Midland Collie Club
SAC Classes
6th October 2019

We left Scotland at silly o'clock in the morning and had a good journey no hold-ups. We got to the venue (Midland Collie) and were greeted with a very warm welcome. Thank you to everyone on the committee for all their hard work to make the show work like clockwork. The food was wonderful and everyone enjoyed the day. Thank you to all the exhibitors for coming. All the dogs were clean and presented well. Lastly we are here to judge the attributes of the dogs, so no fault judging, there is enough of that. It is only my opinion, not right or wrong. Thank you.

Junior B/P
MERTRISA COOL LOVE: Eye catching blue bitch. Beautifully balanced from all angles. Exquisite expression well rounded muzzle with good under jaw correct stop. Correct bite with clean teeth, flat backskull, soft sweet eye, good ears which enhanced her beautiful expression, well arched neck, good shoulders on strong legs, nice feet. Correct length of back (to height ratio). Well muscled hindquarters which enabled her to move with ease. Beautiful presentation. Thank you for the privilege of judging this quality bitch.
LYNDALE ILLUSION OF LOVE: Sable bitch. Just six months. Lovely baby puppy bitch. Lovely head qualities, just needs time. She was happy and nothing fazed her. Thank you for bringing her.
PERFECT TIMING DU CLOS DE SEAWIND FOR GATAJ PGB/D NASTY GIRL DU CLOS DE SEAWIND AT GATAJ: Beautiful Golden sable bitch 21/2 years. Very elegant, her attributes were there for all to see very feminine, lovely moulded fore face, good under jaw, correct placed stop and eye giving her a sweet expression , neat ears, well arched strong neck on well placed shoulders, good front with strong legs, nice flowing length of back, well set tail and well muscled hindquarters. No effort for her to move around the ring.
STARLENGA HARRY POTTER: 21 months. Very impressive sable dog excelled in head. His expression makes your heart skip a beat, very soft but still very masculine. Very balanced from all angles, he was a lovely size. Made a lovely picture which I could have looked at for hours.

Open D/B
COLLINGVALE CHARDONNAY: Shaded sable bitch of 61/2 years. Outstanding outline, clean head, good ears which she used all the time. She was so well made that she stood with everything in the right place, feet perfect at all times showed non-stop, moved around the the ring with ease, a pleasure to watch. CHELBOURN STORYTELLER: Beautifully presented tri dog of good size. Today he did not want to show me his attributes, lovely make and shape, all a male. Moved well. TAKHISS HOPE AND DREAMS WITH GATAJ.

D Finney