London & Provincial Collie Club Open Show

February 2019

Special Award Classes Rough & Smooth Collies Critique

Thank you to the Committee for giving me the chance to judge my first Breed Show, I thoroughly enjoyed judging. All dogs were deserving of a place which made my choice of winners in each class a very difficult decision. I would also like to thank my steward for helping keep everything running smoothly.

Rough Collie Special Award Puppy (4)

1st – Van Mosseveld: Yield to None Nero Di Cambiano (Imp Ita):     This friendly, 10month old tri lad moved & showed with confidence. A nice head; good reach of neck & well set ears which he used throughout. Good conformation & overall body shape. I look forward to see his progression.

2nd – Wray-Ramsden: Takhsis Magic of Dreams:     6month old tri with a lovely head & expression, he was excited to be there. Well set ears; beautifully groomed & presented, with good bone. A very handsome male that stood showing off his shape.

3rd – Philpin: Tudorlyn a Kind of Magic

4th – Lockyer: O’Connor Du Bois Des Amazones at Gataj (Imp Fra)

Rough Collie Special Awards Post Graduate (5/3)

1st – Lockyer: Nasty Girl Clos De Sea-Wind at Gataj (Imp Fr):     Pretty sable bitch appealed immediately with her sweet expression & beautiful coat. She felt solid & well balanced with a level top line. Her ears were correctly placed & she used them throughout. She moved well with drive in her step.

2nd – Mcdade: Fridens Captivation with Lynsale JW (Imp Rus):     Lovely marked blue merle stood beautifully showing her shape, top line & reach of neck, which was clearly felt when going over her. Good stop & muscle in the hind quarters. Moved freely at a good speed while staying balanced.

3rd – Philpin: Sassari Snow Shimmer for Tudorlyn JW.

Rough Collie Special Award Open (1)

1st – Wray-Ramsden: Takhisis Trick or Treat:     I have seen this handsome tri a few times & always been impressed with his well-maintained coat; conformation & stunning expression. He has a good reach of neck & top line. When going over him he felt solid with good muscle which was shown when moving, showing drive from his hind quarters.

Smooth Collie Special Award Graduate (2)

1st – Benton & Bemelmans: Oakestelle Asteria:     Has a lovely expression & well marked. She stood showing well. Ear placement & tipping correct. When moving looked free & fluid; she was fully extending while still looking balanced & keeping her top line. I enjoyed judging her as she seemed to be enjoying herself too.

2nd – Benton: Oakestelle Artemis:     Blue merle bitch had a sweet expression. Her ears were also set & tipped correctly. When moving it was clear to see her striding out & drive from her hind with full extension. The choice between these two was a very tough decision as they were both well-presented & showed to such a high standard.

Smooth Collie Special Award Open (2)

1st – Benton: Oakestelle Venus De Milo:     Beautifully marked; had a sweet expression with full use of her good ear set. Moved & showed well; was solid with good bone & muscle tone. When moving she extended fully keeping a solid top line. I was very impressed with her profile and conformation.

2nd – Benton: Ch Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle:     This smooth looked as though she was enjoying herself & showed well. She had a good coat presented well. With perfectly placed ears; a beautiful head & expression; good stop & reach of neck. She has confidence when moving allowing her to stride out & with reach from the front & drive from the rear.

Jenny Hopper