Richmond Championship Show – 7 September 2019

An honour to be invited to judge at this lovely show. The new set up with in and out rings worked very nicely, even if our ring was a bit bumpy which may not have improved movement on some.

Obviously a disappointing entry numerically, and I have to say males were very challenging indeed. Lots of ‘head over heart’ decisions here today, with dogs where I might have preferred their type slipping places for condition and movement. The higher classes, particularly in the males, presented a wide variety of types all with varying virtues and faults to balance. Such is judging, we can only deal with the dogs we have in front of us on the day. It should come as no surprise that some kennels always do well, when their dogs are fit, well muscled and presented in good order.

Front construction continues to be a problem, and will be a repetitive theme in individual critiques - those with their front legs well under them were rare and, along with a neck of decent length, this makes such a difference to the outline of the dog. Quite a few short tails here too.

Veteran Dog (2 entries, 1 absent)
1. Skinner’s Nikal It's Gud To Be Black – tri dog with good length through head and body, head well moulded with good eye placement, ears a little wide set and not the most enthusiastic! Showing his age a little coming and going, but sound in profile.

Special Beginners Dog (1, 0)
1. Page’s Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go BSBIB – sable boy who is obviously on the small side, but has a good shape and outline. Head of good length, well balanced, enough neck in to strong topline. Good angulation front and back combined with superb muscular condition make him very light on his feet and he flies round the ring.

Minor Puppy Dog (2, 1)
1. Lockyer’s Perfect Timing Du Clos De Sea-wind For Gataj (IMP) – Lots to like about this lovely sized golden sable who appealed to me greatly, although at rising 8 months he is unsurprisingly a bit gangly just now and as with all dogs of this size will take a bit more time to come together. Lovely length of neck, angulation needs to settle both ends but particularly in front for smoother flow in to his shoulder and topline. Nice length of head with a masculine outlook, flat skull, ears on top and well used, good eye (slightly marred by visible haw), would like a little more underjaw and hope his head doesn’t deepen. Just lost out for best puppy as a bit uncoordinated on the move today and giving his handler a challenging time, but a promising puppy and I look forward to seeing how he matures.

Puppy Dog (0, 0)

Junior Dog (3, 1)
1. Wray-Ramsden’s Takhisis Magic Of Dreams – big tri who needs time to settle in to himself. Nice head with good balance and length, good underjaw, eye of good shape and size. Ears a little wide and over-tipped. Harsh coat which was well presented. Bit square at the moment and angulation needs to settle out both ends at the moment and handler will no doubt be working on tail carriage.
2. Carlyon & Adams’ Dycoshem Havasupai Wonder – sable dog with decent outline, length of head, neck and back, but needs substantial work on movement.

Yearling Dog (4, 0)
1. Fuller’s Hanvale Arthur Shelby with Damos, golden sable dog of good size. Nice length of back and lovely arched neck of good length combine with correct length of leg to give a lithe and elegant Collie outline. As he matures and carries fuller furnishings, he will make an impressive picture I would think. Good length of head, eye well set, ears well tipped. As with most, would prefer more length of upper arm to give greater reach and has a tendency to crab on the move that handler needs to watch coming and going, but in profile he was smooth and light on his feet.
2. Foy & Hawkins’ Beldones Blue Echo, good sized blue merle dog at that junior stage and carrying a very heavy coat of a slightly darker blue, but with correct harsh texture. Head of good length and balance, with well placed eye of medium size. I would prefer more neck to give more elegance to his outline.
3. Lockyer’s Once Upon A Time Du Clos De Sea-wind With Gataj (IMP) – sable of smaller type, bit heavier through head and body, moved OK.

Post Graduate Dog (3, 0)
1. Shipps’ No More Heroes Du Clos De Sea-wind JW (IMP FRA) – golden sable at that in between stage and needs a little time to mature. Loved his shape and outline, and he had one of the better fronts here today. Good neck and length of head with balance and good stop, nice eye, but would like a little more underjaw and moulding to give a sweeter expression. Moved and presented well, will be interesting to see with another year or two.
2. Lockyer’s Think Of Me Prince Of Sunlight At Gataj (IMP) JW – glamourous shaded sable of smaller type, nice coat of correct texture, good length through back although would like a little more neck. Balanced head of good length for dog, perhaps a little deep through.
3. Congdon’s Fridens Stay Cool with Aaronwell (IMP RUS) – sable with more length through neck and body than 2, but very unsettled here today standing and on the move.

