Rough Collies

PD (1) 1 Geddes’ Ingledene Mercury Risin. Good length of head and parallel planes, eyes are smaller than medium so expression a bit off. Enough neck and reasonable front, excellent topline and rear angulation, moves close going away, ok in front and smoothly in profile, coat fitting outline nicely. 

JD (7, 2) 1 Fuller’s Hanvale Arthur Shelby With Damos. A little sounder in rear than second, pleasing head, eyes too small, fair ears, ok in front and lovely body and ribbing, good quarters and keeps his outline in profile moving. 2 Geddes’ Ingledene Mercury Risin. 3 Corben’s Astromelias Ulises Via Caprioara (Imp Esp).  

YD (4, 2) 1 Fuller’s Hanvale Arthur Shelby With Damos. 

PGD (2, 1) 1 Cooper’s Lanlin Daydreamer Of Kelekona. Ears a touch low set, good set and shape of eyes and length of muzzle, reasonable front, excellent body and topline firm, moved well in rear, lovely condition and coat, tail can come up a touch but not too bad. 

LD (6, 1) 1 Geddes’ Ingledene Well Sooted. All moving poorly in this class, winner scored on outline and side movement, quite a good head and ears set nicely, very upright and narrow in front, good topline, weak quarters and no muscletone, lovely colour. 2 Blake’s Corydon The Ringmaster. Also not a good mover, front upright and weak going away, ears not set quite as well as winners, good body, coat well prepared. 3 Cooney’s Jopium Danny Boy At Lingwell. 

OD (7) 1 & CC, Blake’s Ch Corydon The Ringleader. Really nice quality dog, was good to go over, pleasing length of head and smooth cheeks, excellent front and lay of shoulder, good legs and feet, firm topline and quarters and he moves soundly all ways. Coat a bit inbetween and losing undercoat. 2 & Res CC, White’s Mejola Fate And Fortune. Smart and also moving well, especially in rear, not quite such a good front as winner but he has typical front movement, holds a lovely topline and is well angled in rear, coat in good order but he could have more muscle. 

VD (2, 1) 1 Skinner’s Nikal It’s Gud To Be Black. A bit reluctant to most but very precise and true up and down, coat and body in immaculate condition and he holds a level backline moving, pasterns slope a bit too much now though. 

Sp Beginners D (4, 1) 1 Cooper’s Lanlin Daydreamer Of Kelekona. 2 Newton’s Fiorcara Brave Explorer. Lovely dog and is promising, just shy at the moment and on the move needs to control his tail, good proportions of height to slightly longer length, fair mover.  3 Alexander’s Ingledene Aramis. 

MPB (1) 1 Steven’s Cambrogan Blowin A Hoolie. Pleasing head and eyes, ears still needs to settle, excellent front and forechest, good shoulder layback, body coming on well, still moving close in rear and tail carried too high, very promising. 

PB (4) 1 Barron & Jenkins’ Tiganlea Twinkling Saphire At Rannaleroch. Feminine, lovely head and eyes, front could be better and rear is very weak as yet, she needs muscling up, keeps her outline moving but not strong enough for a working breed.

JB (7, 2) 1 Walder’s Hanvale Polly Shelby. Difficult class, all moving poorly, winner has a pleasing head, eyes not quite big enough but more open than second, stands well and keeps her outline in profile, up and down was much too close moving. 2 Mellish’s Demelewis Double Dare. Stands dippy in back but she comes together better in profile movement, also a disaster up and down, very poor moving, what can I say about a working breed that should be able to cope with a days work? I doubt 99 per cent of the entry here today would cope well. 3 Newton’s Fiorcara Sweet Victoria. 

YB (10, 2) 1 Arrowsmith’s Saganan Dancing In The Dark. Ears set a wee bit low on side of skull, otherwise a nice enough head, good neck and front, excellent body and width and the best muscletone so far! Smooth moving and in good body condition. 2 Milligan & Marley’s Ladnar Trust In Me. Smart and also pleasing to go over, keeps her topline moving and stands on good legs and tidy feet, moves close going away, otherwise a lovely bitch. 3 Whitaker’s Siluto Misterious Girl. 

GB (1) 1 & Res CC, Beaden & Arrowsmith’s Saganan Blue Diamond. Another nice exhibit. Ears could be higher set, good neck and reasonable front, excellent body and ribbing, a touch overangulated in rear but doesn’t move too badly behind, overall a very good bitch indeed, should gain her title. 

PGB (4, 1) 1 Swain & Hopper’s Aaronwell Azena For Lexcol. Liked her head and eyes, well set ears and she is nicely alert, good neck and ok in front for the breed, deep chest, well ribbed, needs more muscletone as she is nicely built behind but moving too close. 2  Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Country Bumpkin. More upright in shoulders and needs a little more length of neck for elegance, good level back, moved close going away, ok in profile, well presented coat and in good body. 3 Whitaker’s Siluto Misterious Girl. 

LB (6) 1  Corben’s Wicani The Seductress Via Caprioara. Really nice bitch all through. I liked her head and neck, good front and body, super quarters and went quite well in rear showing and moving with great style. 2 Blake’s Kinneret Kopper Kisses For Corydon. Looking a picture standing, and she looked a winner! Not the quarters of above and moving close going away. Pleasing outline, good bone for size and a level firm back. 3 Whitaker’s Aniesh Misty Blue Moon Of Siluto. 

OB (14) 1, CC & BOB, Geddes’ Ingledene Spirit Of Ecstacy. A good class headed by a lovely bitch in super condition. I loved her head, neck and front, super body and quarters and she moved truly all ways with a typical front action and drive from rear. 2 Blake’s Corydon Moonflower. Another very good bitch who looked super standing for height to length, holds herself well, excellent topline and in good body, not quite up to the winner for rear movement but I did admire her greatly. 3 Hanson’s NL Ch Ingledene Ebony Lace Bel JCh. 

VB (2) 1 Whitaker’s  Jopium Magical Dream. Two 7 yr olds. The winner not looking a fraction of that! Moved really well, especially in rear, standing was alert and full of herself. Just a mite long in back but certainly a very nice Collie. 2 Farthing’s Ladnar One More Time For Didek. Not quite the front of winner but equally good in rear and she has width across the quarters, something the majority were lacking. Pleasing head and expression. A credit to her owner. 

Sp Beginners B (1) 1 Newton’s Fiorcara Sweet Victoria. A bit nervy to be gone over but she is very good in rear, pleasing  head and muzzle, she is a little weak in front pasterns, especially in front moving towards me.

Zena Thorn Andrews