London & Provincial Collie club
Championship Show
Saturday 23rd November 2019

Rough Collie Dogs

I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to Judge this very friendly and well organised show, from the moment I walked in to the timeI left you all made me feel very welcome. Living abroad and not Judging in this country for some time and despite what I have read on various web sites, I have to say in my opinion the quality of the dogs that were entered on the day were very good, there were only a couple of dogs that I felt knots in there coats and behind the ears. So for everyone who entered under me and valued my opinion thank you very much that made it a truly memorable day.

Veteran Dog
1st: Mellish’s Demelewis catchy drift, 8yr old blue merle who still  has that show look, lovely head with correct ear set nice eye placement and pleasing stop. Has a good scissor bite and teeth good for his age, good well arched neck and laid back shoulders the chest is deep and firm and well sprung ribs good length to the body. Has a great well groomed coat and his movement was very good.
2nd: Howard’s Darahill Chaos at Sablemyst, This 9yr old still enjoys showing, carried his ears correctly and a very nice shape eye and overall a nice head, good strong front and deep chest, correct length to the body and nice tail set, nice sable colour. on the move he still has the desire to move around the ring at some pace which was a pleasure to watch.
3rd: Skinner’s Nikal it’s Gud to be Back

Minor Puppy Dog
1st: Lockyer’s Gataj Struck by Lightning, a young puppy that was very interested in all that was going on around him, good head with correctly placed stop and eye placement showed his ears the whole time in the ring, chest seems to be developing nicely and shoulders well laid back has the length to the body and a good turn of stifle, moved very well for a young dog and kept his tail down, promising sable boy.
2nd: Randall’s Ladnar Mustriharder, a very promising young tri boy out for the first time and was not worried with all the noise going on, has a lovely head coming together with a good scissor bite nice shaped eye, good ear set, chest still very much in the early stages of development, correct length to the body and correct tail set, has a lovely black coat and his movement was good, I look forward to seeing this dog in the future, I think he could be a star.
3rd: Adams & Carlyon’s Dycoshem High Chaparral.

Puppy Dog
1st: Blake’s Corydon Pol Roger, A lovely blue merle, took my eye as soon as he walked in the ring, has a good scissor bite and good under-jaw stop in the correct place nice shape eyes and correct ears which gives the rough Collie that certain look, good reach of neck and very good shoulder placement, a good deep chest and sprung ribs. Lovely top line and sweep over the loins and good length to the tail, his movement for a young dog was very good went on to win BPB, BPIS. Happy that my fellows Judges agreed with my choice.
2nd: Lockyer’s Perfect Timing Du Clos De Sea-Wind for Gataj (Imp Fra)
A sable boy in good coat has a nice head and a sweet eye, a good chest and good length to the body, he carried the tail a little to high when on the move, but the movement was sound.
3rd: Westbrook’s Essanjay Prince of Darkness

Junior Dog
1st: Geddes’s Ingledene Mercury Risin: A very nice blue merle lovely almond shaped eyes and nicely placed stop carried his ears wet all the time in the ring, nice shape to the body, lovely arched neck and correct shoulder placement, his movement was very good with plenty of drive from the rear, has an excellent coat.

Yearling Dog
1st: Geddes’s Ingledene Mercury Risin.
2nd: Cornelius Hanvale Tommy Shelby, I liked this sable boy he was very attentive to his hander all the time in the ring, good scissor bite and strong under-jaw, nice eye and set well, would have like his ears to be carried a little higher, but put that down to the noice in the hall, good top line and body shape, he moved around the ring with ease.
3rd: Mellish’s Demelewis Truth or Dare.

Novice dog
1st: Blake’s Corydon Pol Roger
2nd: Lockyer’s Perfect Timing Du Clos de Sea-Wind for Gataj (Imp Fra)
3rd: Merdinian’s Ambartr Master Mind.

Graduate Dog
1st: Jewell’s Trenic blue Diamond from Moorland, a blue merle with a good under-jaw carried his ears well, has a very good reach of neck, shoulder and front legs construction is OK, good deep rib cage, good tail set although carried a little high on the move, and coat in very good condition, looked good on the move.

Post Graduate Dog
1st: Cornelius’s Hanvale Tommy Shelby
2nd: Scamp’s Aaronwell Ayebeecee, Good parallel lines to the head eyes correctly set to the stop and he has a nice ear set and correctly tipped. has lovely black coat and in very good condition, good deep chest and correct top line, he is very light on his feet and made the movement look easy around the ring.
3rd: Merdinian’s Ambartr Master Mind

Mid-Limit Dog
1st:Lister’s Jotars Platinum Moon at Newarp, nice upstanding blue merle in very good coat, carried his ears well and a good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders and good deep chest, correct length to the body and good tail set and correct length, his movement was good.
2nd: Scamp’s Aaronwell Ayebeecee.

Limit Dog
1st: Jones Brooklynson Black Diamond with Dancol, a stunning young tri colour boy, has a great head with correct stop and eye set carried his ears well all the time in the ring, good strong arched neck and well laid back shoulders, nice deep chest, lovely top line and correct tail set very strong on the move with plenty of drive from the rear legs, he looked very good moving around the ring with ease.
2nd:Spendlow’s Uffspring Unmistakable, sable dog with a good ear set, shame he did not show them all the time, put that down to the noice in the hall, nice shaped eyes and correct scissor bite, good chest and nice length to the body, his movement was good, although not in a full coat he is a nice dog.

Open Dog
This was a really good class with real quality written all over it, another day and anyone of the first there could have won the class, but on the day,
1st: Geddes’s CH Ingledene Spirits Arise JW, a fantastic tri colour dog that has everything going for it, good scissor bite correctly placed stop and eye set his ears are placed correctly and were shown all the time, really good front line shoulder construction and lovely deep chest, good top line and tail set, his movement was very good and viewed from the side had a great length in his powerful stride and could have moved all day, more than happy to award him the CC, and went on to be BOB and BIS, I’m glad my fellow Judges agreed with me on this dog.
2nd: Blake’s Corydon Trump the Lot, Another quality dog this time a sable, showed all the time in the ring, has a good under-jaw and a good scissor bite, good parallel lines to the head, correct ear set and shown all the time, good strong arched neck which carried the head well, well constructed shoulder good top line, very good turn of stifle correct length of tail. His coat is in very good condition. His movement was very good and floated round the ring with ease, RCC and fully deserved on the day.
3rd: Tipper’s Tiganlea Tone down.

Judge: Tony Foster (Jaysur Collies)