Limit Dog (6, 0)
1. Page’s Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back JW DCC - The richest of shaded sables, this dog presents a lovely picture. He is of good size and masculine appearance, with a decent arched neck and the length of back and leg needed to give true Collie elegance. His head is of good length, with a well placed and set eye that gives him a very sweet expression. Well tipped ears that could be a tad tighter for perfection, but his head and backskull are so clean. Would perhaps like a little more length of upper arm, but he is shown in excellent condition, with the super muscle tone that only comes from proper exercise making him strong and purposeful on the move and I had no hesitation in handing him his first CC.
2. Wells’ Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon JW Sh.CM – This shaded sable dog is a smaller prospect, but with many of the same virtues. Again, a glorious colour and a good Colie outline, would just prefer a touch more masculinity. Good eye in a clean head, giving a sweet expression, again would perhaps prefer a touch more upper arm. Not quite moving with the flow and drive of the class winner today, but a serious contender for the RCC.
3. Wray-Ramsden’s Takhisis Dream Weaver – slightly heavier sable dog of lovely size and shown in super coat and condition, sweetest of expressions coming from his beautifully moulded and balanced head and lovely eye. Just felt he lacked neck to give the same outline as the first two in this class, but a masculine dog of quality.

Open Dog (5, 2) Three very different dogs here, all with faults and virtues creating a balancing act in placing.
1. McDevitt’s Ir. Ch. Caronlea Charlie Brown RCC – Would like this dog bigger, and I don’t feel he is handled to make the most of his virtues, but he is so very sound. Although he is on the smaller side, he has length through his head, neck and back, and I found him balanced. Head of good length for the dog, with a sweet eye, flat skull, well moulded foreface. A toss up between this dog and 2nd in Limit for the RCC, and he won here on his more positive driving movement.
2. Congdon’s Ch. Jugband Blues Du Clos De Sea-wind Via Aaronwell – love the head and expression on this blue merle dog, balanced in skull and foreface and of a length that matches the overall size of the dog, sweetest of eyes and when he settles, puts those ears up and looks at you he could melt your heart. Like his overall size and bone, would just prefer more elegance in his front construction. On the move, he is strong and true on the rear, but for me his reach in front cannot quite match his drive from behind. In full coat that could do with a good change to make him look a bit more elegant.
3. Hollywood’s Amalie Lynmead Say It Again – finer sable dog with nice outline, in good coat and condition, head of good length and balance with nice eye. Liked his overall shape and angulation front and rear, just plaiting a bit in front today.

Veteran Bitch (2, 0)
1. Margetts’ Collingvale Creme Caramel JW RCC and BVIB – this bitch is determined to never appear under me in full coat, but what she had was immaculately presented. I love the length she has through her refined head, with her strong arched neck flowing in to a good length of back and enough length of leg to present a very pleasing outline. Her expression appeals to me greatly, and she is in good hard condition which is very evident on the move as she floats round the ring. In good coat she would trouble anyone for me, but today she had to make do with a well deserved RCC.
2. Humphrey’s Brilyn's Guilty Pleasure is Shasam – another lovely sable bitch here, nice size and outline, in good coat that has softened a little with age. Lovely length of back and rear angulation, hocks well let down, would just prefer more length of upper arm. Balanced head with such an appealing expression. Looking very well today, just not moving out with quite the reach and positivity of the winner.

Special Beginners Bitch (2, 0)
1. Lyall’s Santaloly's Sky Amidalas - lovely outline on this sable bitch, with good neck and length of back. She has good length of head with an appealing expression, despite some quite harsh trimming and ears that are a tad light. She is beautifully schooled and presented in superb order, so well muscled, but her rear movement is not her fortune.
2. Spendelow’s Tiganlea Twinkling Light over Uffspring – larger blue merle bitch with good bone and harsh coat. Head of good length, stop breaking a little low, would like more underjaw and moulding. Well muscled.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 1)
1. Blaikie’s Kourika Krystal Ice – love the shape and outline on this blue merle baby, super neck that she pulls up and makes the most of, with ears bang on top for appeal. Good length of head, although stop needs to clear. Forward in coat of harsh texture, colour needs to clear out. Decent front, nice length of back with rise over loin not excessive. Just gave way to the more mature bitch for BP on movement today.

