Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland


After a nightmare journey missing the plane due to traffic. We arrived in Edinburgh excited with the prospect of judging our breed.

Many thanks to our 2 stewards who guided us through the day .
Our winners all a credit to there owners and breeders. My co judge (husband) Reg Ware  agreed with our awards.

Puppy Dog (2/0)
1-McCARTE  Roughrigg Rag N Bone Man 11 month sable male full of quality, a real  male which is lacking today. Pity he was so unsettled as l have seen him in past showing like a pro . Deep chest with good spring of rib. In front he moves so well floating around the ring . Short hocks  powerful on drive.  Ears bang on top with a slightly deeper stop . This kennel constantly presents to perfection . BPD

2-MACKENZIE Alanita Monty Jazz Player of Ilionani . 6 month sable male at 1st show . Unfortunately could not assess movement just think the whole experience a little much for him . Eye a little large for me.  Both puppy and owner could do with more training.


Junior Dog. (2/1a)

  1. RYCRAFT Riverside Song Back For Good in Rydellsky. Lovely golden sable with a well balanced head. Ears a little wide but had a lovely eye and expression. Moved well in front but close behind . Shoulder placement correct. Tail a tad short . Not a big male .

Post Grad (6/1a)

1-McCANN  Oakland Blue Style du Clos de Seawind  On my pad l wrote WOW. Pity there is not more dogs with the wow factor around . From head to toe quality super blue colour presented to perfection. Well boned . Head pattern correct with soft melting expression . Ears bang on top and so attentive to handler . Floating around ring with ease . Correct tail carriage and level top line  . Wish he was mine and lm sure others when they go over this dog will agree . BD  BOB

  1. H BROWN /R JOPSON. Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview  Another stunning male  just starting to mature . Not the flashy type but hard to overlook. Tri so upstanding good length and size . Lovely head pattern with dark correctly placed eyes . Ears well used enhanced the expression. Moved so well with short hock. Excellent bend of stifle. Presented perfection. Pity to meet 1 but happy to award RBD
  2. PROCTOR. Wilmaranna Out of the Blue for Cathbri


Open Dog. (4/1a)

1 -GIBB. Culbrae Little Bit Of Red  Very glamorous sable male that has a huge white shawl over the withers . So upstanding he is hard to overlook . Balanced in head with a sweet eye ears complimented his expression and will say very well handled . Presentation perfect. Would love the opportunity to go over this male in a year l am sure he will mature on . On the move was not a disappointment. In profile l preferred the tri l placed RBD
2-ASHE  Forrestwalk Rocket Man  A mature sable that l would like to see bigger . Head and expression l look for and on entering the ring caught my eye . Needs to be presented better . Moved ok .
3 – PATTERSON  Wilmaranna Forever In Blue


Di Ware



Excited about the prospect of my judging appointment l really enjoyed my day and many thanks for the exhibits that entered on the day .


Puppy Bitch ( 2/0a).

  1.  BROOKER.  Paris Venise du Bois des Amazons for Corisian . Very pretty sweet sable bitch that l do hope grows on . What a show girl so attentive with handler . Short hocks that powered her around the ring . Good shoulder placement . Ears on top that enhanced her expression. . In challenge for puppy awarded BPB   We jointly awarded   BPIB.
  1. STEVEN Cambrogan Blowin a Hoolie  Sable  just finishing her puppy career this sable was expertly handled. Larger than 1 but again moved well with drive . Liked her tail a tad but she really enjoyed her day. Head balanced but not the expression l look for.


Junior Bitch (2/1a).

  1. DODSWORTH &CARR.  Pomnenka My Fair Lady with Libanel.  Just out of puppy and on the small size . Moved well . Ears l would like tighter. Just felt she needed to lose her coat to show her shape . Head handled well  .

Post Grad Bitch (5/1a)

  1. McCARTE Beldones Fun N Games At Roughrigg . Gorgeous well presented sable . Moved so well at all angles .Tight well muscled thighs so lacking in some exhibitors today . Collies need to do a days work and lm sure this bitch could . Sweet expression on a clean head . Lovely moulded muzzle  RBB
  2. DODSWORTH & CARR. Libanel Magical Martinique    Moved well with drive had good reach of neck . Just lacked sweetness  had tail problems today .



Open bitch 6/3a).

  1. BROOKER. Telforth Sweet Dreams to Corisian   Beautiful presented  which really took my eye . Good front and the angulation that bombed her around the ring . Head handled well with correct stop Good reach of neck that completed the picture . Tail correct length   BB


  1. ASHE.  Starlenga Mysterious Girl at Forrestwalk. What a stunning old lady can’t take away her quality good spring  of ribs  and a deep chest with plenty of heart room . Excelled in head, good ears placement and dreamy expression. Starting to show age but a lovely girl and showed youngsters how to move .

Reg Ware