National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society 13.7.19
Collies (Smooth) Judging Critique

Many thanks to the Society for the invitation at such a special show and showground, especially as my first CC appointment in this breed was here 11 years ago. Thanks also to my efficient and hard working stewards. My entry was not huge, but I was pleased to find some excellent specimens which, in my opinion,  fulfilled the Breed Standard requirement of “absolute soundness .. essential”. Also, it was interesting to note that the Bitch CC and RCC winners were full sisters, born 13 months apart.

Puppy Dog (1,0)
1st: Cole’s SHULUNE IMPERIAL KASVELYN. 8 month tri baby with a lovely happy nature, sometimes a little too playful! I liked his substance, front and super obliquely set dark eye. His ears need to settle, and he is a little high over the loin at the moment. He was the only puppy entered today, but I was happy to award him BPIB.

Junior (2, 0)
1st: Gant’s COWNBRED NIGHT OF DREAMS. This almost 18 month tri stood out, and as the day progressed he settled into performing well. I loved his masculine size and substance. In excellent jet black coat which gleamed with condition. He has a well balanced head, with a super dark eye, flat skull and correct ears. Excellent shoulder and rear angulation enabled him to move with plenty of forward reach and rear drive, and yet maintain a level topline. This really shone in the Challenge, and I was delighted to award him the RCC.
2nd Howard & Trundley’s JACK MACK’S VA BUIDHINN OF SHANDLMAIN (IMP). This almost 18 month tri lad is at the real teen age stage at the moment. He is losing coat and bloom, and he is a little straight in front and rear angulation, which caused him to hackney in front on the move, and move wide in rear. He needs time to mature and develop in body. His head is balanced, but I would prefer a flatter skull. Nice dark eyes and well set ears gave him a pleasing expression.

Post Graduate Dog (1,0)
Moores’ MANORDEIFI BOW REGARD. 3 year old s/w with a well balanced head, flat skull and correct eyes and ears, although he was reluctant to use them, when he did,  he had a lovely expression. Very well-muscled, but another dog who was a little too short and steep in upper arm which caused him to hackney in front.


Limit Dog (2,1)
1st: Loader’s CONEYPARK COUNTDOWN FOR ALLANGILL. This 3 year old sable certainly gave me the appearance that he was of working capability. Absolutely perfect angulation fore and aft lead to the soundest movement of the day. Excellent level topline, slight rise over the loin and he moved so efficiently and lightly on his feet, he could go all day. He is a big lad with a head to match, but it is balanced, with a flat skull, correct slight stop and well moulded throughout, with not too much breadth and depth of skull. I would prefer darker eyes, but his overall masculinity and soundness shone through. Delighted to award him the CC and BOB.

Open (3, 1)
1st: Smith’s Esp Ch Port Ch Gib Ch Int Ch Winter Is Coming to Tentola. I really liked this young blue dog, and initially thought he would be my main winner…. His head is masculine, yet no depth or excessive depth of skull. Super ears, flat skull and eye shape, though I would prefer them a tad darker. His expression was super. I loved his size and substance, and his blue colour is excellent. Standing, his angulation looks fairly correct, just a little high over the loin. However, once he started to move this became a problem. He has spectacular rear extension and drive, yet his front can’t quite match it, and this caused him to crab, which was noticeable when he moved up and down, Such a pity.
2nd: Eke’s CH FOXEARTH FLAG DAY. This tri was from a smaller mould, but I really liked his super dark eye, keen expression and alert ears. His coat was gleaming, but unfortunately his teeth were in need of a good clean. I would like more length of leg, but a real quality male.

Veteran Dog/Bitch (2,1)
1st Moores’ TOMALCA BUTTONS N BOWS AT MANORDEIFI. 7 yr old s/w bitch, very feminine with a lovely quality head, eye and expression. I would like a touch more front angulation, but her rear was good, and she was very fit and well muscled, and maintained a level topline on the move. Best Veteran.

Junior Bitch (1,0)
1st: Naulls and Barker’s FOXEARTH FUDGE WYNELE. This young sable and her very smart handler made a wonderful picture together. I liked her balanced, feminine head, eye, ears and expression. She is a little low on the leg at the moment, and rolls a little on the shoulder on the move, but a very promising youngster indeed.

Post Graduate (4,0)
1st: French’s WYNELE BACK TO BLACK. I loved the elegance of this 18 month tri. She has a very clean, well balanced head, with a super dark eye and expression, and she used herself well. She needs to drop a little in front, but time is on her side. She is well muscled and in very fit condition, and she maintained a level topline all round the ring, moving with forward reach and rear drive. She was the younger of the 2 full sisters I mentioned in my introduction, and I was pleased to award her the RCC.
2nd: Moores’ MANORDIEFI SUMMER MAGIC. Another elegant tri girl of good size and substance. I loved her classic, correct clean and well balanced head, flat skull, correct stop, dark eyes and correct ears giving her a lovely expression. Her angulation fore and aft was correct, but she is carrying too much weight, which particularly affected her front movement, causing her to move a little out at elbow. But her elegance, substance and quality won her this placement.

Limit (3,1)
1st: French’s WYNELE ALICE BLUEGOWN WITH BRECKAMORE. This blue is the older of the 2 litter sisters, and I can see why the mating was repeated. Lovely balance, elegance, size,  substance and bone. Her blue colour is clear, but I would prefer a little less black on her right side – but that was not a game changer today. She is just that bit more mature than the RCC winner, and her front is excellent. I just wish she was a carrying a touch less weight, as she had a slight wobble on her shoulder, and that cost her BOB, but I was delighted to award her the CC. Very clever breeding, congratulations.
2nd: Flower’s BRECKAMORE BUTTERFINGERS SHCM SHCEX. This tri was a little short in front and small in eye, but she has a super flat skull, excellent ears and she moved soundly.

Open (3,0)
1st: Gay’s YAGANE’S LAVENDER MIST. This 6 yr old blue had the best head of the day. I loved her expression – such a wonderful eye shape and set, and super dark on a blue. Excellent flat skull, correct stop and no coarse breadth or depth of skull – perfect. She also has excellent angulation fore and aft, and super size and substance. I wish her colour was clearer, and she was a bit leaner. She moved with good reach and drive and a level topline, but she was not light on her feet.
2nd: French’s BRECKAMORE BLOSSOM. This pert sable is from a smaller mould, and I found her a little steep in upper arm. Her head was balanced, but not as refined as I would like for her size. She moved soundly and was at one with her handler.
3rd: Pletz-Kazantzis & Busby’s FOXEARTH FANDELLA.


Miranda Blake - Judge