My thanks to Midland Counties Committee for the invitation to Judge Rough Collies on my first C.C. appointment.  The Hospitality from this Society was 5 Star.

Thanks to my Stewards, Muriel and Rodney, who kept the proceedings running smoothly.
And finally, to the Exhibitors for the quality entry.  Most exhibits were well presented but must stress that dental hygiene is something that more exhibitors need to include in their grooming/presentation.  Quite a few with dirty teeth, remember teeth go all the way to the back of the mouth.  Make it part of the grooming session and it becomes routine, start it from early days with your puppy and it is no big deal to him/her.

I was looking for total masculinity – and I got it in my dogs.  I was looking for a feminine girl who could still do a day’s work – and I got it.  Those who are obviously getting exercised were well toned and this showed all the way through the animal.
There were a couple of Classes where I thought I had my winner until I moved them, only to be terribly disappointed with their movement.  Movement is an obvious one, a good groomer can hide little other faults, a good handler can show a dog to its best but the movement is there for all to see.

1. Ware’s, Poker Face Du Clos De Sea-wind NAF TAF (IMP FRA) – S/W.  Almost 7 months old, okay for size and coming on nicely. He was well off for bone with well placed neat ears, which he just loved using, correct dark eye all coming together to compliment his dreamy expression.  Still a baby and moved well.  Excellent presentation.    BPD, BPIB

2. Lockyer’s, Gataj Struck By Lightning – S/W.  Another at almost 7 months.  Lovely well placed dark eye with soft expression.  Well bodied.  Again moved okay for his age.  Both these puppies have time on their side and could easily change places as they mature.

3. Hawkins’, Brilyn Born For Glory


PUPPY DOG ( 2,0 )
1. Lockyer’s, Perfect Timing Du Clos De Sea-wind, S/W.  Good shape and make.  Would have liked a softer expression.  Showed himself off well.  Moved okay.  Immaculately presented, as were all exhibits from this kennel.
2. Hawkins’, Brilyn Born For Glory – S/W. 8 ½ month old S/w.  Pleasing head with good ear placement.  Good size and shape to him.  Well off for bone.  A showman.  Did not move as well as 1st.  Well presented.

1. Wray-Ramsden’s, Takhisis Magic Of Dreams – TRI. Jet black tri who is too fond of his tail on the move. He has a balanced outline with pleasing head qualities with good length of body and tail.  Moved okay.
2. Walker & Ritchie’s. Starlenga Christian Dior – S/W.  Sweet in expression and good ear carriage.  Good size to him. A bit unsettled here today.  Moved well.   Expertly presented.

1. McCann’s, Oakland Blue Style Du Clos De Sea-wind At Zolkhan (IMP FRA) – Upstanding B/M with well broken colour.  Most attractive of heads and expression, coming from correct eye placement and neat ears bang on top.  I loved his overall make and shape and just need him to body up more but he is still young and this will come.  Moved smoothly around the Ring.  Beautifully presented.  Was considered in top awards.
2. Fuller’s, Hanvale Arthur Shelby With Damos – S/W.  Another handsome dog with balance and a most masculine expression without any coarseness.  Great tight feet.  Good mover. Well presented.  Unfortunate to meet 1st today and I see litter brother to my Bitch C.C. winner.  Very well presented.
3. Walker & Ritchie’s, Norska De Remember Our Love For Starlenga (IMP FRA)

1. Cronk’s, Culbrae Code Red At Chelborn – S/W. Truly masculine upstanding dog.  A soft expression without coarseness, that wanted dark eye and well rounded muzzle. Well bodied and good balance to him from height to length ratio, length of tail, lovely bend of stifle and sweep over loin. He was well toned and moved with the drive I was looking for.  Excellent presentation.  Well deserved RES C.C.
2. Lockyer’s, Think Of Me Prince Of Sunlight At Gataj (IMP HUN) JW – S/W.  Pleasing head qualities.  Used ears to advantage.  Moved well.  Excellent presentation. 
3. Mills’, Lynmack Starman

1. Wray-Ramsden’s, Takhisis Dream Weaver – S/W.  Could not pass this 3 year old, whom I have admired from the ringside for some time.  Total picture of masculinity and soundness.  Has a super dark eye, soft rounded muzzle with correct ear carriage and correctly placed stop and parallel planes all coming together in his soft, yet alert, expression.  Continuing down into his reach of neck and a level topline, great bend of stifle and those neat feet.  His length to height is correct.  Easy to see that he is well exercised from his toned body condition with excellent spring of rib.  I did worry that his tail would be his downfall but, today he managed to keep it under control when it mattered.  Presented as a dog should be for the Ring.  Told afterwards that he is litter brother to my Bitch Res CC winner.  Worthy C.C.
2. French’s, Samhaven Name That Tune At Breckamore – S/W. This boy was not happy here but he has a masculine shape and outline that attracted me. I’m sure he can give more than he did here today. Not a showing fool which possibly had to do with surroundings.  Pleasing head qualities.  Another who was well toned and well presented.  Good sound collie movement.
3. Cooney’s, Jopium Danny Boy At Lingwell

OPEN DOG ( 9,3)
1. Patman’s, Pick Pocket Via Samhaven – S/W. Never seen this boy before today and he instantly took my eye.  Upstanding and all male.  He showed non-stop in his Class just losing out for that final push in the Challenge.  He had super parallel planes and his head was a joy to handle.  Correct dark eye, good underjaw, soft rounded muzzle.  Excellent length to height ratio and level topline which he held on the move, good bend of stifle and correct tail set and length.  Lovely purposeful mover. Another who was presented to a ‘Tee’.
2. Allen’s, Lynmack Brooklyn Nights – S/W. Previously judged this boy.  However, today he was not as animated or in as good condition as the first time I saw him.  His mind was elsewhere.  However, his qualities still speak for themselves, providing his dreamy yet masculine expression. He is all in proportion and an upstanding male. Correct length to height ratio.  He moved well and was expertly presented.
3. Scott’s, Ch. Magical Moon Of Lowlands Green Valley For Chantique (IMP FRA)

1. Skinner’s, Nikal It’s Good To be Black VW – Well known 8 year old tri, with jet black colouring which was beautifully presented.  Pleasing head. Moved okay. 

