Collie Club of Wales Ch Show
6th April 2019
Rough Collie dogs

To be invited and to accept to judge at this most friendly of clubs was an easy decision as CCW has long been top on my list of shows to attend as an exhibitor as the atmosphere, welcome and generosity of the club is wonderful.

However, over the years, the choice of this venue is not one of my favorites but this small energetic committee had ample matting covering both rings for all exhibits but we are showing collies! For this reason  many dogs I had hoped to place higher had to settle for less as they either refused to move out, or could or would not move out and this is a working breed and as such should be able to move over any surface and my decisions were made accordingly

My co-judge, Sophie Wray- Ramsden, on her first appointment, sent through a bitch winning her 3rd CC and we were in agreement that she should be BOB and on the decision of the BIS judge, went through to BIS.


  1. Geddes: INGLEDENE MERCURY RISIN’ young blue merle of good colour, nice body and size for his age. Pleasing clean head but just needs to fill in around the stop area to complete a nicely balanced head. Good shoulders, nice rib cage and set on of tail. He was not fazed by the floor and moved out easily. Stood and showed well, just needs to take control of his ears which are well set.

PUPPY - A poor class as one exhibit flatly refused to move and the other, although moved quite well was lacking in drive as his hocks are far too short and have very little strength.

  1. Llewellyn – SALSINA STYLED IN GOLD, standing he looked good with a wealth of coat. Pleasing clean head, well set ears. I would like a little more neck and a much better rear angulation as he is far too short in back and hock and has very little drive from the rear, no doubt, some road walking and age may improve this as he has the makings for the future.
  2. Lockyer – O’CONNER DU BOIS DES AMAZONES AT GATAJ (IMP Fr). Well made sable again with a wealth of coat which can detract from his outline. Very pleasing head, nice eye set and used his ears well. Well made body but a tad too short in back for me and he took an instant dislike to both the mats and the floor. Outside he will be a different boy.

JUNIOR (5/1) an interesting class of varying types

  1. Tipper – TIGANLEA TURNING BLUE, young quite well made boy, in good coat just needs to learn to settle to the job in hand and concentrate. Pleasing head, nice eye set. I would like a little more reach of neck to complete the outline. Good length of back and good bone and feet. Well presented and moved easily to take this class but with a change of handler in the challenge was not at all settled.
  2. Lockyer –ONCE UPON A TIME DU CLOS DE SEA-WIND WITH GATAJ (Imp Fra).  Well coated sable but for me needs a little more length of neck but  he would insist on standing with his feet under him, thus shortening his body.
  3. RANDALL – LADNAR BALTHASAR, young blue whose colour needs to clear. Quite a pleasing head, balanced with good ear set. Reasonable length of neck and he moved quite well.


  1. Congdon – FRIDENS STAY COOL WITH AARONWELL, probably one of the nicest dogs from this kennel that I have seen. His head is more balanced. Lovely foreface and muzzle, good eye set. Flat skull with well placed and used ears. Good reach of neck, level top line with good rear angulations which enabled him to move easily.
  2. Lockyer – THINK OF ME PRINCE OF SUNLIGHT AT GATAJ (Imp Hun). Sable in good body and coat. Pleasing head with a good eye. Nice body and outline. Not as positive in front movement, as today, maybe due to floor covering one front leg “pinned in” coming towards me. A boy a tad too proud of his tail carriage.

NOVICE (2/0)

  1. Conway – AMALIE SAYS IT ALL, pale sable who was a little overawed in the ring today and was not at all settled. Very pleasing clean head with a good expression coming from a good eye set and ear carriage. Not a big boy but he has a well balanced front and moved quite well with good tail set.


  1. Geddes, INGLEDENE WELL SOOTED, aptly named tricolour, not an eye-catcher but where has this lad been hiding? Now coming up to 3 years old, he is looking very much the part. Lovely outline and level back of correct length. Pleasing head and foreface well set eye, flat skull with nice ear set and carriage. Good reach of neck, lovely bone and feet.  Moved quite easily with correct tail carriage but in the challenge just did not extend and move out as he had done in his class. One I shall watch with interest as this was his first show and he appealed for his overall balance and outline.
  2. Newton & Patterson – DARAHILL XANADU, very promising sable who has a clean head, but his foreface is slightly longer than I prefer. Good flat skull, neat ears which he used well. Nice outline but on moving “Pinned In” on the front, probably due to the mats
  3. McEntee – GERIAN SUNDAZZLE, upstanding sable who is in good body and coat, pleasing head and eye. Not quite what I was looking for as today he appeared far too square and stuffy but I would imagine, outside and relaxed, this is a different dog.


