Border Union Championship Show June 2019
Collie Rough

I had a lovely day judging at Border Union Championship show.  It is a lovely show and the sun came out. I have to say thank you to the show committee and everyone that entered. Also, thanks to my stewards Alan and not forgetting Ashley, who helped to keep the judging moving and avoid everyone having to hang about too long.

It was an honour to have the opportunity to judge so many lovely dogs and one that I didn't take lightly.  Unfortunately, my eyes started to sting as soon as I got out of the car at the venue, so I had to wear my sunglasses. They helped a bit, but I still spent the day with tears rolling down my face.  But don’t worry I was not getting emotional lol. I was Judging facing into the sun and so I would have been blinded without them, they did not stop me seeing the colour of the dogs.  The ring was huge which let the dogs get into their stride and show off their movement. 

Overall quality was very good, but one thing I would say is that although most dogs were groomed to perfection, there were a few that had only had the top coat brushed and fluffed up. There was also a couple that were very badly matted underneath their legs and one that had huge matts behind its ears.  A few also lacked muscle tone but overall, I had a top-quality entry and had to make some tough decisions.

Thank you to everyone that entered and accepted my placings so sportingly.

MPD (2,0) 1 Walker & Ritchie Starlenga Christian Dior
Sable and white with nice head, dark almond shaped eye and neat ears that he used nonstop. Good overall shape and moved well.
2 Finney Oh My God De Remember Our Love (Imp Fra) 
Tri baby with nice neat ears and clean head.

PD (3,1) 1 Congdon Aaronwell Ashley Banjo
Blue merle with lovely clean head and neat well-placed ears, giving a pleasing expression. Good length of neck and outline. Wealth of Coat in great condition and lovely colour.  Moved well.  BPD & BP
2 Rycraft Riverside Song Back For Good In Rydellsky
Sable and white, good head and nice eye.  Moved well.

JD (3,2) 1 McCann Oakland Blue Style Du Clos De Seawind At Zolkhan (Imp Fra)
Blue merle with a lovely head, neat well-placed ears and a sweet eye giving a lovely expression.
Good neck and outline. Coat in lovely condition.  Moved well and showed nonstop and watched me from across the ring.   A young dog who I would love to see in a year’s time when he matures. I think he has a bright future ahead of him.

GD (6,1) 1 Shipp No More Heroes Du Clos De Sea-Wind JW (Imp Fra)
Sable and white with wedge shaped head and lovely dark eyes.  Good ears and length of neck and pleasing body shape.  Moved well.
2 Lockyer Once Upon A Time Du Clos De Sea-Wind With Gataj (Imp Fra)
Sable and white with a lovely head, dark eye and neat ears. Nice shape and neat feet.  Moved well.
3 Walker & Ritchie Norska De Remember Our Love For Starlenga (Fra Imp)

PGD (6,0) 1 Brown & Jopson Lillyway Lattimer At Nithview
Tri in excellent condition. Nice shaped head with dark eye and good ears.  Moved well.
2 Hawkins & Foy Beldones Blue Echo
Blue merle in excellent coat and condition. Good reach of neck and outline. Moved well.
3 Brodie & Pirie Shanaburn Clan Chief

LD (10,1) 1 Hassock Camanna Codename
Quality sable and white who reminds me of so many of the great dogs of the past. He has a lovely head, that is masculine but free from any coarseness, well rounded foreface and good under jaw. Flat skull and well placed, neat ears with lovely dark almond shaped eyes, giving him a melting expression. Good length of neck and well-muscled body, all put together with great bone.  He moved around the ring with free and easy movement. In lovely coat and condition.  I was pleased to award him the DCC.
2 McClelland & Brotherton Rashel Show Time At Alauna
Lovely tri dog with nice head and dark eye and well-set ears.  Good reach of neck, moved and showed well.
3 Lockyer Gataj Beau Of Surprises JW

OD (7,3) 1 Hawkins & Foy Beldones Tom Wood  
Lovely Sable and white, two years old, in excellent condition.  Lovely clean head shape with dark eye well set ears. Lovely outline and well-muscled. With good bone and everything in proportion. Groomed to perfection. Moved with ease around the ring. RDCC
2 Tipper Tiganlea Tone Down
Tri with head, good eyes and neat ears. Gleaming black coat in tip-top condition and groomed to perfection.  Moved and showed well.
3 Congdon Ch Jugband Blues Du Clos De Sea-Wind Via Aaronwell (Imp Fra)

VD (2,1) 1 Savage Savataurus's Only The Lonely Vet Ch  
Tri dog, 10 years old and still enjoying his day out.  Nice head and coat and groomed beautifully.

