London and Provincial Collie Club Open Show - February 2019
BIS Critique

Bentons "Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle " This 10 year old Blue Merle bitch is a non stop show girl who at 10 years young obviously still thrives being shown. Her head is clean with no flare to the cheeks and her ears are correctly placed and used well. Due to her maturing age I did find her eyes a little round more than almond in shape but still dark in colour. She has a good length of neck. She has good front and rear angulations. She is well muscled which helps her move with ease and drive around the ring. It was a pleasure to award her BIS & BVIS

Bentons "Oakestelle Artemis " 20 month old Blue Merle bitch shown in tip top condition and granddaughter to BIS winner. She is an attractive young girl who is well balanced. Her expression is alert and her head is clean with lovely dark almond shaped eyes. Ears are correctly placed  and used well. She has a lovely length of neck with a good level top line. She has both good front and rear angulations. Her feet are tight and oval and her tail is the correct length reaching her hocks. On the move she is a little playful but she is young and obviously enjoys her time in the show ring. RBIS

Tames    " Oh Suzanna Du Clos De Seawind At Rahlissa " (imp France) 8 month old golden sable bitch shown in good coat and excellent condition. She is a pretty girl with a sweet expression and lovely dark almond shape eyes. She is good for bone with lovely tight oval feet. She is also very confident while being shown and this showed in her outgoing movement. She seemed to be enjoying her day out. BPIS

Referee/ BIS judge
Gina Stillwell