East Anglian Collie Association Championship Show 4/8/2019

Best In Show critique

It is such a pleasure to judge at my favourite club’s summer show, with such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It was super not to be needed at all as referee, as the Rough judges Ros MacDonald (Dogs) and Maxine Mellish (Bitches) concurred.

Best In Show – Welsh’s Collie (Rough) THISTLEWING HARPSTRING. Junior sable bitch in full bloom of youth, beautifully presented and handled. Excellent construction and lovely balance in body shape, which was reflected in her flowing yet powerful movement round the big grass ring. Her head was balanced, with a correct stop and flat skull and a well rounded foreface. She possibly had a bit more skull than I’d like, but her excellent ears and well placed and shaped dark eyes gave her a feminine expression. Delighted to discover that I awarded her father his first CC in April. Excellent correct breed type, congratulations.

Reserve Best In Show – Benton’s Collie (Smooth) OAKESTELLE ARTEMIS. Blue girl who won on her balance and correct construction. I would like more of her all through and I am not a fan of her colour, however she was so well made and her movement was so effortless and efficient it could not be ignored.

Best Opposite Sex in Show – Geddes’ Collie (Rough) INGLEDENE WELL SOOTED. Handsome tricolour who lost out to the smooth on balance and movement – he was a little steep in upper arm and this restricted his forward reach. He had a pleasant expression and a well balanced head, but I would prefer a flatter skull. He needs time to mature and drop in body.

Best Puppy in Show – Edwards’ PHREELANCER CHILL PHACTOR. 6 months blue having a wonderful first show – he stood alone as there were no smooth puppies entered. Very promising baby, so well schooled. Pleasing clean head, excellent ears, dark eye. Correct construction and movement for his age. It will be interesting to watch him grow.

Best Veteran in Show – the hardest decision of my day, between two of my all time favourites – the rough CH KARAFAYE BLACK QUILLAN and the smooth CH ALOPEX MARIONETTE OF OAKESTELLE. Two worthy champions and great ambassadors for their breeds. In the end it was the smooth who had to win. She was giving Quillan almost three and a half years and still powering round the ring, really enjoying herself. Long may this continue.

Miranda Blake - Judge