CRUFTS - 2019


VD (3)

1 & BV, Williams' Ch Foxearth Forward Thinking For McClelland. Good outline, standing and he seems fit and typy, carries his head a little too low moving, grand body, sweet expression. 2 Leach's Manordeifi Dionysus At Hilltarn. Mouth a bit of a jumble now, head has parallel planes, good bone, sagging in topline now, and not interested in showing today. 3 West's Alopex Oysterman.

PD (1)

1 Hayward's Foxearth Formula One. Nice boy standing and rear end good, fair front, pleasing head, topline bangs on the move in profile and he sidewinds coming towards. I expect practice will improve him, undercoat showing through at present.


(3, 2) 1Perrin & Mobilia's Koczkodan Midnight Sky. Pleasing head and expression, ears could be carried better, ok in front, firm topline, ok behind, has a tendency to pace and owner needs to be trained to observe this.

PGD (2)

1 Vrbova's Aslan Smart Beauty (ATC AV02911CZE). Smart Collie, strong muzzle, ears set a little too low, good front and depth of chest, excellent topline, powerful rear, has a white mark on his back which I wish was not there, but he is a sound and typy dog. 2 Bell & Cowling's Koczkodan Nostromo. Also has ears set too low, and dips in the back standing and moving, deep chest, reasonable rear, has the most beautiful jet black coat on his body that I much admired.

OD (8, 2)

1 & CC, Huchon's Lux Ch Clingstones At The Top (ATC AS01991FIN). A good class winner, hard and fit, well balanced, holds himself well, back feet flat but front feet ok, which was odd! A stylish boy, admired his head and expression. 2 Gallini's Ch Sandcastle's Poker After Dark IJCh (ATC AW00189FIN). Elegant and reachy in neck, not quite as much front as winner but a lovely outline and he too moves with some panache and style. 3 De Feijter's Nl Be Int Ch Woody Krasna Louka NL JCh Be JCh Lu JCh DU JCh Du JCh WJW2017 (ATC AU01831NLD).

VB (2)

1 Russell's Manordeifi Satin Doll Of Koczkodan. Elegant and smooth on the move and holds her topline beautifully. A touch down on her pasterns now, wonderful body, gleaming coat and still has plenty of muscletone. 2 Lusty's Ch Juniperwood Dream Maker At Blamorder. Smaller but within the standard, ears look a little 'chewed', ok in front, a wee bit straighter behind than winner, but also enjoying her day out.

PB (3)

1 & BP, Griffiths' Foxearth Vanilla Fudge. Liked her a lot, elegant and shapely, ears need to tip over further, good front and typical Collie front movement, good body for age, still can widen a touch more going away. 2 Naulls & Barkers Foxearth Fudge Wynele. Sturdy and looks strong, well boned, body coming on well but has a slight dip in topline standing, lovely width across the quarters, promising I thought. 3 Burton's Glencorrie Black Chickadee.


1 Jeckel's Asa Nanica Deeply Needed (ATC AV02898DEU). Striking bitch standing and moving, her head is a touch coarse and ears could be placed higher, feminine with a lovely body and she moves typically all ways. 2 Barker's Wynele Vaguely Blue. Too much white over her front end, lovely head and ears carried well, a little overlong in body and she has an unfortunate large black mark down her back leg, she travels well though. 3 Russell's Koczkodan Midnight Sun.

PGB (6)

1 Meacham's Blamorder Curlywurly Girly At Zellamere. Not an easy class! Winner does tend to lift her front legs and hackney in profile, standing looks the part, nicely marked, super body, firm back, good behind. 2 Benton & Bemelmans' Oakestelle Asteria. Ears could be better carried and she needs more bone below the knees, nicely made body, well ribbed and firm topline. 3 Hooley's Foxearth Fashion For Jagentraum.

LB (6, 3)

1 Sweeney's Plaisance Blue Belle. Feminine, stands and moves well, pleasing head, just a slight frilly mouth, good legs and tidy oval feet, well marked merle and overall nicely constructed. 2 Lusty, Williams & Hutchings Blamorder Ice Cream Dream. Heavier and sagging underneath, so loses the lightness I expect in the breed, attentive and shows well, moved ok and also has good bone and tidy feet. 3 Forbes' Natalain Kilkenny At Willowhurst (Imp Rus).

OB (9, 2)

1, CC & BOB, Feijter's Ned/Bel/Lux/Int Ch Gallant Darya Happy Magic Star NJK (ATC AQ00043NLD). 7 yr old looking magnificent, super head and ears, elegant neck, good front, well constructed body and powerful rear, still has lovely feet for age too, excellent mover all round. 2 & Res CC, Pletz-Kazantzis & Busby's Foxearth Fandella. A nice bitch who showed and moved well, a touch proud of her tail perhaps, good head planes, strong foreface, sound front and rear, pleased to award her the Res CC. 3 Lainio, Enlund & Kangas' Kangasvuokon Suomi-Neito Hu JCh JEW/18 JWW/18 (ATC AW00833FIN).

Judge Zena Thorn Andrews