Bath Ch Show 2019
Smooth Collies

I was very pleased to judge at Bath Ch Show. The set up and grounds can only be described as superb. I was not very impressed with the young stock entered under me today. Many were fine in bone, poor heads, light ears and poor to average movement. But I was pleased to find the miss marked white factor dogs (which I consider a serious fault) were not entered. 

MPD (3, 1) 1 Denton’s Rylance Moonshine Over Brackenhaye. Very poor coloured blue merle, balanced head but rather full in stop and needs to fill in back skull, correct well placed ears, nice shaped eyes, excellent body with good bone, moved well. BP. 2 Cole & Kinsey’s Shulune Imperial Kasvelyn. 6 mth old tricolour, very immature but shows great promise, very good head, excellent expression, good conformation, moved a little close in front. 

JD (1) 1 Howard & Trundley’s Jackmack’s Va Buidhinn Of Shandlmain (Imp). Tricolour with excellent coat, very good conformation and body in excellent condition, head is slightly unbalanced and needs to clear in stop, ears could be tighter placed, expression did not appeal, gay tail and movement could have been better. 

LD (2) 1 Denton’s Brackenhaye Fields Of Gold. Sable and white, balanced head with excellent foreface, well placed correct ears, nice eyes giving excellent expression, excellent front, good reach of neck, excellent hind angulation, a little happy with his tail at times. Very good mover. CC and BOB. 2 Lusty’s Blamorder Bring Him Home. Small, light boned tricolour, nice conformation but would like a better reach of neck, very nice head, well placed ears, good eyes and expression, gay tail, moved ok. 

OD (4, 3) 1 Beeney’s Coneypark Black Sabbath. Tricolour, in the most superb condition, so well muscled, excellent conformation, his head is balanced but it is far too strong and deep through, good ears, a very nice eye and expression, correct tail carriage and a good sound mover, just wish he was a size smaller. Res CC. 

MPB (1) 1 Williams & Hamilton’s Blamorder Poco Loco. 8 mth old sable and white, rather light in bone, nice conformation, fair type head with good eyes, ears rather light, slight hackney movement. JB (2) 1 Moores’ Blamorder Ridin On A Rainbow To Manordeifi. Nice conformation but carrying too much weight, pleasing head, nice eye and expression, ears could be tighter placed, movement could be better. 2 Caulfield’s Blamorder Marvellousness. Fine boned tricolour, very feminine, nice head, eye and expression, ears very light, moved ok. 

PGB (2, 1) 1 Meacham’s Blamorder Curlywurly Girl At Zellamere. Two and a half yr old tricolour, very feminine, nice type head, well balanced, sweet eye, well placed ears, good body conformation, in excellent coat and condition, moved very well. 

LB (3, 1) 1 Denton’s Brackenhaye Shape O’my Heart. Tricolour, excellent conformation, coat and condition, very good head, eye and expression, well placed ears, moved very well. CC. 2 Flowers’ Breckamore Butterfingers ShCM ShCEx. Tricolour, nice type head, just a little flared in skull and needs to clear in stop, excellent conformation, lovely condition, excellent mover. 

OB (5, 3) 1 Gay’s Yagane’s Lavender Mist. Blue merle, could be a little clearer in colour, lovely balanced head with excellent eye and expression, good ears, excellent body and bone. At times the handler had her standing like a rocking horse, so she lost her topline, but when she stood four square she looked superb, moved very well. Res CC. 2 Blamorder Marvellousness. 

VB (3, 1) 1 Lusty’s Juniperwood Just A Dream. Eight and a half yr old and showing her age, her head is almost white, head is balanced if a little short, nice eye and expression, good ears, excellent front angulation, in nice coat and condition, moved well. 2 Moores’ Tomalca Buttons N Bows At Manordeifi. Sable and white, nice type, good head, eye and expression, nice body, front angulation could be better, moved well.

Trevor Hayward