Scottish Collie Club Open Show Dec 2019


Would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at their Open show, such a friendly show, And I was made to feel very welcome, also a big thank you to my  ring stewards for keeping things moving smoothly.


MPD (2,1)

1st McCarte’s RoughRigg Rolling Stone, s/w raw baby, nice head eye and ear, nice neck good front and rear angulation, well let down hocks, little loose on the move but can be expected at this age,

PD, (3)

1st McCarte’s RoughRig Rag N Bine Man, Caught my eye entering the ring, and did not disappoint A very promising well balanced s/w, correctly placed ears, well balanced head giving desired expression, nicely arched neck, flowing into well angulated shoulder, good  rear, well let down hocks, showed and moved very well,BPD.

2nd Blaikie’s Kourika King Pin, pleasing B/m youngster, lovely eye, well filled foreface, good bone, nicely angulated, little unsettled due to running late

3rd Houlihan’s Kourika Frosted Ice,

JD, (2) 

1st, Walker & Ritchie’s Starlenga Christian Dior, stunning  s/w lovely balanced head, smooth well filled foreface, flat skull, correct eye & ears giving the desired soft expression, well arched neck, correct shoulder angulation, lovely length of back & bend of stifle moved very well

2nd, Rycraft’s Riverside Song Back For Good In Rydellsky, s/w not in the best coat but was beautifully groomed, lovely balanced head correct eye & ear placement, sweet expression, well balanced outline with good angulation, moved soundly.  

YD (1)

1st, McCann’s Oakland Blue Style Du Clos De Seawind At Zolkhan, Nicely presented B/m balanced head eye shape & placement, flat skull, well filled foreface, good neck & shoulder angulation, nice length of back, moved very well & beautifully presented

MD, No Entries

ND, No Entries


GD, (1)

1st, Blaikie’s Kourika Knock On Wood, S/W Dog nicely presented as is the norm for this kennel he  oozes quality from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail which is well carried tail construction was sound good, good turn of stifle he covered the ground with ease

PGD (3,1)

1st, Proctor’s  Wilmaranna Out Of The Blue For Cathbri, B/M with a well balanced head, correctly placed eyes and ears culminating in a sweet expression, good body shape with well laid back shoulder’s, good length of body,  altogether his body shape is very pleasing to the eye, and movement was very good.

2nd, Rycraft’s Kynan Silvershadow At Rydellsky,  S/W lovely overall balance, pleasing head with lovely eye correct ear placement & stop, well angulated a little unsettled on the move today.

LD, (2,1) Caplan’s Chantique Lover Boy Of Whitecraigs, S/W  head handles well a good stop & well placed eye giving a soft expression, a good neck and shoulder pleasing length of body moved well and another good mover who was well presented

OD (4,1)

1st Johnston’s Sea Dreamer’s One And Only (Imp NLD). Lovely headed s/w, flat skull, well filled foreface, lovely eye placement & size giving soft expression, nicely arched neck leading to correct shoulder, good length of back, moved very well, presentation excellent.

2nd Paterson & Blaney’s, Wilmaranna Forever In Blue lovely size & beautifully presented, flat skull, well placed and shaped eye, good height to length ratio, lovely bone moved very well

3rd Steven’s Cariadhaf Crazy Dream, 

VD (1,1)

Puppy Walk (1)

Walker’s And Ritchie’s Starlenga All About Me, super little bitch nicely presented enjoying her day out, her expression was melting she has a good reach of neck her body shape is well balanced and her movement is very good for one so young 

MPB (1,1)

PB (2)1st, Brooker’s Paris Venise Due Bois Des Amazone For Corisian (Imp FRA) she was the star of the show for me, beautiful well balanced beautiful head with a good stop, flat skull well placed eye giving a super expression, correctly placed ears all this culminating in the most  delightful sweet feminine  expression, she has well angulated shoulders and a good length of body with ample amount of heart room, her movement was superb she covered the ground with ease, I was happy to award her BB,BPB,BIS,BPIS

2nd, Blaikie’s Kourika Krystal Ice, nice B/M  like her head clean stop with a good eye and expression. Very good neck and body shape good front and rear angulation giving her sound movement, in pleasing well presented coat, movement was sound 

JB No Entries

YB No Entries

MB (2)

1st Foster’s Alderdelie Black Dove, Tri in beautiful coat and condition, liked her head so well balanced good stop flat skull with well placed and used ears. Her neck and body shape are so good and was sound on the move

2nd, Steven’s Cambrogan Blowin A Hollie, little taller than 1st s/w nice  clean head with a pleasing eye and expression has good neck and body shape. She moved & showed well just needs time to mature.

NB (1)

1st, Brooker’s Paris Venise Du Bois Des Amazone For Corisian

GB (5,1)

1st, Mitchell And Mitchell, Mitchell And Jordan’s Scottlyme Qkissagram For Avonfair (Imp BEL)

S/W of excellent type so pleasing in head, balanced with a good muzzle and chin clean stop with a well placed eye giving a sweat expression beautiful neck going into good shoulders a very pleasing body shape correct hindquarters and it showed in her movement.

2nd, Blaikie’s Kourika Kover Girl, S/W in full bloom pleasing head well balanced with good ears on top, her neck and body shape are so pleasing and her conformation allows her to move so well. She is well presented and handled unlucky to meet winner who I just preferred in eye

3rd, Johnston’s Sea Dreamer’s Walking On Sunshine,

Res, McCarte Beldones Fun N Games At RoughRigg 

PGB (5,2)

1st, Walker And Walker, Ritchie Chantique Cinderella At Starlenga, another super bitch with all the right attributes of the breed she has a lovely melting expression which comes from the fact that all the head properties come together to supply the expression, she was well presented in full coat that was groomed to perfection, her movement was excellent.

2nd, Topham’s Seanchrois Extraordinary Blue Girl, B/M lovely moulded foreface, nice eye and expression, well placed ears, good neck, plenty of heart room, good topline and a coat  moved with drive, 

3rd, Paterson & Blaney’s Wilmaranna Blue Diamond,

LB (2,2)


1st, Brooker’s Telforth Sweat Dreams To Corisian, S/W medium sized and completely balanced, head of good length and proportions, rounded muzzle, sweetest of expressions well placed ears that she uses, well balanced flat back skull. Good  length of neck leading into well placed shoulder, level topline, back of good length, with well rounded croup and solid rear,

2nd, McGowan’s Ch Riverside Song Bossa Nova Baby Joins Corisian (Imp Romania) S/W lovely head, eye and expression excellent neck super body shape and good angulation allowing

Easy sound movement she is in very pleasing coat and such a good showgirl

3rd, Sibbald’s Telforth Little Mix,

VB (2)

1st Mitchell And Douglas Mitchell,Mitchell,Jordan’s Ch Caronlea Celtic By Design At Avonfair JW, 9yrs young tri, head is clean with correctly placed stop, lovely rounded muzzle, strong underjaw, ears are correctly placed and used well combined with a lovely expression showing a bright alert collie ready for anything asked of her, she is in harmony with her handler and never puts a foot wrong covering the ground with ease, RBB BVIS

2nd, Proctor’s Cathbri Evita pleasing overall for type and construction, very attractive standing and moving, head is well proportioned with ample length of neck and tail and ample bone showed and moved out well 


Ms M Fort