The London Collie Club
Sub group Championship show
Judge Carolyn Waterhouse

It was a such an honour to receive the invitation to judge Rough collie males from the committee of The London Collie Club. A club that I have been associated with for many years now. I must say how lucky the club was to be blessed with fabulous weather. The sun shone for most of the day which gave the whole event such a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Many Thanks must go to my stewards Jane & Linda who kept everything running smoothly. I have always felt when judging that every exhibit deserves to be treated the same. I have always tried to give exhibits every opportunity to show me how special they can be. Some exhibits are born show dogs and when given the opportunity they rise to the occasion. Others when given the big ring decide that today they will not give off their best. So this is when I as the judge must step in and never overlook the quality of any exhibit because it might not give a 100 per cent. As a judge I should be trying to find the exhibit that excel in as many departments as possible fitting the standard as closely as my interpretation of it is. So judging is always a compromise every exhibit will hopefully have it's day. So this is where you the handlers can make or break that dogs chances, so never ever give up do as much as you can to get that something extra special out of your gorgeous dogs to make them stand out amongst the rest. I must thank you all for taking my decisions sportingly.

I have not judged males since 2012 so this appointment was faced with great expectation. I have over some time listen to so much negativity about the males being shown and watching the entries decline you are never sure what you will be faced with. Well I really did not need to worry I was honoured that so many of you brought your males for my opinion. I felt that the entry gave me a real insight into the quality that we have in our males. Yes we might not have great depth of quality as we had in years gone by. But we still have quality males out there. It is as breeders that we must do our research and use them carefully when planning the next generation.

One thing I found since I last judged males, which surprised me greatly was some very light coloured eyes. Please do not let this become a trend the standard calls for a dark eye.

Always a pleasure to judge alongside knowledgeable breeders. My co judge Mr Mocque and I were both in total agreement for all the Rough Collie awards it was a great pleasure for me to see the Rough male Ch Magical Moon of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique (Imp Fra) go BOB and then later on in the day from Mrs Stella Clark go BIS. The Rough male Starlenga Christian Dior ending his day with BPIS. Congratulations to you both.

Minor Puppy 4 (1)
1st Walker&Ritchies Starlenga Christian Dior. Now what a sensible pup this is. He took everything in his stride and perform perfectly. At 8 months he is not overdone in any department. He has enough bone and lovely oval feet. He is well made and at this moment his coat covers his frame nicely showing his shape well. Now on the move he shows how well made he is and covered the ground easily for one so young. I particularly loved his front angles and the way he used his neck. His head is very nice to handle and at this moment in time I would not change anything about him. His dark eye is well placed and he has a pleasing expression. Interesting to note that his dam is from the same breeder as the CC winning male. Congratulations on gaining BPD/ BPIB/BPIS. I will follow his progress with great interest.
2nd Finneys Oh My God De Remember Our Love (Imp Fra) This 8 month old tri colour was exhibited in good order and had been well trained to show me his charms. I found his head very pleasing with a lovely eye set and good expression. He was very clean through the stop which was well place. I liked his shape and he moved well.
3rd Hawkins Brilyn That Old Black Magic

Puppy 4 (1)
1st Scotts Chantique Poldark. 9 month tri colour who for me is a much slower developing male for his age. I feel his owners will have to be patient as he has the makings of a nice adult. He stood and showed well. His head is very pleasing with a lovely eye set. He used his ears well and when he pulled it all together he has a nice expression. I liked his neck but would prefer a little more length to his back. He moved well and did enough to win the class. Interesting to see that his parentage is again from the same breeder as the CC winner.
2nd Congdons Aaronwell Ashley Banjo. Now on my first glance round the class this blue merle was I thought my winner. I loved his length of leg, neck and back. He had an abundance of well groomed coat which was a lovely well broken colour. His head was of good length with a slight stop. He was not so relaxed here today and unfortunately this really showed on the move. Such a shame for him and his owner.
3rd Blaikies Kourika Knock On Wood

