Three Counties
Rough Collie

MPD (2) 1 Geddes’ Ingledene Mercury Risin My notes say “wow” to this precocious blue merle youngster he has the world at his feet and today he was on top of his game putting on a faultless display not only stacked up but on the move where for one so young he has power and fluency beyond his age. Very good headpiece with correct ears and eyes giving him the required expression. Strong well angulated forehand with matching quarters allowing the aforementioned movement. This boy should go all the way if he carries on developing as he is today. RDCC & BPIB. Pleased to see him take PG 3 later in the day in a strong group. 2 Jackson’s Cambrogan On The Bonny Banks For Vycaran
Raw 6 month old sable that has the basics under his harsh jacket but he needs more time to come together particularly on the move where although he is sound, he is somewhat uncoordinated and needs time to settle.

PD (2) 1 Geddes’ Ingledene
Mercury Risin 2 Congdon’s Aaronwell Ashley Banjo Blue merle rising a year old and although well made under his profuse jacket he was a tad on edge today and also carrying a bit of extra weight which in turn hampered his movement because given his build he should have had a better stride. Needs time and work to be at his best.

JD (3)Abs: 2 1 Corben’s Astromelias Ulises via Caprioara (Imp) 17 month old sable. Strong proportionate head with kind xpression. Ample spring in rib and depth to chest. Holds a firm topline at all times. Covers the ground easily and true. Between jackets today but this did not distract from his potential.

GD (6)Abs: 3 1 Lockyer’s Once Upon A Time Du Clos De Sea-wind With Gataj 16 month old sable. Good head to handle clean lines and strong jaws with full dentition. Moderate front and rear angulation allowing a clean stride pattern and soundness. Well let down in chest and sprung in ribbing. Holds a level topline at all times. Shown in full jacket. 2 Gregory & McLarty’s Phreelancer Phortunes Leap Good head shape with well set on ears but I would prefer a better eye to complete the picture. Good length of neck easing cleanly into moderate forehand. Stands over himself well at rest. Effortless on the move with good ground coverage. Shown in hard condition. 3 Congdon’s Fridens Stay Cool With Aaronwell

PGD (3) 1 Lockyer’s Think Of Me Prince Of Sunlight At Gataj (Imp) JW 2 year old sable. Scores well in head clean plains and good expression. Muscular in front assembly and matched in rear which is where he scored over 2nd place being cleaner and stronger on the move particularly going away. Well presented in jacket. 2 Lister’s Jotars Platinum Moon at Newarp Well constructed blue merle rising 4 years old. Good head to handle, ears and eyes well set with good expression. Strong neck of fair length into moderate forehand with ample bone and good feet. Holds his shape on the move but a tad closer than 1st going away. Another well presented. 3 Brown & Jopson’s Lillyway Lattimer At Nithview

LD (11)Abs: 6 1 Lockyer’s Gataj Beau Of Surprises JW 3 1⁄4 year old tri. Clean headlines, ears set on high and used to his advantage. Well laid shoulders, straight front and compact feet. Steady and precise on the move in any direction. Well bodied without being heavy. Comes to rest standing four square. 2 Benton & Smith’s Brooklynson El Dorado 2 1⁄2 year old sable. Scores well in head with correct ears and eyes giving him the desired expression. Good skeletal construction but today I felt he needed more body covering and jacket to be at his best. Jacket I forgive because they come and go but the body needs working on. Moves out and back with ease and good footfall. 3 King’s Telforth Timelord

OD (7)Abs: 3 1 White’s Mejola Fate And Fortune Star of the day for me this 3 year old blue merle is in his prime and from the time he came into the ring until the time he left he never put a foot wrong taking everything in his purposeful stride to show just how well put together he is under his harsh dense jacket. Super head shape with kind expressive eyes and ears set on high and used well to complete the very good picture. Ample spring of rib and depth in chest. Topline is firm whether static or in motion. Presented to the minute not only in his jacket but his taut well toned body. DCC & BOB 2 Rae’s Antoc Soul Mate 6 year old sable of good breed type. Ultra sound and true on the move. Clean strong head without being overdone in any way. Well let down in chest and ribbed up. Muscular forehand is complimented by his rear assembly. Correct bone and compact feet. Well covered in harsh jacket. 3 Tipper’s Tiganlea Tone Down

VD (2)Abs: 1 1 Skinner’s Nikal It's Gud To Be Black 8 year old tri that has a good basic outline and build but today he was struggling to get it together on the move and seemed somewhat disjointed particularly in rear. Good head shape but he is beginning to show his age at times.