Puppy Bitch (4, 2)
1. Margetts’ Lynmead Lemonade for Collingvale BPIB – petite blue bitch in mature coat of good harsh texture. Head of good length with nice eye, ears well placed and well used. Enough neck in to nice front, strong topline with perhaps a touch too much rise over the loin. I would prefer her to grow on a little, but her condition and sound movement won the day today over the less mature puppies.
2. Spendelow’s Tiganlea Twinkling Light Over Uffspring

Junior Bitch (4, 0)
1. Margetts’ Lynmead Lemonade for Collingvale
2. Brown’s Mertrisa Cool Love – petite tri who is very appealing, nice shape and angulation front and rear, glamourous jet black coat and the prettiest of heads with a sweet eye. Front movement not her fortunate, and a bit less dinner might help here!
3. Carlyon & Adams’ Dycoshem Sedona Belle – good size on this sable bitch, presented in good order. Head of good length. Movement not her fortune coming or going, with a particular worry around her front pasterns.

Yearling Bitch (3, 0)
1. Hendrick’s Mertrisa Wild Jasmine with Anpasch – smaller sable and white with good angulation front and back, perhaps a little high on back end, but moved very soundly on the rear. Head of good length, with nice shape and placement of eye. Good neck and outline, but another that could do with a bit less dinner.
2. Carlyon & Adams’ Dycoshem Sedona Belle
3. Carlyon & Adams’ Dycoshem Sonoran Sunrise – litter sister to 2. and very similar in both virtues and faults, front pasterns even more concerning on this bitch and rear not her fortune either.

Post Graduate Bitch (8, 2)
1. Shipps’ Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate (IMP ITA) CC and BOB – star of the day for me, this sable bitch has style and elegance, and knows how to make the most of herself. Rich colour, gleaming whites and beautifully presented and schooled. Her outline is lovely, with a good length of arched neck and a strong topline, and good angulation fore and aft, enough length of upper arm and hocks well let down. Her head is of good length, with a sweet eye and ears that are set well and used constantly. Could perhaps benefit from a bit more fill in foreface. She moved soundly and steadily from all angles, and pleased me greatly to take BOB.
2. Lockyer’s Nasty Girl Du Clos De Sea Wind at Gataj (IMP FRA) – very appealing s/w who has similarities to 1. Could have a little more length of upper arm to her benefit, but decent angulation front and back, strong topline and moved well in all directions. Her head is of good length and balance, her eye is of good size and shape and obliquely set, all adding up to an appealing expression.
3. Brown’s Riverside Song Tropical Loveland With Mertrisa (IMP ROM) – another tri of nice shape and outline with an appealing head and expression, sound all ways and very pleasing.

Limit Bitch (5, 0)
1. Wray-Ramsden’s Beldones Pandora – sable bitch with lovely outline and in very good form today. Head of good length and balance, with lovely moulding and a sweet eye. Good neck in to strong topline, lovely rise over her loin, giving a very feminine and strong outline. Can stand under herself at the rear, but in hard condition and moved very soundly today.
2. Lockyer’s Takhisis Hope And Dreams with Gataj – another shapely sable bitch who appealed to me for size and outline. Bit deeper in stop and backskull than 1, but an attractive head of good length and balance, with a nice eye. Enough neck in to firm topline and sound in all directions.
3. Blackmore’s Derbypark Dame Edna At Magenta – tri in glamourous coat and furnishings, nice length of head with a bit more width to backskull and slightly fuller in eye, good outline with neck flowing in to shoulders, firm topline, moved OK in all directions.

Open Bitch (6, 1)
Another very varied class here.
1. Congdon’s Lolita Lempicka Du Clos De Sea-wind Via Aaronwell (IMP FRA) – just love this blue merle bitch, so appealing to me for her lovely size and so balanced in outline, good length of back and neck, with correct length of leg. Her head to me is just lovely, good length of foreface, flat skull, lovely eye and moulding, with good underjaw. Her colour is the icing on the cake, and with more positive rear movement, I feel she would trouble the best.
2. McDevitt’s Multi Int Ch. Grand Caronlea Hot Celtic Charm – petite tricolour bitch that I would like a size bigger, but her outline is good with a decent neck and good length of back. Nice rear angulation, again could have a little more length of upper arm to benefit and would like her topline a little stronger, but overall shown in good hard condition and moved soundly. Head a little shorter and deeper than 1., but balanced and with appeal. Nice eye and immaculate presentation.
3. Humphrey’s Ch. Shasam Shades Of Guilt – glamorous sable bitch of lovely outline, loved her proportions and she has a very appealing head of good length.

Marina McLaughlin