Junior 6 (0)
This was not an easy class to judge as every exhibit was of a different type.
1st Fontanellis Amalie Fly With Bydanding. I found myself being drawn to this exhibit simply because of his elegance. At 16 months he was at that in between stage. His coat was blowing and not at its best. I liked his shape very much indeed and he moved well. His head is of good length with a slight stop and correct eye set. Sadly he lacks underjaw which does detract when viewing him in profile. I found him very pleasing on the move.
2nd Davis Monsolana Read Of Me Via Rosschell (Imp Rus). Now in contrast this dog is much shorter in all departments. He stood and showed well and really did everything asked of him. His head although balanced when viewed in profile, when handled it is a little wide in back skull and he needs some filling just under the eye and through the cheeks. Hopefully at just 15 months of age he has plenty of time for
this to happen as he matures.
3rd Massons Samhaven Golden Shadow

Novice 4 (0)
1st Dinnages Trenley True Grit At Bellcot. What a nice headed sable lad this is. He has one of the sweetest eyes on show here today. I particularly liked his balance and moulding in fore face. His ear set could be tighter but he has a good expression. His shape standing is good and his front movement is positive. Sadly his hind action let him down.
2nd Amalie Fly With Bydanding.
3rd Conways Amalie Say It All.

Graduate Dog 9 (2)
This class gave me a great deal to think about as I really liked all three.

1st Hawkins&Foys Beldones Blue Echo. Blue merle who is a new one to me. I must admit I was very impressed with him. He was turned out in brilliant condition which is a credit to his owners. He has a huge coat which luckily his owners had groomed so that it fitted his outline. He appears to be a real character and really made his handler work to get the very best out of him. Now standing he is very impressive with a shape that I am instantly drawn to. I love neck and this lad has plenty. He is balanced throughout his body, with good angles to his rear assembly. At just 15 months old his head is very finished indeed, with a good wedge and moulding, a flat Skull which is very well filled. Always lovely to feel a decent chin, with a long lip line. His eye set for me could be sweeter. When he stands and shows he has a pleasing expression. On the move he was positive but I really expected him to cover more ground. I gave him serious consideration for the res cc.

2nd Walkers Norska De Remember Our Love For Starlenga (Imp Fra). I have never taken a great deal of notice of this tri colour male. Well today has made me look at him in a different light. He has come on greatly and I must say I was a little taken aback that I had never really given him a second look. He was in contrast to the winner not in full coat but what he had was beautifully presented and very black. Now his head is very masculine, for me I would like a little more refinement to it, but on saying that it really did appeal. The eye is dark, well placed and very expressive. His stop is exactly in the right place. He was very clean through the cheeks and has correct ear carriage. When he looks and listens he really has a very nice expression. He has enough neck and a good front assembly. His length to his back was pleasing. This lad carries plenty of rounded bone and has tight feet. His powerful short hocks enabled him to move with real drive. One I will pay particular attention to in the future.
3rd Lockyers Once Upon A Time Du Clos De Sea-Wind With Gataj (Imp Fra)

Post Graduate 5 (2)
1st Mclaughlins Moon dance De Cabrenysset For Brihow (Imp Fra). Blue merle that has the most gorgeous colour, even under the canvas his colour sparkled so in sunlight it would be breathtaking. He has the head type I am drawn to. My hands loved feeling his rounded well filled muzzle gliding to a very flat skull. He has a lovely eye and ear set, so that when he pulls everything together he smiled at me and I found myself smiling back at him. He really does not break into a sweat on the move and just does enough to get from one end of the ring to the other and must at times cause his owner a great deal of frustration. A quality headed dog that was a real pleasure to get the chance to judge.
2nd Lockyers Think Of Me Prince Oh Sunlight At Gataj (Imp Hun). This sable lad is so very balanced in body and in contrast to the winner he covered the ground with immense ease keeping his top line at whatever pace he was moving at so I found him a pleasure to watch. His head handles well and he has a nice eye and well placed ears. I would like him cleaner in stop . He stood and showed well as did all this exhibitors males.
3rd Murray&Bellamys Beloreen Starman