(3) 1 Tipper’s Tiganlea Twinkling Star Promising young blue merle with nothing out of place it just needs nurturing to come together with age. Appealing head with expressive eyes and well set on ears. Clean in forehand with moderate angulation and ample bone. Well ribbed up for her age, tad soft in topline static but flattens out on the move. Steady and true at all times. 2 Steven’s Cambrogan Blowin A Hoolie Sable with moderate angulation for and aft giving her a balanced outline. Tends to stand 10-2 at times but with age and more spring in her ribbing this should straighten. Covers the ground cleanly but not quite as well going away as winner on the day. 3 Margetts’ Lynmead Lemonade For Collingvale

PB (4) 1 Legge & Legge’s Kalzan Kissed By An Angle Headed this class by being the better of the 3 litter mates on the move. Nothing much out of place with this young sable she just needs more time. 2 Legge & Legge’s Kalzan Love You Inside Out Similar in outline and remarks as her litter sister in 1st place but she is carrying a bit too much weight and this affected her movement on the day. 3 Legge & Legge’s Kalzan Cant Stop Loving You

JB (10)Abs: 3 1 Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Popsicle 14 month old sable. Good head to handle clean lines and correct eye shape. Good length of neck into moderate front build that matches her quarters to give her balance and the ability to move easily with a good stride. She is better in her front action than 2nd place today. Shown in full bloom covering a taut body. 2 White’s Mejola Main Attraction 17 month old sable. Similar in build and outline as winner with many of the same attributes regarding her shape and movement but where winner scores in front she scores in rear action being a lot firmer and clean. Another in full bloom.3 Williams’ Maysinder Buttons And Bows

GB (6)Abs: 1 1 Beaden & Arrowsmith’s Saganan Blue Diamond 19 month old blue merle that must surely have a good future as she matures on given today’s showing. Scores well in head with correct ears and eyes giving a kind expression. Muscular well angulated front assembly with ample bone and tight feet. Well ribbed up, holds her topline at all times thanks to her strong quarters. Shown in clean harsh jacket to complete the overall picture. 2 Lister’s Ladnar Quick Step at Newarp Another 19 month old blue merle that is well made under her dense jacket but today for me she was a tad on the heavy side and this affected her movement which is a shame because her build suggested she should have been an easy mover. Good in head with expressive eyes and full dentition. 3 Lockyer’s Beldones Coco Mademoiselle At Gataj

PGB (7)Abs: 1 1 Milligan & Marley’s Ladnar Trust In Me Moderately built blue merle that was the cleanest mover in the class on the day. Strong head yet still feminine and not overdone in any way. Topline is a tad soft stacked up but levels more on the move where she strides out with purpose. Shown in good dense jacket of harsh texture. 2 Lyall’s Santaloly's Sky Amidalas Stood 4th in the previous class this 4 year old blue merle stepped up a gear to move better in this class. Good basic shape with a balanced outline and proportionate head. Plenty of coat covering. 3 Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Country Bumpkin

LB (16)Abs: 2 1 Geddes’ Ingledene Spirit Of Ecstacy My pick of the females here this well built 2 1⁄2 year old tri never put a foot wrong at any time. Scores well in head being strong yet in no way coarse or overdone with such a feminine appeal. Excels in front assembly which in turn is mirrored exactly in her quarters giving her both static balance and such an effortless stride she looked as though she could work all day and some. Her strength really is impressive and she has the dense jacket to cover her taut body. Found out later that she is the dam of my RDCC winning puppy so she not only shows well she produces as well. BCC. Surely her title is just a matter of time. 2 Randall’s Fata Turchina Ladnar Di Cambiano (Imp) Another well made blue merle. Good headpiece strong jawline and clean lines all through. Powerful neck easing cleanly into well laid shoulders and strong straight front. Deep in chest ample ribbing and firm in back thanks to her equally muscular rear assembly. Covers the ground with consummate ease from any angle. Put down in good jacket. 3 Beare’s Jemspark Maid In Secret

OB (8) 1 Hanson’s Ambartr Plancee At Jards Nl Wn18 JW 2 1⁄2 year old sable full of quality and breed type. Feminine in head clean and proportionate all through with good expression. Well toned and angulated in forehand with corresponding hindquarters she couldn’t help but move as well as she does with a stride pattern that looks effortless yet purposeful. Put down to the minute in overall conditioning and jacket. RBCC 2 Smedley’s Antoc Soul Diva Another well put together sable this one 6 years young. Scores well in head and overall body shape but for me today she was a tad heavy in body which seemed to impact on her movement which should have been easier given the structure under her dense jacket. At one with her handler at all times. 3 Benton’s Brooklynson Jane Russell Of Oakestelle

VB (5)Abs: 2 All 3 of these females are a credit to their owners for not only keeping them in such good shape but presenting them in the same way. 1 Margett’s Collingvale Creme Caramel JW 7 1⁄2 year old sable. Well put together all through from her muscular forehand to her well toned quarters allowing her the scope to cover the ground cleanly in any direction. Still holds her shape whether static or on in motion. Comes to rest and stands four square with minimal fuss from her handler. one of the best toned exhibits here today Thank you. 2 Corben’s Caprioara Tiahatian Pearl 9 year old tri that pushed hard for that top spot as she too is well constructed and muscular under her full jacket but today she is rather on the heavier side but given her age that is somewhat expected. Still she moved cleanly and with a sense of purpose. 3 Growcott’s Jopium Fascinator

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