LONDON & PROVINCIAL COLLIE CLUB        Smooth Collies      23 November 2019

My sincere thanks to this long established breed club for inviting me to judge Smooth Collies at top level, to the exhibitors for their entries, and to my efficient stewards for their assistance and management of the ring on the day. A lovely entry in quality and numbers awaited me including some Collies of which I am familiar, and others not so much. When judging a Collie breed I always anticipate finding something which really appeals as a working type to put through for the main awards. I felt I achieved this today and was more than pleased to have received positive feedback on my choices, (even from people who were not present at the show!), which made me feel quite elated, until I was made aware afterwards about a negative comment which was posted on a well known social media site which I chose to ignore as, I was not going to let it spoil my day. However, with that said, I hope you enjoy reading about my day judging your Smooth’s and my choices of placings and awards.    Thank you.

VD – (1) - Abs

PD – (4-2)
1st: Howard & Martins: Shandlmain Blu Chief   -   2nd: Howards: Shandlmain Scout
Half brothers of 9 months albeit a week apart in age. Both fully grown with good bone and substance. Hard to split them for first place, but the blue had the edge on shape and outline, being slightly longer in neck, and more developed in fore-hand construction with good layback of shoulder and length of upper arm. Both have deep chests and strong loins with sufficient rear angulation and long tails. Their heads are a good length and developing well, although the tri’s ears need a little more time to settle into place. The blue scored on movement with the tri needing a little more confidence and time to come together. Both promising types.  

JD – (1+1)
1st: Coles: Shulune Imperial Kasvelyn
Tricolour of just over one year with a pleasant head which is balanced with a flat skull, correctly placed stop, obliquely set eye and good placement and carriage of ears. He has a lovely length of neck and good shoulders, with straight front, muscular legs and tight feet. He is well proportioned, but was inclined to stand a little tucked under at the rear.  He moved well, albeit slightly wide going away and size wise, he could be a little bigger to accentuate his sex.
2nd: S. Scout

GD – (1)
1st: Kestners: Tersurani Golden Dream
At almost 2 years, this shaded sable still has time on his side when it comes to maturity. He is correct for size, has a good length of body and a low set long tail, but his front could be a little more angulated with more layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. His head is lean and smooth in outline. His coat is harsh to the touch and in good condition. He is the perfect showman, being very attentive to his handler. Moved ok.

PGD – (1)
1st: Howard & Trundley: Jack Mack’s Va Buidhinn of Shandlmain (Imp Deu)
Tricolour of 22 months and quite youthful in appearance. His head is masculine and correct in length, with strong well rounded foreface, although I would prefer a leaner skull, and tighter ear set. His front is well angulated, with good leg bone and strong pasterns. He is correct in length to height, but could benefit a little more bend in stifle. He moves well, but has to mind his tail carriage which raised a little high on the move. With time on his side he should make into a nice dog. Sire to both puppy dogs.


LD – (1) – Abs

OD – (3) Three quality decent sized males, one of each colour, either of whom could have taken this  class.
1st: Dentons: Ch. Brackenhaye Fields of Gold
I had no idea who this sable Collie was, or that he already holds his title. He is of good breed type      and at nearly 4 years old is just coming to his best. Standing he presents a lovely outline showing balance and stability. His head is in proportion with level planes, a well rounded muzzle, flat skull, expressive eyes and correctly placed ears, although a little more under jaw wouldn’t go amiss. His neck is muscular and arched, shoulders well laid back with good length of upper arm. A firm body    with deep chest, level back, strong loins and equally as good rear angulation. He moved well with good reach and drive showing strength and activity and appearing fit for function with the ability        to do the work from which he originated. CC, BOB & RBIS.
2nd: Smiths: Esp/Pt/Gib/Int Ch. Winter is Coming to Tentola
Blue Merle of 3.5yrs.  A different type to one but equally as nice. Although not quite as refined as one, his head is wedge shaped and well filled in fore face, with a sufficient amount of stop, and correctly tipped and well used ears. He also has a good length to his body, is well sprung in rib with good turn  of stifle and low set hocks. He also moved out well, but his front action was not quite as firm in coming towards as one. He is nicely marked colour wise, and I can see why he has a few posh titles to his name. Well deserved RES CC.
3rd: Beeneys: Coneypark Black Sabbath
Tricolour, and the youngest of the three in the class. One who’s name I have seen in print, but never in the real.  Another strong lad, well bodied up, and in good condition with lovely black shine to his coat.            His head compared to the others is the strongest of the three with a deeper skull, which could benefit a little more refinement. However, he is a powerful mover, and a staunch showman taking everything in his stride.



