London Collie Club 21/09/19
Smooth Collies

Thank you to the London Collie Club for inviting me to judge the Smooths at this friendly club show. Thanks also to my able steward Julie and to the exhibitors for their entries. 

Veteran D/B   5 (2)
1- Norman  - Ch. Foxearth Fashioned in Black - what a start to the day - beautiful tricolour bitch of 10 years in superb condition.. Good head with correct stop, flat skull, well placed and used ears, almond shaped dark eye and sweet expression. Good neck and topline and firm well muscled body. Lovely conformation which showed in her flowing movement, and she kept her shape all the time. A beautifully balanced Smooth collie. BOB and BIS on the referee s decision. Very well done. 
2). - Bentons  - Ch. Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle - another lovely champion of over 10 years - blue merle of good  colour. Nice head with flat skull and well used ears, sweet eye. Good body which was firm and well muscled. Showed and moved well. 

3). - Moore's  Manordeifi Silver Sparkle 

Puppy D/B. 1
1...Peacock  - Saraneth Edgedancer - tri colour. bitch of just 6 months. Very much a baby but with much promise. Nice head and eye and well proportioned body. Moved OK, just needs to gain experience and settle to the job in hand. 


Junior D/B. 0

P.G. Dog  1.(1)

Limit Dog. 1
Moore's. - . Manordeifi Bow Regard  - 3 year old s/w. - well made dog with strong head that would benefit from better moulding to muzzle. Good neck and topline and moved OK. Res BD

Open Dog  1
Denton's  - Ch Brackenhaye Fields of Gold  - well made upstanding s/w dog in lovely condition, his coat gleamed. Good head with flat skull, correct stop, good muzzle and good mouth. Good neck and topline, well muscled body. Moved well. Res BOB and BOSIS 

Post Grad Bitch  2 (1)
Moore's  Blamorder Ridin on a Rainbow to Manordeifi - 18 month tricolour who was hard to assess due to being over excited. Nice head, ears a little light, good body and substance. Movement erratic, will be much better when she calms down and concentrates. 

Limit Bitch  1
Benton's - Oakestelle Artemis - very pretty b/m. Lovely head, dark eyes, correct stop, good mouth and alert well used ears. Good neck and topline and nice conformation. Moved well and like all the exhibits from this kennel, very well schooled. 

Open Bitch 5 
A very nice class 
1.   Benton's. - Oakestelle Venus de Milo. - another quality b/m from this kennel and another great showgirl. Good head with dark eyes and neat ears. Good neck leading to strong front with good depth of chest. Good topline, firm body and good bend of stifle. 
Won this strong class on her good movement. Res BB 
2.   Denton's -  Ch Brackenhaye Shape O My Heart. Another lovely bitch with correct head, flat skull and appealing eye and expression. Good body and outline, moved well behind but not as positive infront as 1st. 
3 - Flower's - Breckamore Butterfingers ShCM Sh CEx

Judge. Sue Hawkins