London & Provincial Collie Club Open Show 25.8.2019

Smooth Collies.
My thanks to the committee of this friendly, well run show for inviting me to judge Smooth Collies, and also the Smooth exhibitors for a lovely entry and for taking my decisions sportingly. My able steward Keith kept things running smoothly so we were able to finish judging before the heat became too extreme, and allowing everyone an early start home.  In the challenge for BIS the Rough Collie judge and I decided to call in the Referee, but due to a conflict of interest, the stunning BOB Rough Collie bitch Myriehewe Promises did a lap of honour before withdrawing. This left the equally stunning Smooth BOB, the recently crowned Ch. Coneypark Countdown at Allangill to take BIS.

P D/B (2) 2 quality littermates, very confidant and outgoing at just 6 mths old, thoroughly enjoying their first outing.
1st Howards’ Shandlmain Tomohawk. Beautifully balanced tri d. Already showing a lovely clean head with well-placed stop, nicely moulded muzzle, good underjaw with good sized teeth, flat skull with correctly placed and carried ears, very appealing expression coming from beautiful dark almond eye, set obliquely. Good reach of neck blending into good shoulders, straight front, firm topline with nice sweep over the croup to a long well set tail. Once settled, moved well showing a nice side action. BPIB, BPIS.
2nd Martin &Howards’ Shandlmain Blu Chief. Eye catching b/m litter brother who has a lovely outline and shares many of the same remarks. He is slightly stronger in skull and muzzle, but still in proportion, with good ear placement and carriage. Excellent reach of neck with a good crest, good shoulders and front. Correct topline and leg to height ratio, very good hind angulation with lovely sweep to his stifle, long well set tail. A little loose in front at this stage, but sure these two will trade places many times in the future. RBPIB, RBPIS.

J D/B (3)
1st Martin & Howards’ S. Blu Chief.
2nd Howards Shandlmain Scout.  Tri d approaching 6 ½ mths. Another quality pup from this kennel. Strong, well made lad with good proportions giving a nice outline. Nice clean head and eye placement, although heavy ears detract a little from expression at present. Good overall shape, developing well for his age. Move well.
3rd Moores’ Blamorder Ridin on a Rainbow to Manordeifi.       

PG D/B (6)
1st Howards’ Jack Mack’s Va Buidhinn of Shandlmain (Imp. Deu).  18mths tri d., sire of the 3 previous pups. Judged him as a pup and pleased to see he is fulfilling his earlier promise. Love his attractive head and expression from correct almond eye, well placed stop, neat, well carried ears, nicely rounded muzzle and decent underjaw.  In good body condition, well muscled, well ribbed up with firm topline, presenting a clean outline, finished with a long well carried tail. Good textured double coat. Moved out well. Just needs time to mature now. RBD.
2nd Bentons’ Oakestelle Artemis. 2yrs b/m b of clear blue colour, in hard condition yet so feminine in shape with an elegant flowing outline. Balanced wedge head of good length with correctly placed well tipped ears, nice eye and good underjaw. Good front, reach of neck, topline and rear angles. Light, easy movement. Overall a lovely bitch, would just like a bit more of her.
3rd Hooleys’ Foxearth Fashion for Jagentraum.

OD (2)
1st Loaders’ Coneypark Countdown for Allangill. Masculine 3yrs. s/w, one I have admired since his puppy days, who has now matured into an impressive dog. Top size and with plenty of ring presence he commands attention. Strong head with good planes, ideally I would like him cleaner through the cheeks, but it does not detract from the overall dog. Good ear carriage, powerful arched neck, excellent front assembly matched by well angulated rear, deep chest and strong loin, shown in hard muscular condition. Rich sable harsh jacket with dense undercoat. On the move he has a light, relaxed yet ground covering stride giving the impression he could do a day’s work. Could not deny him BD, and eventually BOB & BIS.
2nd Moores’ Manordeifi Bow Regard. Another 3yrs. masculine s/w, unlucky to come up against the above as he also has lots to like. Lovely clean expressive head, with good ear carriage, well placed stop and kind eye. Good overall construction with good leg height to body length, firm topline, good tail set. Well angulated fore and aft. Correct double coat. Free, effortless movement, sound from all angles, just not quite the winners ring presence or attitude on the day.

OB (3)                                                                                                  
1st Bentons’ Oakestelle Venus de Milo. Very feminine 6 yrs. b/m. In profile her head is textbook with parallel planes and the flattest of skulls, divided by that correct slight but perceptible stop, and topped by neat well tipped ears she used nonstop, but I would prefer a little more filling to foreface for perfection. Excellent neck and front, firm topline, smooth sweep over the croup to well set and carried tail. Nicely angulated rear with well muscled thighs which showed in her light, positive movement. Lovely girl, would just like a little more substance, but well deserved BB & RBOB, RBIS.
2nd Moores’ Tomalca Buttons’n’Bows. S/w wearing her 7yrs well. Lovely clean balanced head of good length with nice eye shape and correctly placed and carried ears gave her a very sweet expression. Correct double coat. Good neck and front assembly, nice length of body, very good hindquarters allowing free, extensive movement. In good body condition. BVIB.
3rd. Howards’ Jack Mack’s Hefin Huw (Imp. Deu.).

V D/B (4, 1 abs)
1st. Bentons’ Ch. Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle. Well known 10 ½ yrs. b/m b. who is a credit to her owner. Her classic head is still so clean, and she is muscled and in good body condition. Well-developed forechest, good lay of shoulder, strong arched neck, firm topline, strong well angulated rear. Harsh double jacket. On the move, in profile she has a light, free stride, but unfortunately, moving away she was very wide behind on the day, giving an untypical gait, which cost her bvib in the challenge, but could not deny her placing here.
2nd Moores’ Manordeifi Silver Sparkle. Another lovely b/m b. almost 10 yrs. still retaining a smooth clean head, with good dentition, well shaped eye giving a kind expression. Longer cast than 1, but still in proportion, with a nice reach of neck and good front, although a little down on her pasterns. Moved soundly but without drive.
3rd Leachs’ Manordeifi Dionysus at Hilltarn.

Judge: Ros MacDonald



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