1. Edwards’, Elshajo Adored – S/W, 7 ½ month pretty girl, sweet feminine expression with lovely eye and balanced head properties.  Good bone and well made.  Most attentive to handler. Steady ring presence.  Excellent presentation.  Moved okay.    BPB
2. Shipps’ Perfect Decision Du Clos De Sea-wind (IMP FRA) NAF TAF – S/W. Almost 7 months, smaller made than 1st but very much still a baby and all in proportion.  Another soft  in expression and pleasing head qualities.  Moved okay.
3. McCormick & Williams’, Gataj Lovestruck With Lynmack

1. Margett’s, Lynmead Lemondae For Collingvale – B/M.  Lovely broken colour, good shape and size and all in proportion.  Good reach of neck.  For me just a tad fine in foreface, therefore preferring head qualities in the MPB at Challenge for BPB.  Lovely mover.
2. Brooker’s, Paris Venise Du Bois Des Amazones For Corisian (IMP FRA) – S/W.  Flashy good sized girl, shorter in head than 1st and fuller in eye. Though she is balanced.  Expertly handled and excellent presentation.

1. Margett’s, Lynmead lemonade For Collingvale  - From PB
2. Tame’s, Oh Suzanna De Clos De Seawind At Rahlissa (IMP FRA) – S/W.  Not in fullest coat today. Soft eye, correct ear carriage which she used well.  Lovely outline. Moved well.
3. Grindley’s, Lanrue Emma Emily

1. Walder’s, Hanvale Polly Shelby JW – S/W. Well, this young lady had all the attitude of her Peaky Blinders counterpart, just what I was looking for in my C.C. winner.  Desired head and wedge with dreamy expression from oblique dark eye, ears which were continually on top, correctly placed stop with a well rounded muzzle giving her an endearing expression with parallel head planes.  She presented the correct profile with arch of neck and had super reach into well laid shoulders, lovely spring of rib, lovely waistline and rise over loin, well shaped stifle and great neat feet.  She was ever attentive to her handler and presentation was bang on.  From her body tone and condition it was easy to assess her movement when she went round the Ring with purpose and drive, holding her topline throughout.     C.C and BOB
2. Ware’s, Kind Of Magic Della Buca Delle Fate At Wassail (IMP IT) – TRI.  Another pretty girl, tad more compact than 1st with a lovely soft expression with super dark eye.  She gave a lovely profile.  Beautifully presented. Sorry about having to get her from the car in the rain for the Challenge but she was worthy of consideration. She moved well.
3. Grindley’s, Lanrue Emma Emily

1. Lockyer’s, Nasy Girl Du Clos De Sea-wind At Gataj (IMP FRA), S/W.  Pleasing head qualities, tad stronger in head for me but she has the balance and all in proportion. Super neat feet. Most attentive to her handler. Moved okay.  Excellent presentation.
2. Tame’s Claudette At Rahlissa JW (IMP SRB) – S/W.  More my head type but not as interested in the proceedings as 1st.  Well shaped eye, good ears, reach of neck and profile. Moved well.
3.Congdon’s, Aaronwell Aloe Vera

This was my headache Class – I just didn’t have enough red cards and on moving some again simply did not help my difficult decision, as they all moved well.  All placings worthy of a 1st  and totally splitting hairs.  My first just pipping the others and giving it that final push for her place and resultant Res C.C.
1.Lockyer’s, Takhisis Hope And Dreams With Gataj -  S/W.  Litter sister to Dog CC. Like her brother she is balanced and presents a super profile with a beneficial reach of neck endorsing this.  The breed attributes are all there and on going over her was not disappointed.  Correct head planes and well placed stop.  Softness to her expression. Great ears used to total advantage.  Lovely mover and presentation a credit to owners. RES C.C
2. Shipp’s, Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate (IMP ITA) –  Truly spoilt for quality in this Class – S/W who presents a super picture both standing and on the move.  So much to like about her. Head handled well and she has a dreamy soft expression from her dark eye and well placed ears and correctly placed stop.  Balanced throughout. Good length of tail.  Moved well.  Presentation excellent. 
3. McGill & Boyd’s, Lynmack Edge Of Glory At Stregato

1. Walder’s, Ch, Beldones La Vita Bella For Hanvale JW – S/W, This most glamorous girl is well worthy of her Title.  Apart from her obvious attributes, she has ring presence which clinched this Class for her.  She has the softest of dark eyes, neat ears, parallel planes, well placed stop.  The reach of neck, level topline and tail-set – it’s all their – and super movement too – pipped today by her daughter who gave me the whole ‘Polly Shelby’ in the Challenge.  Excellent presentation.  
2. Congdon’s, Lolita Lempick Du Clos De Sea-wind Via Aaronwell (IMP FRA) – B/M.  I loved this girl but she was so unco-operative with her hard-worked handler and disinterested in the proceedings.  She lost this class only on Showmanship.  Her head was a joy to handle with the softest of expressions, getting that right in a blue- for me – is Specialist.  She had a lovely make and shape to her and was balanced throughout.  Moved okay but am sure she can move much better, perhaps the surroundings not agreeing with her today.  Excellent presentation, as were all from this Kennel.  
3. Boyle’s, Arklethill Helena