MPB (5,0) 1 Hawkins & Foy Beldones Enable  
Very outgoing sable and white puppy.  Lovely head and dark almond shaped eye and ears right on top, giving a sweet expression. Lovely outline and everything in proportion. Moved well. Took everything in her stride.  I think she will have a very promising future. BPB
2 McIntyre Jopium Loves To Sparkle With Meryltin
Another lovely sable and white puppy and it was a very close decision between 1 and 2.  Nice head, eye and ears.  Good reach of neck and lovely outline.  Showed non-stop for her handler. Moved well around the ring.
3 Tipper Tiganlea Twinkling Star

PB (3,0) 1 Blaikie Kourika Kover Girl  
Sable and white with a lovely head, sweet eye and good ears.  Good reach of neck moved well.
2 Bella & Turner Obvious Reason Du Bois Des Amazones For Paulara
Sable and white needs a bit more time to mature but nice head and good body. moved well.
3 Barron & Jenkins Tiganlea Twinkling Saphire At Rannaleroch

JB (4,1) 1 Tame Oh Suzanna Du Clos De Seawind At Rahlissa (Imp Fra)
Sable and white and very pretty. Lovely dark almond shaped eye and well-placed ears giving the sweetest expression.  Good reach of neck.  Coat in immaculate condition.  Moved with ease around the ring.
2 Jones & Blackburn Erjon Evolving Star
Sable and white, nice head and dark eyes and neat ears.  Lovely shape and well put together with good bone, presented in excellent coat and condition. Moved well around the ring.
3 Ashe Starlenga Thumbilina At Forrestwalk

GB (5,0) 1 Walker & Ritchie Beldones Baby Think Twice At Starlenga
Well what can I say?  From the moment this blue came into the ring, she captured my heart.  She has a lovely head shape and dark almond shaped eye which together with neat well-set ears give that sweet “look at me” expression.  She had a good reach of neck and well-shaped body.  Completing the picture was a well fitted coat of beautiful colour and in excellent condition and groomed to perfection. As well as being beautiful, she could move and covered the ground with ease.  One I could not go past and Was pleased to award her the   BCC & BOB.
2 Mains Scotiablue Hollie Berrie
Lovely shaded sable, with a good long sweeping tail, lovely head and sweet expression.  Moved well.
3 Tame Oh Suzanna Du Clos De Seawind At Rahlissa (Imp Fra)

PGB (9,4) 1 Shipp Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate (Imp Ita)
Sable and white with lovely clean wedge-shaped head.  Lovely dark eyes and well-set ears, all put together to give a pleasing expression.  Lovely length of neck and good angulation. She stood well and showed non-stop.  In beautiful coat and condition.  Moved well.  RBCC
2 Melvin & Jopson Nithview Country Bumpkin
Sable and white with wedge shape head, good ears and good coat that fitted the body.  Moved well.
3 Carmichael Kilchrenan Zena's Design

LB (15,1) 1 Brooker Lovely Flower Du Bois Des Amazones For Corisian JW (Imp Fra)   
Beautiful sable and white bitch, which stood and showed her socks off on a loose lead. Lovely clean feminine head nice dark eyes and well-set ears.  In lovely coat and condition, with good reach of neck and body.  Moved around the ring with ease.
2 Sibbald Telforth Little Mix
Lovely sable and white with a lovely clean head and dark eye and well-placed ears that she used all the time.  Lovely shape and in excellent condition. Moved round the ring with ease.
3 Randall Fata Turchina Ladnar Di Cambiano (Imp Ita)

OB (8,1) Congdon Lolita Lempicka Du Clos De Sea-Wind Via Aaronwell (Imp Fra)
Another beautiful blue merle, who I found out after was related to the bitch CC winner.  Nice head with dark eyes and neat ears, combining to give a sweet expression.  In lovely coat and condition and covered the ground with ease.
2 Hodges Jopium Love Heart JW ShCM
Lovely Sable and white. Nice head shape, almond shape eyes and well-placed ears that she used non-stop.  In good coat and condition.  Moved well.
3 Wray-Ramsden Beldones Duchess Of Dreams JW

VB (1,0) 1 Tame Samhaven Momentum
Lovely sable and white lady, eight years old. Lovely clean head and dark eye combined with neat ears.  She had a bit of a mark on her nose, but it did not distract from her pleasing expression.  Moved well round the ring. Pleased to award her BV.