Northumberland And Durham Collie Club Open Show
Saturday 19th October 2019
Rough Collies

Many thanks to the officers and committee of Northumberland and Durham Collie Club for inviting me to judge their open show. I was pleased with my entry however there were quite a few absentees on the day.

Minor Puppy Dog
1st McCartes – Roughrigg Rag “N” Bone Man
s/w dog of nearly 9 months, pleasing balanced head with nice eye, good underjaw, good ears, good length of leg, good neck and length of back, nice shape, good bend of stifle and good hocks, moved and showed well. BPD, BD, BOS Unfortunately he was unsettled in the challenge at the end of the show today.
2nd Foxs – Alanita African Jazz
t/c dog of six months, balanced head with good eye set, good stop, ear set up and down at present, good neck and length of back, movement needs to tighten.

Puppy Dog
1st Foxs – Alanita African Jazz

Junior Dog Absent

Yearling Dog
1st Brookers – Corisian French Connection JW
s/w dog of 2 years, heavier and deeper in head than I would like, too much stop. Good neck, moderate length of back, Presented and showed well, at one with handler. Movement needs to be better.

Novice Dog no entries

Post Graduate Dog
1st Brown & Jopsons - Lillyway Latimer at Nithview
t/c dog of good size, Nice head and eye, nice ears, good underjaw and well moulded foreface. Masculine expression, good neck, good top line and good bend of stifle with good hocks. Moved ok when he dropped his tail! Presented and showed well. RBD

Limit Dog Absent

Open Dog

Veteran Dog

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Foxs – Alanita Constant Shydz O’jaz
Very pleasing s/w puppy of 6 months, lovely head with correct shaped eye, correct stop, pleasing foreface and underjaw, good neck, good length of leg, good length of back, nice shape, unfortunately very loose on the move and went with her tail very high.

Puppy Bitch
1st Brookers – Paris Venise Du Dois Des Amazones for Corisian (Imp Fra)
s/w in beautiful condition, would prefer a slightly longer head with a little less stop however her head is balanced. I feel that this would really excel her expression, good underjaw, straight in front, ample neck, good length of back, good shape, moved adequately. Presented beautifully and showed non stop. BPB, BPIS
2nd Foxs – Alanita Constant Shydz O’jaz
3rd Dodsworths – Pomenka My Fair Lady

Junior Bitch - Absent

Yearling Bitch
1st Bella & Turners – Camanna Cocomotion
t/c bitch of good breed type, her head handles well, pleasing eye of correct shape and set, good stop, lovely moulding of foreface and pleasing underjaw, good neck, good length of leg, good spring of rib, nice bend of stifle. Showed well however she was very unsettled on the move and screwed her tail right over her back.

Novice Bitch
1st Brookers – Paris Venise Du Dois Des Amazones for Corisian (Imp Fra)

Post Graduate Bitch
1st McCartes – Beldones Fun “N” Games at Roughrigg
s/w bitch of 2 years, An easy winner of this class, balanced head, ears slightly heavy, good neck, moved ok.
2nd Lanrue Diamonds In Blue
b/m of ok colour, deeper and wider in head than 1, would like ears tighter, moderate neck, good length of leg, good spring of rib, moved ok.

Limit Bitch
1st Brands – Ronansprey Rumour Has It Sh.CM
b/m of good size, her colour could be better, head handles well and is balanced, nice eye, good stop, good neck, good length of back and shape. Good angulation front and rear. Presented well. Moved well. RBB
2nd Barrenclough Golden Charm at Westoak
Heavier bitch than 1. Too much stop with short head, lacking in underjaw, moderate neck, low on the leg and slightly short in back, movement did not please.

Open Bitch
1st Boyles – Arklethill Helena
s/w bitch of 3 years, Her head is everything the standard asks for, balanced with equal planes, correct amount of stop, good eye set and shape, lovely ears which finished off her lovely expression, good neck, good shoulders, good depth of chest, good length of leg, good length of back, lovely shape, good bend of stifle and power hocks, good bone and muscle tone. presented well and showed well. Moved with good reach and plenty of drive from the rear. BB, BIS. Thoroughly deserved, Congratulations.
2nd Telforth Little Mix
Heavier and more unbalanced than 1. moved adequately, showed and presented well.

Veteran Bitch
1st Foxs – Amalie Lynmead Honey Honey for Alanita
s/w bitch enjoying her day out at a good age of 9 ½ years, in good condition, lovely shape, moved at a steady pace and covered the ring with ease. Showed well.

Josh Blackburn