Dundee Canine Club
2nd June 2019
Judge Lorraine Quince (Karafaye)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this friendly show the venue was beautiful even if it was a tad wet. I was delighted with my entry thank you to the exhibitors for allowing me the honour of accessing your dogs.

Rough Collie
Puppy 4 (1)
1 st Barron & Jenkin’s – Tiganlea Twinkling Saphire at Rannaleroch - 8mth old Blue bitch Balanced head with flat skull, dark obliquely shaped eye. Reluctant to use ears today. Length of neck and back in
proportion. Good Front angulation. Moved well in front but would prefer more drive from the rear.
2 nd Steven’s – Cambrogan Blowin A Hoolie – Just turned 6mths old sable bitch she has a lovely head such a kind eye, super ears, tight lip line would prefer more underjaw. Nice neck and back ratio good angulation. Excellent length of tail. A little slack in movement at present which I am sure will tighten with age.
3 rd Rycraft – Riverside Song Back For Good in Rydellsky

Special Yearling 5 (2)
1 st Brodie’s – Shanaburn Soft Sweet Kisses – 20mth on the smaller sized tri bitch but all in proportion.
Balanced head with dark obliquely set eyes would prefer slightly less stop. Super length in neck and level
top line. Straight fitted coat. Excellent angulation front and rear which showed in her movement especially in rear drive. A little unsettled in challenge for best of breed.
2 nd Welsh’s – Thistlewing Harp String – 14mth sable bitch balanced head with flat skull. Loved her ears bang on top and used to her advantage. Eye a little round. Long neck, super depth of chest, length of back. Good angulation front and rear. Good bone and feet. Not as positive on the move as 1 st .
3 rd Ashe’s – Starlenga Thumbilina at Forrestwalk

Post Graduate 6 (2)
1 st Proctor – Wilmaranna Out Of The Blue for Cathbri – 2yrs Blue male lovely wedge shaped head, super eye, rounded muzzle, good scissor bite. Ears slightly low set. Strong neck flows into good level top line which he held on the move. Good bone and length of tail. A little unsettled at first on the move but when settled showed he had good drive from rear. In full coat of correct texture.
2 nd Welsh’s – Thistlewing Octavia – 14mth sable bitch lovely balanced wedge head with a flat skull soft kind eye lovely moulding to her foreface topped off with superb ear set. Super length of neck, depth of chest and length to her back but she needs to strengthen in top line. Tail of the correct length. Moved out and back well. Not much to separate 1 st and 2 nd but preferred topline of winner.
3 rd Paterson’s – Wilmaranna Blue Diamond
4 th Steven’s – Cariadhaf Cookies and Cream for Cambrogan

Open 10 (2)
1 st Leslie’s – Monsolana Have A Dream Rosschell (Imp Rus) - 2yrs blue what a super bitch she is so
feminine. Not the biggest girl but so much to like all is in proportion. Nicely balanced head and placement of eye a tighter ear set would enhance still further. Super length of neck flowing into a firm top line. Superb angulation, correct length and carriage of tail. Coat colour a perfect silvery blue. It was on the move she excelled forward reach and drive from behind she covered the ground with ease. BOB
2 nd Barron & Jenkin’s – Xcode Della Bucca Delle Fate at Rannaleroch (IT Imp) – 3yrs tri male lovely masculine head dark expressive eyes rounded muzzle ears set a little low and not used to his advantage. He is balanced with a good neck and rear angulation. Well of for bone tail of correct length. Lovely straight coat of good colour. He also moved well back and forth but couldn’t match the flow of class winner.
3 rd Brodie and Pirie – Shanaburn Clan Chief
4 th Ashe’s – Forrestwalk Rocket Man