With Jamesfair. Very feminine sweet headed bitch with pleasing eye and expression, super foreface, nice size, good topline but would prefer more length of tail, in huge coat which hides her charms, carrying more weight than my ideal, moves ok, but lacking drive and muscletone behind and down on pasterns in front. Would make very promising prospect with stronger exercise regime. 2 Boyle’s Barrenclough Golden Linnet. 3 Growcott’s Lillyway Lemonade Blush. Unsettled today.

OB (6) 1 Cronk’s Chelborn Kiss’N Desire. Glamorous, sensible, fully matured, beautifully presented bitch in excellent coat, nice dark eye with lovely soft expression, good ears, well used, well schooled, lovely flat skull and clean through the eyes, smooth fill in cheeks and moulded foreface, not as ‘pretty’ as some, but a balanced all round nice bitch, well boned, good ribs, well angled both ends, moved out well but just not the smooth flow of the BD today and would prefer touch longer tail. But a very pleasing bitch. BB/BOS. 2 Flowers’ Serenlas Keeping Faith. Lovely elegant Tri bitch who appealed greatly for her lovely lines, well proportioned, just not the eye and expression of first. Super topline, good length of stride, particularly good feet and nice length of tail, excellent coat presentation of correct colour. 3 Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator.

Cheryl Lockett