West of England Collie Society Open Show
29th September 2019

It was an honour to have been invited to judge the Open Show today.  It was a disappointing entry which was a shame for the Club.  As usual there was a friendly atmosphere with a reduced committee today but as always the show went off well.   The weather was tipped to be wet all day today and even though everything was set up to be judged inside having examined the outside ring area I decided to judge outside and we were lucky enough to complete all the judging with just a tiny shower of light rain.
Veteran Dog

  1. Walton’s Markenfields  Sirius Black at Walstar - 10 year old rich sable and white dog in beautiful  condition and his age surprised me.  His head was well balanced with well placed eye and good ear carriage.  Nicely moulded muzzle with strong underjaw.  Good angles front and rear, moved out well.  His coat was well groomed and of correct texture.   Very well presented.  Went on deservedly to Best Veteran in Show.
  2. Hogg’s First Love for Barnabus - Another nice type sable and white dog of 7 years.  Intelligent expression with correct eye of medium size.  Well set shoulders and front angulation.  Reasonable length of body although smaller than 1.  Well bent stifle and strong hocks.  A little unsettled on the move but a good overall dog.

Special Yearling Dog

  1. Fuller’s Hanvale Arthur Shelby with Damos - My star of the day.   I was amazed how this young dog of 20 months has matured having watched his progress from a young age into the beautiful dog he is now.  Well placed dark eye, ears well set and used non-stop.  Lovely reach of neck into straight topline with well placed shoulders and strong hocks.  Moved with drive.  He is a good size dog for his age and maturity with adequate bone and substance.  Groomed to perfection he is a credit to his owner.  I could not deny him Best of Breed today and delighted when he went on, with agreement of my co-judge, to Best in Show.

Graduate Dog

  1. Fuller’s Hanvale Arthur Shelby with Damos
  2. Morey’s Brookynut Strorm’s Legacy - this young sable and white dog really played his handler up and she did well to show him today.  Nicely rounded muzzle, dark eye and good head properties.  Shoulder placement was good and hindquarters were strong.  It was difficult to assess his movement as he was so unsettled on the move and the handler did well to keep up with him.

Post Graduate Dog

  1. Scamp’s Aaronwell Ayebeecee - Pleasing tri dog of good size and construction.  Nicely set eye with good length of head.  Well angulated shoulder placement and good length of back.  Adequate bend of stifle, well let down hocks and well muscled hindquarters which enabled him to move well.  His well groomed coat was of good colour and correct texture.

Limit Dog

  1. Scamp’s Aaronwell Ayebeecee

Open Dog

  1. Patman’s Pick Pocket via Samhaven - I have really liked this rich golden sable dog from a young age.  Now five years of age he has matured into a beautiful dog, just my type.  Lovely expression, with dark eye, well rounded muzzle and well used ears.  Good reach of neck into adequate length of back.  Correctly angled shoulders.  Good strong hindquarters enabling him to move with drive.  If only he had kept his tail down he would have been my winning dog today as I am sure his handler knows, but pleased to award him RUBD.

Puppy Bitch

  1. Newton and Patterson’s Beldones Halle Berry with Darahill - Although she stood alone in the class this almost one year old puppy bitch exudes quality.  She is very feminine, with sweet expression, dark well placed eye and well used ears.  Well arched neck and adequate length of back for her age.  Good front and rear angulation.  She was groomed to perfection and had a lovely profile.  When she moved she was rather erratic which was a shame as she is a lovely type and I liked her a lot.  Unfortunately this cost her BPIS today but when she settles down I am sure she will do well. RUPIS

Junior Bitch

  1. Newton and Patterson’s Beldones Halle Berry with Darahill
  2. Legge’s Can’t Stop Loving You - 13 month old sable and white bitch slightly more mature than 1 with pleasant expression, well used ears and good length of head.  Good angulation front and rear and was well presented.

Special Yearling Bitch

  1. Ware’s Kind of Magic Della Buca Delle Fate at Wassail (ITA) - This bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring.  Lovely clean head with an almond shaped dark eye and well moulded muzzle to give her a lovely expression.  Ears used all the time.  Good reach of neck into level topline which she maintained on the move.  Good shoulder placement.  Her coat was of good colour and correct texture, adequate turn of stifle, strong hind quarters and short hocks which enabled her to move with ease.  She was very well groomed and shown to perfection.  I could not deny her BB and she went on to Runner up in Show in agreement with my co-judge.
  2. Legge’s Kalzan Love Young Dream – Attractive sable and white bitch with sweet expression and was another with good reach of neck and had very good front angulation.  Hind angulation was also good and she moved out well.  Well presented and had a nice profile when standing.
  3. Legge’s Kalzan Kissed by an Angel.

Novice Bitch

  1. Beldones Halle Berry with Darahill
  2. Samhaven Sound Effects – 18 month old sable and white bitch with correct wedge shaped head, neat well set ears, appealing expression.  Well laid shoulder, arch of neck and level topline.  She was well muscled with nice round bone and neat feet.  Overall presentation was excellent and she moved and showed well.

Graduate Bitch

  1. Stregato the Maleficent at Marketdene – Sable and white bitch with good length of head, nice reach of neck and very good length of back with level topline which she kept on the move.  Angulation front and rear was good with strong hindquarters enabling her to move well.  Well presented.

Post Graduate

  1. Walder’s Hanvale Polly Shelby JW - Litter sister to Best Dog who I have watched and admired from ringside since she was a young puppy and have seen her develop into the lovely young bitch she is today.  She has the sweetest expression with well placed eye and enough moulding.  She has lovely length of neck and adequate length of back, she presents a lovely profile.  She is well balanced all over and has good angulation all round.  She moved around the ring effortlessly.  Excellent presentation and deserved her RUBB placing.
  2. Stregato the Maleficent at Marketdene.

Limit Bitch

  1. Ware’s Bella Bimba Della Buca Delle Fate at Wassail (Imp Ita) – Another lovely bitch who I have admired since she was a puppy.  Very sweet expression with dark eye, ears well set and used all the time.  Shoulder placement is correct, good bend of stifle and well let down short hocks, she glided around the ring.  In excellent coat and condition.  If I am a little picky I would like a little more size but an excellently presented pretty bitch of great quality.

Open Bitch

  1. Godber-Ford’s Gataj Addicted to Love – Attractive tri bitch with pleasing expression, ear placement was good, almond shaped dark eye, nice reach of neck and length of back.  Well laid shoulder, I loved the colour and overall condition of this well presented bitch.  She moved out well.
  2. Legge’s Gataj  Something About You at Kalzan - 4 year old tri colour bitch who had profuse coat which was groomed and presented in excellent condition.  Head handled well with good length and well moulded muzzle.  She had a sweet eye and flat backskull.  Her overall conformation was good and she moved in unison with her handler.

Margaret Shipp