Mid Limit 3 (1)
1st Hassocks Camanna Codename. Very Masculine sable. Good front assembly and enough neck. Has plenty of bone and neat feet. His head handles well. Very clean through the cheeks. Nicely placed dark eye, used his ears at all times and was very alert to everything going on around him. He is maturing along the right lines and will be interesting to see him fully mature. Moved well covering plenty of ground.
2nd Wrays Takhisis Dream Weaver. What a lovely rounded fore face this sable lad has, it is so very well filled with no lump and bumps. His eye is dark and well place and he has a kind expression. I would like more neck with a little more balance to his body. Moved out well.

Limit 4 (1)
1st Maxwell&Wallis Trenley Tatenen At Hamisks. Every time I glanced across the ring my eyes fell upon the complete balance of this mature shaded sable male. Every hair of his coat fitted his outline. Always lovely for any judge when a dog is turned out in fabulous order and in peak condition. He is a male that is not extreme in any department and on handling him I was not disappointed. In fact I was thrilled how easy my hand flowed from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. At 6 years old his head is just beginning to show some age. But it is still lovely to handle with a well filled fore face, clean stop and dark eye. He does not make it easy for his owner showing him but she certainly got the best out of him today. He had one of the best hindquarters on show here and it was a real pleasure to watch him on the move in every direction. Another I considered for the res cc
2nd Hawkins Beldones Tom Wood. Oh my, now this sable's eye set is unmistakable from which kennel bred him. His head is lovely with a velvety fore face well placed stop and neat well used ears. He has a very pleasing xpression. Always lovely to have a collie with the correct amount of neck. But for me today I found whenever I looked over to him he appeared slightly unbalanced in body. His coat was not at it best and I felt that for whatever reason it did not enhance his outline. He put up a good performance and moved out well.
3rd Lockyers Gataj Beau Of Surprises

Open 3 (0)
1st Scotts Ch Magical Moon Of Lowlands Green Valley For Chantique(Imp Fra). WOW, this sable completely stopped me in my tracks. When I looked across at him from the centre of the ring everything about him screamed Rough Collie! He is now 3 years old and looked so mature. He certainly was happy in his own skin. His lovely well arched neck with a full white collar was quite striking. He held his gorgeous head high as if he knew he was something special. His head is smooth with a nice amount of moulding. He has a flat skull, lovely eye set and used his ears to advantage. He has that quizzical expression when something takes his attention which once seen will never be forgotten. He has a good fore chest and depth to his body. Super well made hind quarters. He was not over coated and every hair just enhanced his very shapely outline. He moved round the ring with great confidence, driving from his powerful short hocks. For me he filled my eye in every department. I was thrilled to award him the CC. Congratulations.
2nd Congdons Ch Jugband Blues Du Clos De Sea-Wind Via Aronwell (Imp Fra). I first set eyes on this blue merle as a youngster in France, my thoughts then was he should make a nice adult. Well I was wrong, maturity has made him very special indeed. Today he was not so happy in his surrounding. He excels in breed type. On handling his head I found it smooth and well filled. He has the correct almond shape eye and a well placed stop. His neat ears are well placed and all of these attributes when he relaxes gives an expression that is very soft and dreamy. He has plenty of bone and a good body shape which is covered in a huge coat of good colour and texture. On the move he went well. I gave the two others males along with this gorgeous lad a lot of thought and every opportunity for one to out shine the other two. I felt that this lads over all head qualities gave him the edge and was pleased to award him the RES CC.
3rd Tippers Tiganlea Tone Down

Veteran 3 (2)
1st Fontanellis Ch Ares Good Side. Heavily coated 8 year old sable. With ample bone. Dark eye and round well filled muzzle. He moved well. But is showing his age especially around his mouth. BV 2nd Hulls Lizmark Gold Standard ShCM. This sable is not a big dog. But was presented in good coat and was very good on the move. He has a small dark eye. Flat skull and very neat ears.