  1. Hassock – CAMANNA CODENAME, lovely sable who instantly appealed for his overall balance in both head and outline. One of a few here today who excelled in head as it is difficult to get the correct moulding of foreface and muzzle that is so sadly lacking in many. He has no coarseness at all and running one’s hand from muzzle to ears he is clean and balanced with no flaring. In profile, his skull is flat. Well placed eye, giving that soft, gentle yet aloof expression. Ample neck and shoulders, good bone and neat feet. Good length of back with ample chest and heart room. Strong, well muscled hind quarters and he carries his tail well on the move, although it can be raised when excited. He moved out, especially in profile with drive and coming and going was true both ways. It would appear he was not fazed by the floor and his attention to his handler, when asked, showed off a good outline. Lovely coat, which is a good colour, one I would think, as he fully matures, could be a lovely shaded sable. He pleased me and I would take him home. Happy to award him a first CC and hope this is the first of many. Thank you for bringing him.
  2. White – MEJOLA DANGEROUS LIAISON, blue, of completely different type. Pleasing head, which is clean but I would prefer a slightly better eye set. Good chest and bone, with a good front and plenty of heart room. Nice length of back and although he was not happy moving on the floor, tries to please his handler but just failed to move out as I have seen him on previous occasions.


  1. Page – LYNMEAD AMALIE BRING BE BACK, he stood alone but well deserved this class. I have watched him grow from a gawky youngster into a lovely young man. Pleasing head, although I would prefer slightly less stop, as in profile, for me, it is a tad too deep. Nice foreface and well set eye and with tighter ear carriage his expression would be much enchanced.Groomed to perfection, this lad moved easily on the floor and stood correctly. Nice bone and neat feet, I just wish he was a tad bigger all round as he has so much going for him and with luck, could annex a few more awards.


LIMIT (6/1)

  1. White – MEJOLA FATE AND FORTUNE, well known blue merle of correct size and he is a good colour, today, not quite in his best outfit but it fits him well and is of good texture. Clean head, nice foreface but not quite the expression I was looking for but his overall qualities won him this class and had he moved out, he could have troubled the eventual winners. Good length of neck, going into well placed shoulders, good top line and body. Nice hind-quarters with good muscle. His day will come
  2. Lockyer- GATAJ BEAU OF SURPRISES, tricolor, a much smaller collie who is, for me, too square as he lacks length of back and stood, today,  with his hind legs  tucked beneath him, although he did move out well on the floor. Pleasing head, nice eye but I would prefer a flatter skull and less stop. In super condition and body.  
  3. Wells, COLLINGVALE CRUNCHIE AT TERELIMON, hard to believe this boy is nearly five years young. Lovely mature boy loved his colouring. Pleasing head and eye, although I would prefer a slightly flatter skull. One who moved out well

OPEN (6/1)
Lovely class of collies, some of whom, let themselves down as they were not too happy moving on the floor.

  1. Tipper – TIGANLEA TONE DOWN, another completely new one to me and he appealed for his size, outline and head. Presented to perfection, his white was white and his black gleamed. In super coat and body. Very attractive head, clean and well balanced. Well placed stop, good foreface and clean skull. Neat ears which he uses well. Ample length of neck, good angulation in his shoulders. Correct length of back, good rib-cage and nice rise over the loin with well held tail carriage. Loved his front and bone with neat feet. Moved easily in this class but in the final challenge, slipped and then decided he could not move again. However, having seen him move in both the class and most of the challenge, I was more than pleased to award him the Reserve CC in excellent company.
  2. Congdon – CH JUGBAND BLUES DU CLOS DE SEA-WIND (imp Fra). Very well known blue boy who appeared just a little tired and lacked the animation I have previously seen. Nice head, good eye but not really working with his handler as he was somewhat reluctant to use his neat ears. I would prefer slightly more neck and less weight on his shoulders as he appears to move from the forehand with little drive from the rear. Perhaps a short break from the show ring would not come amiss
  3. Hollywood – AMALIE LYNMEAD SAY IT AGAIN, a much more elegant collie than 2) He has a clean head, well placed eye and although slightly reluctant to use his ears, when asked did more than enough to show me a delightful expression. Not really happy in his surroundings, one I would love to see with the sun on his back and standing on grass.


  1. Mellish – DEMELEWIS CATCHMYDRIFT well made upstanding blue gentleman who is just beginning to show his age. Well fitted coat of very good texture and fits his outline well. Very clean head, nice foreface and stop, but to be critical I would prefer a slightly softer expression but this is not helped by his markings. Lovely reach of neck, good top line and showed a few how to move on any surface. Well deserved his place here, my Best Veteran Dog but had to bow the knee to the younger tri bitch for BVIB.
  2. Howard – DARAHILL CHAOS AT SABLEMYST, slightly younger gentleman in super condition. Groomed well and has a very pleasing, balanced head. Good top line but just failed in front movement today
  3. Skinner – NIKAL IT’S GUD TO BE BLACK, smaller triclour, who is at one with his owner/handler.  In super coat and body. Pleasing head and expression. Good top line but not as positive moving today


JUDGE: Carole Smedley