VB – (2)
1st: Bentons: Ch. Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle
This 10 yr old has gained her title since I last judged her, and well deserved it is too. She has had some fantastic wins and still troubles the best on her outings. I cannot really add anything to my previous comments about her other than now at her age a few things are beginning to change as she reaches her senior years of life. An ambassador for the breed. BVIB & BVIS.
2nd: Listers: Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp (JW)
Tricolour, now 8.5 who must have come up against her nemisis many times before. She is longer in body than one, but is a nice shape with good angulations. She is however a little portly which makes her out at elbow on the move. She does have a nice head and kind expression. She is always wagging her tail and is always pleased to greet you!

PB – (2)
1st: Lusty, Timperton & Williams: Blamorder Fancy Patter &  2nd: Peacocks: Saraneth Edgedancer
Two very promising puppies featured in this class. Both minors at just 7 months old, either of which could have taken first place. I chose the blue who is a nice shape and has sufficient bone and substance for her age. She has a pretty head and is just a little fuller in foreface than second.  Lovely neck, level top-line and good length of body. She is already well schooled and was a bit more together on the move than the Tri, who also has a pretty head and expression and is developing well in front and rear angualtion. Two lovely pups, who I dare say will meet and change places often.



JB – (1)
1st: Lusty, Timperton & Williams: Blamorder Go Romancing
When this tri came into the class, I sort of guessed she was related to the blue puppy. She is nicely made with good angulations and lovely hind quarters which when standing naturally showed ample bend in stifle and short hocks. As to be expected at this age her head still needs to finish and her stop needs to clear, but I was so attracted to her for her overall type as she has just the right amount of bone and overall substance that I was looking for without being overdone at this young age.  She moved well in the class, but in the challenge was handled by a little girl who was not able to move her quick enough, which is why I asked an adult to move her again, and in doing so she went much better. The more I looked the more I was captivated by her and enough so to award her the RES CC.            (And before I had time to complete this report, I see she’d won herself another!)    Well done!

GB – (0)

PGB – (1)
1st: Benton & Bemelmans: Oakestelle Asteria
Feminine tri of nearly 2.5 yrs, who presents a nice profile on the stand. She has a clean tapered wedge shaped head, with well placed obliquely set eye, excellent ears and a sweet expression. Fair length of neck and back with good rear angulation. She is however, a little fine in build, but still has time on her side to fill out, develop more and settle a bit on the move. Well presented and handled.

LB – (2)   Two opposite types in this class.
1st: Naulls & Barker: Foxearth Fudge Wynele
S/W who at 20 months is quite mature for her age. She has the moderate amount of bone and substance I was looking for with physical strength and activity without appearing heavy or course.  She has a well arched neck merging into well laid back sloping shoulders, straight front, good return  of upper arm and flexible pasterns with tight feet. Good fore chest and spring of rib with firm top line although slightly long in loin and her stifle could benefit more turn. Well let down in hock, she showed good reach and drive when moving. In head qualities she could posses a darker eye, and be slightly sweeter in expression. However, she is overall very sound, and I was not aware that she already had two CC’s to her credit when I awarded her the 3rd CC and her title. BB & RBOB. Congratulations.
2nd: Bentons: Oakestelle Artemis
Blue litter sister to Asteria who I have seen compete together often. Had they been up against each other today, I would still have placed her 2nd, as I think her sister has the better overall shape and length in body, although there is not much difference in the other attributes they possess. She also needs time to fill out and mature as she appears narrow through and as often the case a litter will help improve on this. There is nothing wrong with the tone of her colour - the blue is clear and silvery, but as most breed judges are aware she could be better marked on her body. She moved out well.

OB – (1)
1st: Bentons: Oakestelle Venus De Milo
6.5 year old blue – Dam to A & A, who is very well schooled and gives a good performance in the ring.
Balanced head, smooth in outline with level planes and medium almond shaped eye. Arched neck, sloping shoulders, well sprung ribs with a rise over the loins and well angulated hind quarters. Her coat is harsh in texture and is well broken in colour. She is a nice type, but for her age I would prefer a little more substance overall to complete the picture. She also moved out well with good reach and drive.


JUDGE:  Lisa Pettitt