East Anglian Collie Association
Sunday 4th August, 2019
Littleport Leisure Centre
Special Award Classes

My thanks to the Officers and Committee of East Anglian Collie Association for their kind invitation to judge the Special Award Classes at their Championship Show. Fortunately the breeze helped collies and humans on a very hot and humid day. I must thank the exhibitors for their entries and for staying until quite late in the day for these classes.

Puppy: (2) 1. Miss E Bluck's Phreelancer Chill Phactor 6.5 months' composed blue male rough, of pleasing substance and presenting balanced outline. Masculine head developing well, correctly set ears and dark eyes giving typical expression. Correct head planes. Moderate neck leading to well-laid shoulder and adequate upper arm, chest well developed for his age. Balanced hind angulation, parallel hocks, well-shaped croup. Moved soundly and freely for his age with correct tail carriage. 2. Mr D & Mrs M Beardsworth's Gelato Italiano Blu Di Cambiano Amori Maysinder (NAF/TAF) Also 6.5 months blue male rough with profuse coat for his age, balanced outline. Pleasing, masculine head of correct proportions developing, obliquely set eyes, gentle expression. Masculine throughout and with good substance, lacking confidence he wasn't showing himself to best advantage today.

Post-Graduate (10) (2) A lovely class with some real quality exhibits. 1. Mrs BP Welsh's Thistlewing Harp String. 17 months sable rough bitch presenting a beautiful picture of elegant balance, proportion and harmony. So much to like from her feminine and correct head to the tip of her well-carried long tail, she is alert and responsive to her handler. With an expression to melt the hardest heart she was turned out beautifully in excellent condition, enhanced by her harsh coat. Of excellent substance, with correct chest development, her angulation fore and aft are absolutely balanced. Well turned stifle and strong, parallel hocks, on the move she strode out covering the ground effortlessly. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of judging her. 2. Mrs CJ Howard, Mr MA & Mrs B Trundley's Jack Mack's Va Buidhinn of Shandlmain (Imp) 18 month tri smooth male. Upstanding and full of confidence, he presents a balanced outline. Clean and correct dentition, characteristic expression with well placed eyes and ears, responsive to his handler. Adequate substance and body proportions but chest yet to develop fully. He moved positively and soundly with typical gait. 3. Ms J Milligan & Mr N Marley's Ladnar Trust In Me for Alfsden (Rough)

Open (6) (2) 1. Mrs G Whitaker's Aniesh Misty Blue Moon of Siluto. Feminine five year old blue rough bitch. Despite having left her coat at home she appealed for balance, substance and body proportions. Well placed eyes and correct ear set and carriage. Sweet expression. Moderate neck, well laid shoulder and matching hind angulation, she moved soundly. 2. Miss M Benton's Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle. Pretty four year old sable rough bitch of pleasing body proportions and balance. Correct head planes, sweet expression. Alert and eager to please she was well turned out in good condition, moved steadily with correct tail carriage and topline.

Chrissie Pellegrini (Judge)